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Top 10 Quietest Rowing Machine for Apartment | Choosy Picks 2021

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Winning Product After the Latest Update
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Product Brand: Stamina
  • Product Dimension:58.25 x 42.5 x 18.13
  • User weight Capacity: 250 lb
  • Features: Unique and full range rowing motion, Multi-functional LCD display, Textured foot plates, Comfortable molded seat, Comfortable foam padded hand grips, Space saving design, Solid and durable frame etc.

No doubt that you’re looking for a silent rowing machine for your small apartment. It is very difficult for you because very few sources have online about this topic, likely if you complete this review I hope you will get a clear idea and making the final decision of the quietest rowing machine.

Most of the people like a rowing machine for a workout because rower is the king of other exercise machines, very few machines provide full-body workout activities rower is one of them. It also gives you low impact and safe workout options, most of the people like injury-free and low impact workout options.

I know that all of the people know that “quiet” means silent but I also described it that quiet means very silent that’s no sound and no loud. When you will start your fitness journey with rower your friends and family member don’t feel boring because of the very smooth and quiet operating system.

Below, I have listed an excellent list where I included the top 10 quiet rower that ensures less sound and give you excellent performance even you can making a final decision without any doubt. So let’s have a look!

Top 10 Super Quietest Rowing Machine for Home

  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine PM5
  • Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower
  • Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405
  • Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower
  • Water Rower Club in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor
  • Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205
  • Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050
  • MaxKare Water Rowing Machine
  • Water Rower Rowing Machine Driftwood with Patented

What factors to consider to pick up the excellent rower?

There are many factors consider before buying any exercise equipped but some factors must be the look, on the other hand, you will trouble when starting your fitness journey.

Noise Levels: It is a very common issue that most people don’t like sound, so quiet is the first factor to consider. You can watch favorite shows or listing music during a workout because it is a very quiet and smooth operating system.

Comfortable: Without more comfort, it is very difficult to get enough feedback, but I can assure that below the entire rower provides top-class comfort both of side.

Resistance levels: Another most important issue is resistance levels because it really helps for your fitness journey. There are many types of resistance levels rower available in your local market or online shop but here I included top-class adjustable resistance that ensures your fitness development without any hassle.

Size: Present time we live in a very small apartment so small fitness equipment highly required for a workout, for this reason, the manufacturer provides a small size workout. I think if you follow this consideration you will get an outstanding rower for your workout journey.

Built-in Quality: As a fitness expert also recommend that before buying any fitness equipped must ensure that your equipped offer top-class built-in system because it is helpful for a workout. Very few fitness manufacturers also give you good quality workout equipped but don’t worry here you will get world-class built-in fitness equipped.

Monitor Feature: Another most important factor to consider before making your final decision is a monitor feature, it is a really excellent issue for your fitness journey. When you thinking about rower then must notice that how many exciting features are available in your rower? But as far as I know, At the present time, most of the fitness machine provides the entire essential features which show your workout progress and motivated you.

Lightweight-design with warranty: Lightweight-design is very unique and common mater for buying workout tools because it can help move from room to room or place to place without any help or use strong muscle, so it is another consideration before your final decision. On the other hand, several manufacturers offer a different time of warranty so when you ready to buy them then check for our warranty system.

Does the rowing machine make noise?

Present time most of the people live in a small apartment and can’t use heavy-duty workout equipment so small and quiet workout equipment is the ideal choice for home use. But, the sound is another problem for using it; if you live in a small apartment and your fitness tools give you lots of loud so it is a big hassle for your fitness journey. Using of quiet rowing machine all problems automatically solve because it gives you smooth and quiet operating motion, as a result, your friend and neighbor don’t feel disturbed and you will properly be done your fitness journey.

Top 10 Quietest Rowing Machine Compared

Image Product Features Price
Author choices

Concept2 Model D

Concept2 Model D
  • Dimension:96x24x14
  • User Limit:400 lb
  • Resistance type:10 level
  • Heart-rate:Yes
  • Warranty:5 yrs frame
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Water Rower Club in Ash Wood Water Rower Club in Ash Wood
  • Dimension:84x21x22
  • User Limit:1000
  • Resistance type:Water
  • Heart-rate:No
  • Warranty:3 yr parts
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Winning Product

