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Workout Motivation: Is Exercise While Watching TV Beneficial?

Last updated on January 27th, 2021 at 04:19 am

Have you ever been to a cardio machine and suddenly got distracted by a program on TV?  Many people will find themselves off the treadmill while trying to catch up with that catchy Money Heist episode. Well, watching TV while doing your exercise is beneficial as it motivates you to keep doing it. On the other hand, it is likely to hurt your gains at the gym.

How to ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes while watching TV?

There are different sports games in the gym to tune into while working out.  You will also feel excited if you realize that your treadmill has a TV.  Television distracts you and enables you to beat up your 30 minutes ride on a stationary bike without realizing it.   Did you know that running any cardio in a gym is quite repetitive? People get bored very fast, and without any motivating factor, you can give up.  You can imagine turning all your focus on your breath.  How lactic acid is slowly building up on the calves and how long 30 minutes seems like 3 hours.  Turning on a TV distracts you from all that saves your day.

Exercises you can do while watching TV

Watching TV simply means that you have got some extra time at home or in the gym. You can consider several exercises that you do while watching TV, as discussed below:

Jump squats

Squat jumps enable you to do exercises while watching TV.  Just stand at a stationary position, do your jumps as you watch TV.  You can perform three sets of ten jumps while ensuring that you do not miss out on your favorite program. This exercise is beneficial as it helps in toning your calves, core, and glute.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunge is a beneficial exercise to your body and still allows you to stand in front of the TV.  It is perfect for the lower body.  There are different positions for this exercise.  Opt for different weights to make it more effective.  First, place both your feet flat on the ground, lunge down on the stepping leg then use the other leg. Do at least four reps often to make your legs and glute strong.

Curtsy Lunges

Are you looking for a perkier backside? Did you know that you could achieve it through curtsy lunge?  It helps in burning out excessive calories as well as strengthening your muscles.  Do a basic lunge if you have a bad knee.  This exercise enables you to tone your inner body while enjoying your favorite program.

Lateral Band Walks

This exercise mainly targets the muscles on the legs.  Engage your gluteus by bending your knees a bit.   Use the resisting bands as weights to make this exercise more effective. This perfect exercise benefits your body while allowing you to watch television as well.

Plank Twists

Plank twist is easy to perform, especially when you are on a carpet of the soft mat.  It requires you to transfer the weight for your body to your arms and legs.  It targets the core and allows you to watch TV. If you want to strengthen your abs, then this is the way forward.

Single Leg-Hops

This exercise resembles hopscotch. It is a simple way to perfect the balance as you watch TV.  Leg-hops are also suitable for warm-ups. It requires you to transfer your body weight on your leg.

The exercises mentioned above are simple, perfect for beginners, and they are durable.  These exercises are cost-effective, achievable at home, and allow you to catch up with favorite programs on television.  Opt for weights that you can easily handle.  Who said that watching TV while exercising is not beneficial?

Is it okay to watch movies while working out?

If watching your favorite movie can motivate you at the gym, then why not.  As long as you will not tumble the treadmill, you can try it.  Keep in mind that working out mindful is not for everyone.  Exercise requires determination and hard work. Many people give up along the way. If your mind tells you that it is okay to watch a movie while doing jogging, then there is no problem.  Make sure that you choose a perfect form of cardio that allows you to watch as you work out.

We have looked into some of the exercises that we can perform while watching TV. Now let us now look into what to watch while performing a workout.

What to watch while you are on a Treadmill?

You can follow many programs while you are on the Treadmill. Make sure that the programs are easy to catch up with if you are not that keen.  Do not go for a program that requires a lot of attention.

Comedy: Comedy makes laughs and us happy. It is a form of entertainment that refreshes our minds helps us relax our bodies.  Many people believe that a smiling face does not age quickly.  Choose short, sweet comedies that you can catch up if at all, you lose concentration.

The office: Michael Scott will definitely motivate you in your work out. You will not even realize that you have just finished riding the stationary bike.

Parks and recreation: You will definitely love nope, especially her positivity and constant smiles.

The great British baking show: You will be exciting watching this show as you work out.  After the exercise session, you would probably jump into your kitchen and start baking.

Eye: The transformation in the Fab Five will definitely motivate you until you finish your session.

New girl: If you have never smiled at work out sessions, this is the time. This program will put more smiles on your face as you exercise.  These episodes are short and quite enjoyable.  You will laugh as you enjoy your ab as well.

Physical and emotional fitness is very important. They have a relationship with physical exercises.  We can attest that watching television while exercising acts as our motivating factor.

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