Best rowing machine under $500 | Special recommendation for 2018 Sunny health Full view

Best rowing machine under $500 | Special recommendation for 2018

If you are looking for Best rowing machine under $500 , this is for you. Top three inexpensive rowing machine comparisons which are within your budget are described. So you can choose and buy your best indoor workout equipment now easily through our guide.

An old sentence that good quality products are expensive always but good quality products are also found in low and mid-level price. This is our final goal to choose the best rowing machine for you within your low budget that you can get the best rower for your fitness journey.

If you compare a rowing machine with elliptical and treadmill for a workout then rowing machine is the best one for full body workout with the lower price.

Some rowing machines can fulfil your workout within your budget. I will describe here top three indoor rowers for comparison their features but specific recommendations only for three rowing machine that you do not feel any confusion.

Top 5 Best rowing machine under $500:

Important features about rowing machines :

It is effortless to type and tell a name of a rowing machine, but I want to tell you how I can suggest you buy and choose your particular rower. Below the essential criteria to that, I used to select the best rowing machines under $500.

Types of resistance: There are different types of resistance for a rowing machine. These are – air resistance, magnetic resistance, water resistance, piston resistance etc. But air resistance and magnetic resistance are always best. Because all resistant type created is not same. It is very much adjustable to user movement. The resistance provided by air and magnetic are always smooth. The resistance level should be stable for fitness. The air resistance rower always needs minimum fault and minimum maintenance.

Quality of structure: It is expertly manufactured for the users. I think it will be long-lasting (three to five years) when users use it regularly. It has a steel frame with three years warranty. It has very few negative reviews of users. The particular rowing machine is great for users.

Comfort to use: The overall rowing machine should be comfortable to use and must be smooth. The rowing motion is an essential fact during the workout session. If the motion is not smooth, then it will bad experience. The rowing machine seat is my consideration to chose. Because, if the seat is not comfortable you will not be able to enjoy the rowing.

Display monitor data: It is highly essential that the best rowing machine allowed monitoring workout session using a display monitor. You will be able to follow up your health and fitness journey using the monitor. Most of the rowing machine has the display monitor to take essential data during the workout.

Storage and assembly: The best rowing machine has the less assemble time and little storage place features. The rowers can be folded into two parts and store in small place. The step by step assembly guidelines manuals enables you to setup within 15 minutes.

Load and height of consumers: The height and weight of user must be compatible with the rowing machines. The best rowers must be accommodated with the maximum user’s height and weight.

Rower’s dimensions: Different types of indoor rowing machines available. Please ensure before purchasing you have enough space during use of rowing machines.

Warranty: Everyone knows that the best one has more warranty. So before purchase your best one, please check the warranty period.

Price: Price must be under $500 and should have the features listed above than you can include it in your cheap home gym equipment. Considering all features carefully this is my final recommendation that you can buy anyone from following two rowers that fulfill your demands.

  • sunny health & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine
  • Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 
  • Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

 Best Rowing Machine Under $500:

Why is sunny health & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine best one under $500?

Best rowing machine under $500

  1. Comfortable to Use: Sunny health & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine has a comfortable and fully padded cushioned seat.
  2. Positive Consumer Reports: Maximum user ratings and lower negative reviews.
  3. Magnetic Resistance: It is a magnetic resistance that gives an eight-level smooth and adjustable rowing resistance. You will feel a better workout experience.
  4. Storage friendly: It can be fordable into two parts to store. So less place is consumed when store.
  5. Transportation Wheel: Built with transportation wheel that you can move it from one place to another place easily.
  6. User friendly footpads: Sunny health & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine has large foot pads that provide more safety.
  7. Lower price: Most affordable price than competitors. It is a cheap home gym equipment.
  8. User Body Weight: Strong body structure allows 250 Lbs body weight of users.
  9. Less Noise :It has less noise than air rower.
  10. Display: It has a great display monitor that gives you all essential data about your workout session.

#01. Very much affordable.#01. Do not have any default user programs.
#02. Easy to use.#02. Do not has any heart rate sensors
#03. User Friendly and Comfortable#03. Do not have any default user programs.
#04. Less Noise
#05. Storage Friendly
#06. Lower price compared to competitors
#07. User friendly Display


Why Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 is best one under $500?
best inexpensive rowing machine

  1. Body Structure: It has a durable frame made of steel with three years of warranty.
  2. Resistance Type: stamina ats air rower is an air resistance that gives smooth and adjustable rowing. You will feel an excellent experience which found that costs four times more.
  3. Portable size: It can be foldable into two parts to store. So less place is consumed when store.
  4. Easy Movement: stamina ats air rower has unique features that built with a wheel that you can move it from one place to another place easily.
  5. Lower Price: When you pay more, it is 100% sure that you will get an excellent one but this particular one will give you the feeling of the higher price.

#01. Affordable in price#01. It is made of Cheap parts.
#02. Easy to use.#02. Do not has any heart rate sensors
#03. Comfortable and User friendly#03. Do not have any default user programs.
#04. Portable size
#05. Air resistance.


Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine


Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is the very popular and very good affordable rowing machine on Amazon. It has about 2300 positive consumer reviews and price is under $150. We can suggest you if you are a very beginner and wanted to buy a rowing machine for your indoor workout then you can try it. The common features are included with Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine are described here:

  1. Maximum user weight capacity: Like other professional rowing machines it also allows up to 250 Ibs body weight.
  2. Resistance type: It generates the resistance through adjustable hydraulic resistance.
  3. Structure: It is durable, and the frame is made of steel.
  4. Workout Monitor: It has a monitor to display the workout data. But, it does not show you the heart rate. It does not have any heart rate monitor.
  5. Comfortable: It is very convenient to use due to the soft padded seat, and the soft hand gripped handle with foam.

#01. Very much affordable.#01. It is made of Cheap parts.
#02. Easy to use.#02. Do not have any heart rate sensors
#03. Comfortable#03. Do not have any default user programs.
#04. Increase metabolism#04. Haydrolic resistance.
#05. Suitable for beginners#05. Not suitable for those users having knee problems.


Final words

If you want to get best rowing machine under $500 my first suggestion is “Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine” and the second choice is “Stamina ATS rower 1399“. Some people do not like stamina ATS air rower because of its generated noise, but magnetic sunny health magnetic rowers does not create extra noise. My choice is the most affordable sunny health magnetic rowers. That is also under $300. This is an excellent opportunity to get a full body workout at your home just spending $300. Buy easily and keep rowing.

During the search a rowing machine, you can find lots of rowing machine in the market with different features and usability according to their price. But when you pay more, then you get more features, but the most intention is rowing and to monitor your workout sessions that you can track and follow up your fitness journey with the best inexpensive rowing machine.


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