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050
  • Dimension:58x42x18
  • User Limit:250
  • Resistance type:Adjustable
  • Heart-rate:No
  • Warranty:1 Yr limited
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MaxKare Water Rowing Machine MaxKare Water Rowing Machine
  • Dimension:66x220x30
  • User Limit:264
  • Resistance type:Water
  • Heart-rate:Yes
  • Warranty:2 Yrs Parts warranty
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Cheap rowing machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205
  • Dimension:54x20x23
  • User Limit:220 lb
  • Resistance type:12 level
  • Heart-rate:No
  • Warranty:limited
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Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower
  • Dimension:73x16x21
  • User Limit:264
  • Resistance type:Magnetic
  • Heart-rate:Yes
  • Warranty:1 Yr Limited
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Amazon choices

Stamina Avari Rower

Stamina Avari Rower
  • Dimension:44x30x11
  • User Limit:275
  • Resistance type:
  • Heart-rate:Magnetic
  • Warranty:Yes
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Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Dimension:70x21x19
  • User Limit:220
  • Resistance type:Magnetic 8-level
  • Heart-rate:Yes
  • Workout option:Full-body
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Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405
  • Dimension:78x19x31
  • User Limit:200
  • Resistance type:Air
  • Heart-rate:Yes
  • Warranty:3 yrs frame
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Water Rower Rowing Machine Driftwood Water Rower Rowing Machine Driftwood
  • Dimension:82x22x21
  • User Limit:1000
  • Resistance type:Water
  • Heart-rate:No
  • Warranty:5 yrs frame
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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Now, I am going to discuss the best selling and best rating workout rowing machine that is very effective for a cardio workout. I hope you will hear about the concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine which is one of the best selling and top-class workout equipment all over the world.

Basically, athletes, sportsmen use concept2 model d air rower because it is totally different from other workout rowers and the price is pretty high, so if you looking heavyweight capacity rower and get the quick cardio result so it is the ideal choices for your apartment.

Special Features:-

  • Feature: Feature is one of the most important issues of the exercise equipment but I can assure that concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine also provide world-class performance feature that ensures your workout improvement with effectively.
  • Construction: It has excellent workout parts that are built with aluminum front legs, steel rear legs for easy to set up and move smoothly. 
  • Super PM5 Monitor: It also offers outstanding PM5 performance monitor which shows your workout time, calories burned, speed, etc, on the other hand, operating power when the indoor rower is in use monorail length 54”.
  • Noise: very few workout rowers also deliver big sound but concept 2 model d rower is very quiet and smooth anybody doesn’t feel disturbed if anyone sleeping beside your workout door. So it is the ideal choices for your small apartment but if you have a budget issue you can see budget rower that doesn’t cross your budget.
  • Comfortable seat with foot pedal,
  • It has user’s weight capacity up to 500 lbs,
  • Easy to storage with separate into two pieces,
  • Top class performance with low impact workout,
  • Light-weight design with easy to transporting options, 
  • Track your workout progress with real-time and reliable data.
  • The rower is not suitable for very beginner due to higer price.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

Another unique and full range of motion rowing machine is the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050. It has a user-friendly price and comes with excellent performance without any big trouble you can get excellent shape and cardio exercise.
The rower offers also multi-function electronic Digital monitor for keeping motivated and tracking fitness goals. The tools can be able to give you adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance for a smooth and quiet stroke for better feedback.
This equipment is designed with very unique and makes for rower lovers who try to get experience and build strong muscle or body fitness but have little budget.

Special Features:-

  • User-friendly price: The rower comes with cheap price but it can give you an excellent performance so if you have little budget and have no other consideration so you can pick up it without any worries.
  • Feature: A couple of excellent and unique features are included the rower which shows your fitness goal and keep motivated you that shows your current workout time, speed, stroke, etc.
  • Resistance: It has adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance for smooth and quiet performance.
  • Comfort and foldable: Using this rower you can feel more comfortable because it has textured footplates with straps to keep your feet sure and foam-padded hand grips for more comfort. On the other hand, it can be able to foldable and space-saving for easy to storage.
  • Noise level: Very quiet and smooth operating system for don’t worried about noise levels.
  • Top rating rower,
  • Price very cheap,
  • Highly recommended,
  • Comfortable operating,
  • Sturdy steel frame construction,
  • Foldable arms for compact storage,
  • Unique and outstanding performance
  • Need to improve foot strap

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

My second collection is probably the best quietest rowing machine is stamina avari, because of 12 workout programs including 6 cardio profiles. The manual heart rate program makes the best magnetic rowing machine forever.

