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Top 10 Super Best Home Gym under $1000 | High Rated Collections [Aug23]

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 04:41 pm

Hi buddy, are you thinking about your home gym setup? Don’t be panic about it, because we are going to discuss top 10 supper best home gym under $1000 in this article. Although, making by the home gym with your mid-range budget is very difficult for you. If you follow this guideline you can make an ideal home gym without any idea.

Nowadays, most people emphasize physical exercise but the very poor time of our daily lifestyle hinders that. So we could not go to the near fitness center or gym class. But, making of small home gym you can easily build up fitness levels as well as body stamina easily.

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List of our Top 10 best home gym under $1000

  • Bowflex Home Gym Series
  • Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout
  • Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training
  • Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack Olympic Squat
  • Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Home Workout
  • Marcy 150lb. Stack Home Gym with Pulley
  • Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym
  • Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station
  • Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage
  • Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack

Are home gyms worth it?

This is a very decent question for every single fitness expert. Honestly, home gyms are also better than fitness classes or fitness membership. Because here you can exercise whenever you want and easily meet the goals of your exercise. Therefore, a home gym is the best idea to achieve fitness goals without spending much money.

Image Product Features Price
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Bowflex Home Gym Series

Bowflex Home Gym Series
  • Weight Capacity:Unlimited
  • Resistance:200 pound
  • No. of workout:25+
  • Folding:Yes
  • Bench Press:Horizontal
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Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack
  • Weight Capacity:1000 lbs
  • No. of workout:Multiple
  • Folding:Yes
  • Design:Patented
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Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station

Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station
  • Weight Capacity:300 lb
  • Pull-up Station: Yes
  • No. of workout:Multiple
  • Folding:No
  • Warranty:2-YEAR
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Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Home Gym Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Home Gym
  • Weight Capacity:300 lb
  • Resistance:8 level
  • No. of workout:70+
  • Folding:Yes
  • Warranty:1-yr warranty 
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Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym
  • Weight Capacity:400
  • Resistance:16 level
  • No. of workout:80+
  • Folding:Yes
  • Full-body workout:Yes
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Author choices

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym
  • Weight Capacity:300 lb
  • Weight Stack: 150lb
  • No. of workout:30+
  • Pulley Systems :Upper & Lower
  • Leg Developer:Yes
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Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack
  • Weight Capacity: Max 800 lb
  • Frame: Heavy duty
  • No. of workout: 24
  • Folding:No
  • Warranty:Lifetime warranty
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Marcy 150lb. Stack Home Gym Marcy 150lb. Stack Home Gym
  • Weight Capacity:300 lb
  • Pulley System:Double
  • No. of workout:Multiple
  • Folding:Yes
  • Weight Stack: 150 lb
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Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym
  • Weight Capacity:328
  • Weight Stack: 160 lbs
  • No. of workout:40+
  • Leg Press: Yes
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Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage
  • Weight Capacity:1500 lbs
  • Dip Handles:Two Adjustable 
  • Multi-Grip:Chin Up/Pull Up Bars 
  • Folding:No
  • Safety Bars:Two 11.5 inch
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Bowflex Home Gym Series |Best Home Gym for $1000

home gym under $500

The Bowflex home gym series is the first equipment in our list and it is capable of more than 65+ workouts for your different body parts. A couple of heavyweight power rod resistance and upgraded features made it an extraordinary home gym in the fitness community.

It has 210 pounds of power road resistance, with new 310 pounds or 410 pounds resistance that’s ensure your long-lasting protection and shape retention. Specifically, this equipment offers multiple workout options, the most notable of shoulders, back, arms abs, chest, legs, and much more.

I am pretty sure that if you’re doing some exercise with this equipment you can easily enhance your fitness level and build muscles effectively. Therefore, don’t waste time going shop because of buyexerciser listed top picks for you. Just pick up your favorite home gym equipment easily over here.

