Top 10 Best Home Gym under 500 Dollars | Latest Picks [Oct 2020]

Who does not want to have the best home gym under 500 dollars to enrich their physical fitness without going to the gym? Yes, we know every single, health-conscious people want to do so. Nowadays, having the best home gym for the money is not a mere dream but a real fact which can be right by your willingness. You know what; a beautiful shapely body is a desire of every human being. In doing so, they often join the gym. However, after a few months, most people break up the war on the pretext of lack of time, laziness, etc. As a result, it is impossible to get a fit body, but the gym’s money goes wasted. In this regard, the best full home gym for 500 dollars can solve their health issues and save their hard-earned money. So it will be wise to start exercising at home.

Here, on the thing, we should keep in mind that the health situation often changes to adverse, if we do not take care of our health properly. According to health experts, our health always needs to go through tough work. Otherwise, we can get sick. You know what in these busy days, it is quite challenging to get time for physical exercise. In this case, if we have a home gym, then it can be possible for us to do some exercise during our free time a day. So, it is clear about the necessity of having a home gym, but now we should learn about the critical equipment which will build the best home gym under 500 dollars. Through this enlightening article, we are going to enlighten your thought in this regard. After having in-depth research, we have brought a list of the best home gym equipment under $500. For the betterment of you, the file will contain ten products along with detailed information.

Our Listed Top 10 Best Home Gym Under $500

  • Reliancer Power Tower Dip Station
  • Sporzon! Multifunctional Workout Station
  • Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym
  • Weider 2980 214 Lb Stack Home Gym
  • Bullworker Power Pack – Cross-Training Portable
  • ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50
  • Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Stretching Machine
  • Total Gym X-Force
  • HARISON Inversion Table

Factors to Consider for Home Gym under $500

Now, a critical issue we are going to discuss for you. The real scenario of the market is that you will find a variety of products that will seem attractive. But all the products are not going to fulfill your needs satisfactorily. In this case, you have to be more selective. There are lots of manufacturers and brands that offer various features in a different price range. Some are real goods, and some do not meet the standard mark. So, it can be very confusing for you to choose the right one. You may have the curiosity to know about the facts, which are crucial to getting the right one. Here, we are to solve this issue for you. If you consider some real events that are so crucial for the best home gym equipment for weight loss, you will get the right product. So, let’s look at the below lines, which you should consider before buying a computer to make the best home gym under 500 dollars.

Your Goal of Exercise: It is the most crucial thing for you to consider at first. You know what; the gym equipment serves particular benefits. That is why, based on the goal, the gym equipment varies often. Some people want to lose weight, some likes to have six-packs, some want to increase their muscles, and some want more. So, it clear that person to person. The goal of the gym varies. So, while you are on the market to buy a gym tool, you must decide what the benefits you want to get from that particular home gym equipment. The benefits you want to get from the best home gym, including Abs under 500 dollars, should be on your list. In this way, it will help you to sort out the right one from lots of alternatives.

Equipment Construction and Design: The second most important thing, you have to consider its design and construction. You know what, different manufacturers produce home gym equipment in different ways. That is why the performance of that equipment varies as well. You need to find the best-constructed stuff. It is because a well-constructed tool can serve for a long time.

On the other hand, the design also directly impacts the benefits of the tool. You know what, the best complex design is right for the gym equipment. It will make you bound to work hard and lose weight effectively. In this way, you can get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Atmosphere and Space of Your Home: You must match the gym equipment with your home space and the atmosphere. It is because you cannot buy a giant tool like a professional gym club if you have not sufficient space at your home. Generally, the house leaves little space for doing something else. Besides, there are other home accessories. So, it is quite challenging to find space for fitting lots of equipment. Moreover, the atmosphere of the home plays a vital role in making a home gym. By considering this fact, you have to select your gym equipment.

Pressure Power: You know the best home gym all in one under 500 dollars will always put the right amount of power of pressure on your body. It is essential to have a perfect balance of pressure power in the gym equipment. Moreover, you should have explicit knowledge of this matter. The equipment we use to make our task quite tricky. We make the job completed. In this way, the fat of our body gets burnt, and we lose weight. All these things happen because of the right pressure amount of gym equipment.