No doubt that this rower is able to full-fill your all essential fitness requirements like fitness monitor keeps motivated and tracking your fitness goal with trusted data, so if you have not other consideration it is the ideal for your home use.

Using it you will develop your cardio workout with strong muscle because it is not only giving your lower or upper fitness levels because it is the best for a full-body workout, so let’s have a start!

Special Features:-

  • Feature: NO matter that what type of equipped you will use but it is very important that your tools properly show fitness data and development process that’s a result it will be able to show everything like fitness time, workout data, heart rate, pulse, speed, calories, etc whatever you want.
  • Comfortable molded seat: keep comfortable while rowing with the seat because it is a very essential issue. It is very difficult to reached fitness goal without a comfortable seating position. So before buying think this factor. Actually, this rower is really more comfortable for a long-time workout.
  • Noise levels: According to customer reviews it is very quiet and smooth nobody fell disturbed during a workout because of quality workout equipped, it is the right choices for the money.
  • Design and performance: Lightweight design and outstanding performance making number one silent rower machine across the world, so don’t fell confusion to pick up it and start your cardio workout and get a good shape.
  • Decent price,
  • Very smooth and quiet,
  • Excellent performance, 
  • It must be recommended,
  • Top rating with customer satisfied.
  • No issue in the present time.

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405

This excellent workout rower is also able to pay less loud without any problem, on the other hand, it gives you versatile fitness for a full-body workout like tone, muscles heart health and surely burns fat.

Stamina ATS Air rower 1405 also gives you dynamic air resistance with simple fan-powered, great LCD fitness monitor for easy to show your fitness data, comfortable and convenience foam-padded, smooth-sliding seat, large footplates with adjustable straps.

Special Features:-

  • Feature: The rower comes with a couple of exciting features that ensure fitness development accurately, even it has outstanding adjustable air resistance that gives you extra smooth and quiet operating facilitates. 

  • Built-in wheels:  it is a totally built-in wheels system, you can easy to foldable without any hassle and move from one place to another place other than any difficulty.

  • Noise levels: Although, air resistance rowers are normally silent rower because it generates resistance just controlling air. So if you think about this rower don’t worry pick-up and start workout journey without any problem.

  • Comfortable seat, footplates with the handlebar: Before pickup any exercise machine make sure that your tools can be able to pay more comfortable, so this equipment gives you more comfortable seating option, with large foot plated and nylon straps for easy to keep food and padded handle and durable chain for easy to workout.

  • Total body workout equipment,
  • Quiet and smooth air resistance,
  • Foldable rower with light-weight, 
  • Decent price with perfect performance,
  • The rower fan is mounted crooked.

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Goplus magnetic rowing machine is one of the most popular magnetic rowers in the market, incredible looking, outstanding performance and a decent price make a famous to users.

Despite magnetic resistance, it can be able to give you quiet and smooth activities, with it can show clear workout data and the most important factor of this workout machine is a foldable option and easy to move anywhere. I am sure that this rower gives you total body workout facilities without hard work.

Special Features:-

  • Fitness monitor: The rower offers you a clear LCD fitness monitor which shows your fitness current positions and development data as well as track total count, calories, count per min, count, scan and time. 
  • Resistance level with comfort: It has adjustable 8 levels of resistance with a more comfortable seating position for easy to slide and doing more workouts.
  • Noise level: Although, the rower offers magnetic resistance so people thinking that it is delivered a lot of loud but it is not true it also provides low sound and doesn’t feel disturbed while workout. 
  • Space saves: Space-saving equipped is ideal choices for small apartment users who like workout equipped but the space-saving problem can solve this rower and give you a hassle-free using option after a workout you can keep it any corner of your room.
  • User-friendly budget,
  • Excellent warranty policy, 
  • Foldable with space-saving,
  • User weight capacity 220 lbs,
  • It is the best aerobic workout equipment.
  • Need to improve calories burned features.

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

The Merax magnetic exercise rower adjustable resistance rowing machine is well known silent workout equipment in fitness industry. Although, it comes recently outstanding performance and good looking style make a famous rower in the fitness community.

This rower generates smooth and efficient gliding of your seat during a rowing exercise. A special thing of this equipment is which has built-in magnetic flywheel that minimizes the noise even minimizing a smooth glide during your workout session.