Main Features:-

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Compact size for small home
  • Life-changing exercise machine
  • More than 65+ workout programs
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Progressive resistance power road systems
  • Multiple cable or pulley positions for multiple workouts
We Like:
  • Total body workout options
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Compact and thoughtful design
  • Decent price for this equipped
  • Multiple workout options
  • Upgraded 410 power road resistance
  • Decent warranty options
  • Comfortable seat with handlebars
We don’t Like :
  • Sometimes weight fell less than the real.

Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

best home gym under 1000 dollars

Want to get good shape with small home gym equipment? The total gym XLS universal home gym for total body workout is the favorite home gym machine all over the world. The machine builds your muscles as well as tone legs, chest, and many more fitness body parts.

The delightful machine is capable to carry more than 400 lb weight for full-body strength and stability. With that device, you can use it like a rowing machine. Especially, things of this equipment is very easy to use and foldable, after finishing your workout you can easily store.

Finally, it has more than 35+ workout programs that you can easily build shape and getting full-body workout advantages. It has a really decent price for your requirements.

Main Features:-

  • More than 35+ workout included
  • Top rating and best customer services
  • Comfortable padded glide board with head support
  • Product Dimensions: 19×90×43 inches (W×L×H)
  • Maximum user weight capacity 400 lbs
We Like:
  • Easy to use
  • Tone you bum
  • Comfortable design
  • Total body workout
  • No assembly required
  • Space-saving and foldable
  • Solid and sturdy material
  • Decent price EQUIPMWNT
We don’t Like :
  • Need to add more resistance.

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym

home gym under $1000
Now we are going to discuss the most popular home gym fitness equipment. which is really excellent for total body workout and tone your muscle. The Marcy 150 lb multifunctional home gym station for total body training is the ideal option for your fitness developments.

Marcy home gym workout equipment offers Premium quality heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods so that hold your weight in place during exercise.  Even, it has a dual action press arm that allows your multiple workout advantage like biceps, triceps, and other muscles.

This home gym machine comes with ergonomically designed seats. It has high-density boxed upholstery to reduce tension and impact.  So there are many upgraded features including the fitness equipment just make sure your considerations. I’m pretty sure that using this home gym machine you can full-fill your fitness requirements.

Main Features:-

  • Convenient home gym equipped
  • It has 150 pounds weight stack lock
  • Maximum user weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Product dimension: 68×36×79 Inches (L×W×H)
  • High-quality premium steel constriction material
  • Dual actions press for developed chest, arms, etc
  • Removable curl pad with ergonomically designed seat
  • High-density boxed upholstery to reduce tension and impact
We Like:
  • Comfortable fitness equipment
  • Total body workout machine
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Adjustable preacher curl pad
  • Adjustable cable standing leg curl
  • Weight stack lock for more safety
  • Best easy and simple leg workouts
  • Comfortable foam padded for press arms
  • Excellent upper pulley workout options
We don’t Like :
  • more times required for assembly

Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack 

home gym power tower

Merax Athletics fitness power rack is a very popular pull-up bar that able to work out safely and effectively.  The dimension of this product is 2.4×2.4 inches sturdy and it has 14 gauge solid steel that supports more than 1000 lbs weights that are really outstanding for your home gym. It is also one of the best home gym equipment under $1000.

The exercise equipment is designed with a pull-up bar 2 j cups, full-length safety bars, 6 plate holders, 4-floor anchor points, and 2 training band. It has multiple workout options that are ideal for home exercise and it included squats, deadlifts, weightlifting, curls, pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, and much more exercise options. I hope using this equipment you can easily achieve your fitness. So start your fitness journey with this equipment.

Main Features:-

  • The thickness of 2.0 mm
  • Heavy-duty steel constriction
  • The hole diameter of 1.2 inches
  •  Maximum user weight limits 230 lbs
  • Product dimension: 47.5×56×87 inches (L×W×H)
We Like:
  • 800 lb j-hook
  • Easy to assembly
  • Very well performance
  • Decent price equipped
  • Best quality for the price
  • Solid and sturdy steel frame
  • Light-weight commercial power cage
We don’t Like :
  • Some improvement requires for more workout options.

Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Home Gym

cheap home gym for apartment

I am very sure that you’re looking for the best total GYM home equipment? The Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile indoor home workout that also offers you the best type of exercise benefits for your fitness developments.