Features of The Equipment: Next, you have to consider the available features of the gym equipment. You know what, different tools contain different elements. Using those features, you can get exercising benefits for your body. So, you should get the best features from the best all in one home gym equipment. Here, you should keep in mind that features are the key to the gym tools. It decides the performance of the product, and you get the best value of the money.

Warranty: In the market, you will find that a renowned brand offers a long time warranty. In this case, the warranty is so vital because it ensures a more extended service. You can trust on the products which come with long term warrant. Besides, you should keep in mind that gym equipment usually absorbs lots of load and pressure while exercising. That is why these tools frequently get damaged. On this occasion, if you have a warranty, then you can get free service from the manufacture. So, keep an eye on the warranty before purchasing any home gym equipment.

Price: At last, we will recommend you to consider the amount of the home gym equipment. In general, the professional gym club needs heavy equipment. It costs them a lot. But for your home gym, you will no need to spend much money to do so. If you have the intention to grab the best bench for a home gym or any other tools, you must very clearly match the price with your budget. In this way, you can get the right product with your hard-earned money.

Review of Our Top Ten Home Gym under $500

We have observed the real market scenario, tested a variety of products, and at last, made a list of ten products, which are practical tools for a home gym. It was not easy for us to find the best home gym equipment under $500, which would be suitable for you. We have gone through colossal market research and made a list of the best products available. Besides, we have brought all the necessary information about those ten best products. In this way, we are now ready to present all the preferable equipment in front of you to consider. Let’s have a look at the following section to know about those home gym equipment.

Reliancer Power Tower Dip Station High Capacity 800lbs

best home gym under 500

We want to start our journey with the most attractive product of our list. In the market, this product has attained lots of popularity because of its quality service. You may find this product as the right part of the best full home gym for 500 dollars. No doubt, you will get the best value for money by including this equipment to your home gym. In this equipment, you will get a premium quality steel tube, which will ensure to absorb the load up to 800 pounds.

The most attractive and tremendous feature of this tool is that it has a non-slippery rubber leg for your safety. Besides, the manufacturer has used rubber on its handle and the padded armrest to provide maximum comfort to your hands. On the other hand, its uniqueness lies in the number of workouts you can have while exercising. You know what, using this tool, you can have 20 workouts effectively. So, losing weight and making a good body shape can be quite easy for you by adding this product to your home gym.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 61”Length x 44.1”Width x 90.5”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 800 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 20
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Barbell stand along with padded Cushions, Multi-Station Tower
  • It has got two curved solidity bars to make the steel frame safe for you.
  • The manufacture has provided two barbell stands along with padded cushions.
  • You can modify the height of the equipment based on your needs very quickly.
  • It has come with a multi-station power set up using what you can do maximum workouts.
  • You can have a detachable bench which you can use in different styles according to your needs.
  • It has got an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort during exercise.
  • It can cost you much more money in comparison with other gym equipment in the market.
  • The spare parts of it are a little challenging to find.






Sporzon! Multifunctional Workout Station Adjustable Workout Bench

best home gym equipment under $500

Now, the second option for us has come from the world-renowned gym equipment manufacture. You know what, the Sporzon has earned a massive name for making a quality product. In this continuation, we have this model, which is the perfect example of value for money. If we want to describe this tool, then we have to disclose the most eye-catching feature of it at first. You will be happy to see that it is a piece of multifunctional equipment that you can make almost 14 workouts at your home. The manufacture has included a modifiable bench along with a squat rack. Besides, it has got a leg extension to reserve your legs during work out.