If you increase strength by activating more muscles in the back, shoulders, and core so this is the ideal option for your exercise requirements. The rower also offers every stroke that engages 86% of muscle in your body. So I hope you can realize that it can be able to develop your fitness efficiently.

Special Features:-

  • Different workout feature: This rower offers 8 levels of resistance tension using a knob and it has a simple twist you can easily increase or decrease resistance. So, your rower workout can remain challenging and effective in your workout journey.
  • Design and equipment: The rower comes with a stylish design and a very sturdy frame which is excellent for obese and heavyweight people. It has included a sliding seat with extra foam padded, and upholstered seat to support your bottom and back it ensures your blood flow in the gluts.
  • Fitness LCD Monitor: It designed with a super fitness LCD monitor that tracks your time, count calories, total count, and it will be able to track fitness development and modify current fitness goal.
  • Comfortable and silence: The 15 degree angled seat rail makes your seat return more smooth and quiet during your workout session and your friends, family and community peoples don’t feel disturbed. It has a built-in magnetic flywheel that does not make more noise and gives smooth exercise.
  • User-friendly price,
  • Highly recommended,
  • Engaging 86% of muscle,
  • Space-saving and foldable,
  • Excellent warranty policy,
  • Very lightweight and compact,
  • Low impact workout equipped,
  • Super quietest rower and smooth,
  • Multi-function workout LCD monitor,
  • It has 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance.
  • Need to improve footrest design,
  • General LCD monitor is with normal function.

Water Rower Club in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

Now I am going to describe water rower club rowing machine that gives you actual water flywheel that replicates actual water rowing feel and experience. I think that only the water rowing machine gives the actual water rower feeling.

This workout equipment also comes with water flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank to offer smoother, quieter self-regulated resistance for the easy, effective and comfortable fitness journey.

It tracks your 4 performance digital fitness monitor that shows workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate and much more which essential for your fitness progress and improvement.

Special Features:-

  • Design: Excellent handcrafted rowing machine made for customer satisfaction because of the rower lover get and enjoy real water feeling and experience.
  • Fitness monitor: it also provides a series 4 performance monitor for tracking your essential data and motivated you for workout improvement.
  • Built quality: Solid ash constructing absorbs sound and vibration it designed for high-traffic areas, with offer good resistance.
  • Noise levels: It is proven that this specific water rower generates quiet sound, so you can pick up it without any confusion.
  • Space-saving and transportable, 
  • Best quality with a customer rating,
  • Very quiet and self-regulated resistance,
  • Water flywheel for smooth rowing feeling,
  • It is the Best for commercial gym studio and rehabilitation clinics.
  • Price is little high but performance is outstanding.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

This deal is very good for you because the sunny health and fitness sf-rw1205 rowing machine can be able to full fill your fitness goal with very effectively without any injuries.

This rower is the best option for cardio and aerobic exercise; although the price is so cheap with another popular workout machine it can be performed very well without any doubt.

Excellent design quality with top-level adjustable hydraulic resistance makes a smooth and the best quite rower at this price. Even it has great digital fitness monitors with adjustable pedal straps with ergonomic seats for a comfortable workout.

Special Features:-

  • Adjustability: It is one of the most important factors that it gives you adjustability with your height and weight. It is no matter what you’re too high or short so you can pick up it without any worries on the other hand seat pedal and handlebar can be adjusted of you needed.
  • Design quality: If I am not making any wrong probably this rower is the cheapest in the market compared to its quality and performance. But due to its performance, it seems like pro equipment. So if you a beginner and find out this type rower within your budget so I think it is the best selection for your home use. 
  • Resistance level and noise: The rower gives you hydraulic 12 levels of adjustable resistance and creates smoother and quieter motion during workout.
  • User weight 200 lbs, 
  • Digital fitness monitor,
  • Big deal for this rower,
  • Large anti-slip foot pedal,
  • Top rating and customer support,
  • Also, offer low impact aerobic exercise,
  • It has Non-slip gripped handlebars with full padded seat.
  • Seat little wiggly but not terrible.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

This is the last quietest rowing machine in our list, Maxkare water rowing machine give you real water experience and challenging performance with accurate data.

It is designed with a very strong sturdy and durable steel frame that makes the tools very strong and durable considering heavyweight user s to use it without any trouble. On the other hand, Large LCD fitness monitors tracking your fitness aim and keeps motivated you.

This equipment can be stored easily and can be moved anywhere because it is a transport wheel. I hope it will full fill your all essential water rowing facilities.

