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Is Stair Running Workout Good for Health Fitness?

Last updated on January 26th, 2021 at 05:07 am

Stair climbing is a form of exercise that involves climbing up and down the traditional stairs. An excellent exercise routine has aerobic benefits, particularly in toning the muscles in the buttocks and legs. Nonetheless, this form of exercise hosts more health benefits than walking or running. Stair running workout mainly targets building muscles in the lower body and, in turn, helps in burning the calories.

What are the Benefits of stair climbing?

All exercises are essential, and this regime is unique and offers more benefits than regular exercise.  Let us look into some of the benefits that not common in the running:

Vertical movement

When running or walking, you tend to move horizontally. The body only experiences slight vertical movement when you are running.

Stair climbing forces the muscles to resist gravity and change the direction of movement. The body now adopts a vertical movement pattern.  This exercise puts a lot of demand on the lower body.

Here, the leg muscles have to lift the body for several times against the pull gravity.  The muscles must balance and stabilize to withstand the force.

Readily available

Stairs are always available in our apartments, on the streets and office buildings. We can do our exercises anytime, without any limitations. It is unlike running that forces you to have a span of distance to cover.

Did you know that stairs are compact?  An ordinary staircase would do for anybody who wants to do some workouts.  They are readily available because almost any building that has an elevator has staircases too.  You use the staircase for your exercises instead of an elevator if you have a choice.

Keep in mind that stair climbing does not require any special attire.  Even though it is advisable to wear the right shoes and clothing if you do not have it, just undertake your exercises. You will still reap the fruits of your exercise.

Faster benefits of stair climbing

  • It helps it burning twice the fat in half the time compared to running. It burns the fat three times more than walking.
  • Every step of climbing burns a total of 0.17 calories, and every time you descend, you burn 0.05 calories. This is a good exercise for heavyweight people as it triggers more burning of calories. Remember that this faster reaction is not advisable for your general posture.
  • An intense stair climbing ensures more aerobic benefits within a short period. It is unlike running and walking. An hour stair climbing burns a total of 1000 calories.

General benefits of stair climbing as an exercise preference

  • No special equipment required
  • Build muscles and tones your body
  • Facilitates stamina and energy
  • You can undertake it any time of the day
  • Minimizes cholesterol levels
  • Burns more fat and calories
  • Enhances heart rate
  • Build lower body muscle mass.

How many stairs should I consider for a workout?

Even though stair climbing has no restrictions, you can set your personal goals to achieve the best.  You can climb the stairs 10 to 12 steps then one step at a time.  Up and down movements will burn 2 to 5 calories?

Did you know that a 54kg person burns about 235 calories when they climb stairs for 30 minutes? You can also achieve burning up to 500 calories if you climb up and down a 5-story building.

Keep in mind that there are aspects that influence calorie burning in stair climbing, such as the rise of steps, current weight, and time of the climbing workout.

Benefits of stair climbing in 20 minutes

20 minutes walking up and down the stair hosts a list of benefits to the climber. They include:

  • Better balance and agility
  • Increased strength
  • Endurance and bone density
  • Reduced risk of developing heart-related problems.

What are the weather considerations for stair climbing?

Weather conditions influence running and walking a great deal. Many people who do these exercises do not do them during harsh weather.  When it comes to stair climbing, the weather is not an issue.

There are many indoor staircases; hence you can always find a way to achieve your workout goals anytime you wish.

Less effect: Stair climbing puts less pressure on your ankles as well as knees than running, especially if you are doing it on concrete.  Running puts a lot of pressure on the feet.

Stair climbing provides the benefit of fewer effects on the body as it also ensures more aerobic as well as muscle-building benefits.

Intensity matters: We cannot deny that running also provides aerobic benefits as well as burning calories.  These benefits are greater with stair climbing.  Calories and aerobic benefits of stair climbing depend on the intensity of the exercise. If it is vigorous, then you will achieve the best.

A person who walks up and down the stairs will receive less health benefits. This is different from a case where the exercise is vigorous, and you put more energy.

Disadvantages of Stair Running Workout

We all attest that stair climbing hosts many health benefits. However, this exercise is not suitable for everyone. That is why we must take note of these disadvantages:

  • It causes further injuries for people who are experiencing soft tissues and bone problems.
  • It only targets the leg muscles and forgetting to address other muscles in the body
  • Overweight and the individuals who experience running problems can only do this in moderation.

Stair climbing vs. running

Stair climbing vs. running is quite different. When you stair climbs, you will burn twice the fat in halftime than running.  Keep in mind that vigorous stir climbing produces more aerobic benefits than running.  An hour stair climbing burns up to 1000 calories, unlike running that only burns 398 calories.


Many people would like to achieve good posture and healthy living. Stair climbing is a cardio exercise that hosts many health benefits, as discussed above. It is simple, readily available, and requires no specific attire to do it.

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