On the other hand, you can find the right chest position in this equipment. That is why it is very much familiar as two-piece gym equipment. The manufacturer has extraordinary steel for which it can load up to 800 pounds weight. Its regulating arms protect you from getting an unwanted injury while exercising. Moreover, you will get excellent working procedures while using this home gym equipment.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement:73”Length x46”Width x 65”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 800 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 14
  • Color: Grey
  • Multifunctional Trial Station, Modifiable Workout Bench along with Squat Rack
  • It has come with a Vicar Coil pad and arm grip that permit you to separate your arm effort for the appropriate form.
  • The manufacturer has included a Leg developer who can target cramps, quadriceps, and groove muscles.
  • Its weight plate containers may let you store your legs very comfortably.
  • It is very much popular among the users because of its two-piece design.
  • The manufacturer has included a modifiable bench along with a squat rack to ensure quality performance.
  • It is quite durable because of premium quality steel, which has made its framework.
  • You will face difficulties in maintaining this equipment because of its intricate design.
  • It is not right gym equipment for the users who are not tall enough.






Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym High and Low Pulley System

best home gym including abs under 500 dollars

While you are looking for the equipment for the best home gym under 500 dollars, then it should be on your choice list. The manufacturer has brought huge network capacity to perform the service through a proper guideline. That is why; you will get work out tips along with the manual given with this equipment. Besides, it has user experience facilities through the online network for its registered members.

Here, the main feature that will attract your mind is that it has a huge loading capacity. Using this tool, you can load up to 280 pounds. You know what; this capacity is more than enough for the home gym. The attractive features do not end here. You will find that the manufacture has designed it in a combination of butterfly handles with four leg formulation systems.

On the other hand, you have the scope to have a utility like high and low elevations in a single bar. Moreover, it will support you by carrying 112pounds vinyl mass pile. That is why; the market experts prefer this model to get the maximum output of physical exercise.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 22”Length x 14”Width x 44”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 280 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 8
  • Color: Black
  • Model: XRS 50
  • High and Low Pulley System, Suction Cups on the Frame
  • It has got muscular, heavy-duty construction which will provide long time service to you.
  • It can load massive weight with the help of its multiple power groups from numerous angles.
  • It has got a vinyl weight rack to carry the weight up to 112 pounds.
  • The price of this product is comparatively low among all other products in the market.
  • You will get four levels of back seat modification scope to adjust according to your needs.
  • The manufacturer has got an excellent reputation for ensuring good quality after-sale service.
  • Its pet deck has not got enough facility to cover much range.
  • The backseat is quite thin, so that you may feel a little uncomfortable during exercise.






Weider 2980 214 Lb Stack Home Gym

best home gym all in one under 500

Here, we can easily understand that you aim to build the best home gym for the money.  In this case, this friendly and efficient equipment can be a better option for you. The first thing, we want to disclose to you that it is not pricey. So, if you are a beginner, then it will be right for you. The manufacturer has designed this model to support beginners who have got little knowledge of exercise.

The height of this model is good enough, and it has adequate pressure power. Besides, it has got six unified work out positions to fulfill your fitness demands. Using its 81 pounds weight stack, you can lose your weight very effectively. You know what, there will be great hope for you to be physically fit and have a beautiful body shape. By using its pulling and elevation system, your arms will increase to a more attractive level. So, you can put it on your buying list to have the best value for money.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 65”Length x 37”Width x 76”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 6
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Ergonomic Seat, Detachable Curl Cushion
  • You will find this model as one of the best multifunctional robust gym tools in this category.
  • The steel weight stack comes along with it can carry 81 pounds of loading weight successfully.
  • It does not require any assembly to use it in your home gym.
  • The metal construction has increased its durability so that you can get service for a long time.
  • The price of this model is not so high.
  • It is quite easy to use for beginners.
  • For the advanced level users, it is not good enough to provide quality service to them.
  • You will feel that the movement of it’s not much extensive.
  • It has got bad temperamental service.






Bullworker Power Pack – Cross-Training Portable

best home gym equipment for weight loss

With your hand exercise, you can improve the muscle of your arms. In this case, this product is the perfect example of the best all in one home gym equipment. You have the scope to use its features like total fitness module, steel power pressure, and rope string resistance. Besides, it has got the capacity for adaptable muscle aiming and muscle classification.