Special Features:-

  • Water resistance: The water rowing machine gives you real water resistance during a workout you feel real water resistance felling.
  • Sturdy and durable design: It is very unique and durable design top class strong steel frame that makes an incredible equipped.
  • Fitness monitor and comfort: Very unique and large multifunction LCD monitor track your workout data like time, SPM, distance, strokes and must be calories.
  •  Noise levels: The Sound of the rower is super cool so don’t worried about noise levels.
  • Transportation and space-saving: During the workout, you can keep it easy and move anywhere without any hassle because it has space-saving and storage ability.
  • Stabilizer with wheel,
  • Water Bottle holder,
  • Adjustable footplates,
  • Non-slip padded handles,
  • Great rower for the budget,
  • Comfortable cushioned seat,
  • Adjustable large LCD fitness monitor,
  • It has unique design with real water resistance feeling.
  • Need to work tank leaks.

Water Rower Rowing Machine Driftwood

Are you looking for low impact and silent cardio workout equipment for your home use? Water Rower Rowing Machine Driftwood is the ideal for your home use and best for cardio exercise if you want to get experience real water rowing benefits so it is a great choice for you.

The rower is designed with excellent ash wood with dual rail design, sturdy enough for each home workout. Low impact workout facilities, space-saving design with heavyweight user capacity equipped makes an incredible rower. It is one of the best water rowing machines in the market.

Special Features:-

  • Features: This rower comes with an outstanding backlit S4 fitness monitor that shows your fitness data calories per hour, meters per second, miles per hour, and also offers an essential feature to make tracking your fitness goal with very simple.
  • Space-saving design: As a fitness expert and use I also expect space-saving design equipped for my home use because of a small apartment. The manufacturer thinking and discovers this way, as a result, it offers space-saving after a workout you can keep it your room corner without hassle.
  • Noise levels: the Noise level is not high. Just some water sounds that give you real rower feels.
  • Warranty guideline: Decent rower provides excellent warranty policy so let’s check.
  • Smooth and very quiet, 
  • Driftwood stain finish,
  • Quietest Rowing Machine,
  • Handcrafted and eco-friendly,
  • The self-adjusting resistance levels,
  • User weight capacity1000 pounds, 
  • Low impact with a powerful workout,
  • Perfect for the user with joint concerns, 
  • Flip water rowing machine vertically for easy storage.
  • Assembly can be a little difficult.

Final Thoughts:

Here I included some marvelous silent rowing machines for a small apartment but all of the rowers not perfect for you because some issue has been related like budget and fitness levels. If you budget enough so I recommend Concept2 Model D rower because it is the leading rowing machine all over the world. On the other hand, Merax Magnetic Rower is the low budget rower. But I can assure you that all of the rowers are the best quality and outstanding performance so don’t waste your time just making your final decision and pick up the best rower for your home use. Water Rower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor is the best water rowing machine for the apartment.

Quietest Rowing Machine Frequently asked questions

What is the Best Quietest Rowing machine?

Do you want to use a rowing machine but discourage extra noise? No more fear of noise because here you will find many noiseless rowing machines that are suitable for home use.

In these reviews, we are trying to give something special new only for you. All of the above rowing machines are really inexpensive with a quiet mechanism system. When you’re going to work out on silent rowing machine your friend and family member don’t feel disturbed.

What to look for in a Rowing machine?

As usually, maximum people are also confused before buying a workout equipped. As a fitness advisor, I also advise looking for some features that make your workout equipped solid, suitable, and comfortable. An ideal fitness manufacturer also provides solid and advanced features such as an affordable price, Latest LCD console, Tracking options, light-weight design, transportation option, resistance system. If you see that everything is perfect then make your final decision about buying a fitness equipped.

Why buy a Quietest Rowing Machine?

There are many reasons to buy a quiet exercise machine, silent workout time is the main reason to buy a quiet rower. In the present time, most people live in a small space as a result need to share a room or home.

So, when a shared room with your friend needs to ensure that workout not making noise. Before, starting your rowing journey make sure that rower does not produce sound because it is shameful for your activities.

Is the quietest rowing Machine better than a treadmill?

Nothing to hide, rowing machine can work for your total body muscles on the other hand a treadmill ideal for your lower body muscle. If you want to lose weight per hour so you can use a rowing machine for better shape. At the same time, if you are unable to handle or control body balance any reason so rowing machine is the ideal choice.

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