The exercise equipment ready to pay the best workout options with 8-levels. It has quick exercise options just 15 to 20 minutes in a single day and 3 to 4 days a week on your favorite home gym will top up your fitness level in good levels. Even it will support the maximum weight of more than 300 lbs.

The unique and thoughtful design makes it top-rated and more popular. So many exercises included here some of them like wing attachment, squat stand, dip bars, leg pull accessory, exercise flip chart, total gym TV access, and much more features for your fitness goal.

Main Features:-

  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Total body workout options
  • Multiple workout options
  • Adjustable 8-levels of resistance
  • It has more than 70+ workout options
  • Quick workout and much advantage
  • Supported maximum weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Comfortable ergonomic glide board
We Like:
  • Decent warranty period
  • Suitable workout options
  • Stylish and thoughtful design
  • Easy to achieved fitness goals
  • Free access TV with DVD
  • Foldable and easy for storage
  • Very effective for strength building
  • Inexpensive pieces of equipment
  • Heavy-weight supported equipment
  • Top rating with best customer services
We don’t Like :
  • No bad customer reviews yet.

Marcy 150lb. Stack Home Gym | Marcy stack home gym

simple home gym under 1000 dollars

No doubt that Marcy is one of the most popular fitness manufacturers all over the world, who design unique and mind-blowing fitness equipment.  Now we are going to discuss new and excellent Marcy 150 lb stack home gym with pulley equipped. It is one of the top home gyms under 1000 dollars.

The Marcy home gym equipment comes with premium heavy-duty steel constriction with a 14-gauge steel tube frame for easy to start a fitness journey.  It has stabilized design with foam roller pads for leg exercise and a comfortable back seat for optimum support.

In front of your sitting positions has a dual pulley system handlebar that’s offer multiple arm exercise. The exercise machine can be able to target your specific muscle groups for a more intense exercise, developing more muscle building.

Main Features:-

  • Easy to install
  • Multifunction workout stations
  • Supporting weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Dual pulley system for arm exercise
  • Enhanced design and best performance
  • Perfect for weightlifting and bodybuilding
  • Heavy-duty premium steel frame constriction
We Like:
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Full-body workout gear
  • Maximum support weight
  • Great home gym machine
  • Top rating customer services
  • Versatile home gym equipped
  • Very stylish and unique design
  • Comfortable seat with leg padded
  • Best for bodybuilding and weightlifting
We don’t Like :
  • Need to the adjustable seat.

Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym | Compact home gym

super quality home gym

Do you want a high-quality advanced home gym equipment? The powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X home gym equipment is one of them that comes with 90% pre-assembled in one box with a space-saving design. It has a solid and compact frame that is less than 4 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet tall. It is one of the best home gyms for under $1000.

Especially, this exercise machine promoted to perform your total body workout and it ensures your fitness development.  Multiple workout options and adjustable weight stack, high mid, low pulleys with 8 positions adjustable press arms, and a leg developed gives you exercise to get your body shape.

Dual hand press provides you incline, Chest, standing shoulder, lat pull down, close-grip lat pulls down, triceps down and many more workout options offer it. Even it is enabled to perform bent-over row, Single-arm row, Squat and other workouts that are really mind-blowing for your fitness journey.

Main Features:-

  • High-quality material
  • Multiple workout options
  • Stable and compact design
  • 90% pre-assembled product
  • Lat bar and low bar included
  • More than 40+workout programs
  • Adjustable seat ensures quick and easy exercise
  • Adjustable 8 positions press arm and leg workout
We Like:
  • Excellent warranty options
  • Over 40+ exercise program
  • 2200-pounds tension strength
  • Military-grade aircraft cables
  • Adjustable 160 pounds weight stack
  • Easy to use and space-saving design
  • Ultra-comfortable seat with extra thick
  • Exclusive dual firm pads with tear resistance
  • Traditional press bar with biomechanically designed
We don’t Like :
  • No cable changing option is found with this gym machine.

Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station

best home gym setup under 1000

The Marcy MWM 7041 weight bench is full-body workout equipment. This equipment can be used as a power rack to perform the most beneficial compound workout like squat without safety, bench press, etc.

With solid and heavy-duty steel construction frame makes it outstanding performance equipped all over the world. It has two different pulley bar high for abs crunch and low for pushdown both of par is really outstanding for your exercise.

Finally, the Marcy exercise equipped able to carry more than 300 lbs weight that’s enough for the overall user. This excellent and mind-blowing workout equipped perfectly for beginner, intermediate level users who want to build muscle with shape. It is one of the best home gym under 1000 dollars

Main Features:-

  • Perfect open cage design
  • All in one workout stations
  • Compact design equipped
  • Dimension: 56×61×85 inches
  • Solid and sturdy constriction
  • Enough time warranty period
  • The high and low pulley system
  • Multifunctional home gym options
We Like:
  • Affordable price
  • Very versatile use
  • Compact designed
  • Perfect for home gym
  • Suitable pulley system
  • Highly recommended product
  • Offers full-body resistance training
  • All essential accessories are included
We don’t Like :
  • A little bit hard assembly options
  • It is not a commercial-grade home gym.

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage

home gym set under 10000

Are you looking for high-quality advanced levels and commercial-grade home gym equipment? If this answer is yes, so you have come to the right place. Here you can see the top levels commercial home gym equipment that gives you commercial home gym advantages.

The Fitness Reality X-Class light commercial high capacity Olympic power cage is one of the most powerful and popular fitness equipment forever. With two adjustable high-density rubber grip for easy to adjust weight up to 1500 lbs. It is one of the top home gyms under 1000 dollars.

This home gym exercise equipment comes with a decent price but provides superb performance without having issued. Using this equipment you can build up your upper body fitness as well as lower body fitness without a long time hard work.  I am pretty sure that after some day’s workout you can see you exercise results on your body.

Main Features:-

  • Large J-hooks included
  • Expendable lat pull system
  • High-density rubber grips
  • User weight capacity 256 lbs
  • Heavy-duty 2×3 inches tubular steel frame
  • Suitable multi-grip pull-up bar with 2 adjustable options
  • Product Dimension: 71.5×52×86 inches (L×W×H)
  • Safety bars up to 2×11.5 inches 2×35.5 inches with combined support 1500 lbs
We Like:
  • Perfect dip bars included
  • Commercial grade home gym
  • Useful equipped for home gym
  •  Thoughtful design with safety bars
  • Very solid and sturdy constriction
  • Decent price compared to the quality
We don’t Like :
  • Some assembly required.

Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack

home gym equipment under 1000

Probably, this is the last home gym equipment in our list. The Murphy rack folds up squat rack is very popular fitness equipment in the fitness community. With this equipment, you can easily achieve your fitness goal in a safe way.

The durable home gym designed with solid and sturdy constriction material that enables you to support more than 1000 pounds.  I am pretty sure that using this equipped you can easily build muscles and strengthen your strength levels.

Space-saving and lightweight design makes it popular all over the world. So if you want to build your fitness levels this is the ideal option for your full body fitness. It is one of the best home gym under $1000.

Main Features:-

  • Fold up options
  • Best patented design
  • Space-saving squat rack
  • Supported weight 1000 lbs
  • Pair of J-cups included
  • Powder-coated black equipped
  • Suitable 2×3 14 gauge steel 2 pieces upright
We Like:
  • Top-rated product
  • Best customer services
  • Very sturdy steel frame
  • Comes with full assembly
  • Dream fitness equipped
  • Space-saving and folds up
  • Easy to move up and down
  • Perfect for your small apartments
  • Excellent Price compared to quality
We don’t Like :
  • Installation process little bit hard.

Which one is the best home gym under $1000?

If I am not wrong, you already have a nice look on our best home gym equipment under 1000 dollars. Most of the people feel confused to buy the perfect one from our top ten list. You can anyone of them because all of our picks are listed hereafter great research. But the special recommendation is only for one equipment. Marcy Multifunctional 150 lbs home gym station is the best-performed home gym equipment for total body fitness.