The manufacturer designed it to bring portability for whole fitness at home. You can achieve your fitness goal by springs, free manual given with it, and cases of routine. The most eye-catching feature is that it can increase your movement by using its range of motion. You know what; this feature has got certification from ISO. It can release tautness and recover flexibility with expedient stretching.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 5 Meter Long
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 20 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 10
  • Color: Strap Black And Red
  • Total Body Fitness, High Range Of Motion
  • You can move it anywhere according to your needs.
  • It is a perfect gym tool for both the beginners and the advanced level users.
  • The stretching resistance is quite high, so you have to put lots of effort into pulling it.
  • It is perfect for improving your arms, thigh, and muscles.
  • The price of this gym equipment is meager.
  • You can use it for an extended period.
  • You will get strings, user manuals, and a care routine for you to do work out excellently.
  • You will feel that its belt is not much comfortable for you during exercise.
  • Without proper guidance, you cannot do much work out using this gym equipment.






ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50

best home gym for the money

There are a small number of gym equipment in the market that can beat this model in terms of facilities. You know what, it has described as the best home gym all in one under 500 dollars for balance exercise. The manufacturer of this product has designed this in an ergonomic style, and it is quite durable. That is why; you can get long term service from this equipment. The most important fact is that it has gained an enormous loading capacity of up to 280 pounds. Besides, the vinyl loading stack is 112 pounds. You can easily understand that losing weight is just a matter of time if you include this model in your home gym equipment list.

Moreover, it has a united chest station for push up and pulls up work out. In this way, you can improve your muscles and your backsides. It is excellent equipment that has weak muscles and needs to boost up energy. The most attractive feature of this equipment is that it has come with an experienced trainer’s chart of exercise.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 65”Length x 47”Width x 52”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 280 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 15
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 90 Days
  • Certified Personal Trainer’ Guideline, Multi-Handle Bar
  • The manufacturer has made this model with premium quality steel, and that is why it is quite durable.
  • It has got comfortable, soft, and twisted cushions to provide you maximum comfort during training.
  • You will get guidelines from the experienced trainer with this equipment.
  • It has got multi-handle to tighten the grip of your hand and ensures the safety of yours.
  • Its leg winch tones can improve your leg muscles very effectively.
  • You will get massive support from the manufacture of this home gym equipment.
  • The spare parts of this model are scarce to find if you want to repair this tool.
  • You may not like its narrow seat.






Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Stretching Machine

best all in one home gym

We all know that most people want to set up a home gym to lose weight. In this case, this can be the best home gym equipment for weight loss. Besides, in this model, you will find the most exciting design, named the space-efficient style. For this design, you will get the perfect balance in stretching work out. Besides, the manufacturer has to include an ergonomic handlebar and footrest to provide maximum security and comfort.

On the other hand, the pressure power system can directly impact your belly, arms, and muscles. So, those get proper shape and burnt fat. You may move it anywhere because of its transporting wheel.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 40”Length x 23”Width x 28”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 8
  • Color: Black
  • Model: TS100
  • Space Management Design, Ergonomic Grip and Foot Rest
  • The manufacture has introduced a single-roll design that allows better navigation of the component in close-fitting spaces effectively.
  • You will find this model a full-featured leveling model that is entirely suitable for both home and commercial environments.
  • It has come with a trainer guideline to provide a total solution of stretching for warm-up to users of all ages.
  • It can improve your flexibility and help you to get rid of the pain.
  • You will get long term service from this equipment.
  • The backseat and footrest are quite comfortable.
  • You will get maximum safety using its ergonomic handlebar and footrest.
  • It may cost you a little high in comparison with other models.
  • The back seat cushion is not much durable.






Total Gym X-Force

best bench for home gym

If you visit the market, then you will see that there is lots of gym equipment. But the unarmed fact is that most of them are involved in the design and not suitable for the home gym. In this case, you may find this model quite simple and the best bench for the home gym for sure. You know what; both man and woman can make their work out quickly using this tool.

Besides, the metal body construction will ensure a long time service for you. If you are keen to get maximum value costing little money, then you should go for it. The manufacture has kept it very simple, and at the beginning level, you will get satisfactory performance from this model.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 92.5”Length x 16”Width x 43”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 10
  • Color: Black, Orange
  • Model: X-Force
  • 60+ Exercises, Blend Metal Construction
  • It is quite sturdy and durable because of its metal body construction.
  • It can perform and operate up to 60+ Exercises effectively.
  • The price of this product is meager.
  • You will get dip bars and Abs crunch boards in this home gym equipment.
  • Its wing attachment and press up bars will provide maximum resistance during exercise.
  • The seat cover of this model is not good enough and may get ragged quickly.
  • It is not suitable for advanced level users.






HARISON Inversion Table

best full home gym for 500 dollars

Sometimes, exercising can be a little risky for both beginners and advanced users. In this case, the gym equipment should be more useful to ensure safety. If you are quite concerned about this fact, then you can choose this model for your home gym. It is because this model has got enough facilities to secure your work out.

You know what; the physiotherapist often uses this model as a perfect table for physiotherapy. It can remove your back pain and muscle immovability. On the other hand, the manufacture has used thicker steel pipe to build its body, and that is why it is quite durable than any different model. Besides, it can carry a heavy load and provide an overturning experience to you.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 75”Length x 28”Width x 55”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 9
  • Color: Silver, White, and Red
  • Genuine patented products, Modifiable Height Capacity
  • The manufacture has used an integrated steel pipe frame to make its body, and that is why this model is quite durable.
  • It can remove muscle and back pain.
  • You can go for 180-degree vertical inversion, which is a perfect work out for the users.
  • It has come with a complete balance design and security belt, which ensure maximum safety.
  • You can put your full body weight onto it and move quite effectively.
  • The price of this model is quite high in comparison with other gym equipment.
  • It often requires maintenance to remain workable.







best home gym equipment under $500

A perfect combination of safety and performance is quite hard to find. This model has proved that with ergonomic design and robust body build-up, we can get both in a single tool. The manufacturer of this model has introduced quite attractive features that ensure quality service. In this model, you will get ankle strap to tight your feet with the tool. Besides, the weighted bar will take your great effort, and thus, you will lose weight effectively.

On the other hand, the manufacture provides an exercise chart to make your work out more successful. Moreover, you will find comfort during exercise because of its vinyl seats. You know what; the exercising equipment should focus on bodybuilding capacity. Besides, it should increase the strength and improve the muscles. If you consider those facts as very important, then you should buy this model for your home gym without any confusion.

Main Features:-

  • Measurement: 60”Length x 24”Width x 52”Height
  • Loading Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Number of Work Outs: 16
  • Color: Combination of Black and Red
  • Power Loader Grip, Ergonomic Design, Heavy Weight Bars
  • You will get the best benefits for your hard-earned money using this model at home.
  • The exercise chart can help you to do a useful workout.
  • It can load 214 pounds of stack weight for you.
  • You can get spare parts of it very quickly when required.
  • It is a perfect example of the right tool which ensures total body exercise.
  • It is not suitable for tall people.
  • You will not spend much time to assemble this product.






Which one is the best Home Gym Under 500 dollars

No doubt, physical exercise is essential to remain healthy. That is why, without wasting time, you should start exercising regularly and making home gym quite challenging because many products are available. Besides, money is an issue about this matter. That is why; we have brought this article in front of you to choose the right product for the best home gym under 500 dollars. You know what; Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym with High and Low Pulley System can be a significant part of the best home gym under 500 dollars. It is because this model has got all the features to satisfy your needs effectively. Besides, the quality and the performance will blow your mind for sure.

Moreover, it will not cost you much money. In the upper section, we see that this model has a feature to provide maximum comfort. Using this model, you can lose weight and burn fat very quickly. This model can be a perfect solution for your home gym to make a beautiful body shape and improve muscles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remain fit without a gym?

Answer: Yes, you can. By having a balanced diet and freehand exercise, you can remain fit without a gym. In the case of losing weight, you should have a gym or go to a professional gym club.

How much gym equipment should I buy to make my gym?

Answer: It depends on your work out goals. You know what; different gym equipment serves different purposes. So, you must decide on the number of materials based on your aim to achieve.

What is the most excellent technique to start using the home gym?

Answer: You should get a proper suggestion from an experienced trainer. Besides, many gym equipment manufacturers provide exercise chart which you may follow to start and continue. We just want to recommend that it be fine if you start your work out slowly and gradually increase it.

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