Top 10 Best Cheap Home Gym under $300 | Latest Picks [Oct 2020]

Hi, Guys are you looking for the best cheap home gym under $300. If you have a budget problem and you do not have enough time then you can select the best one from our cheapest home gym article. I think this article will help you out to get an affordable home gym.

Stay fit is the most challenge for everyone because of the busy work schedules, family life, and other daily activities. It is also difficult for those traditional GYM users who always try to go fitness club for a workout.

Now I am going to figure out the top 10 best affordable home gym with pros and cons. Finally, I will discuss which one will be the best one with our top 10 list. All of the home gym prices are under $300.

Our Listed Best Budget Home Gym under $300

  • Weider Ultimate Body Works
  • BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym
  • OYO Personal Gym
  • TRX Suspension Portable Home Gym
  • Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage
  • Lx Free Power Tower
  • Weider Power Tower
  • Tension Toner
  • Gorilla Bow
  • Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion Table

Top 10 Best Cheap Home Gym under $300 Compared

Cheap Home Gym under $300TypeNo. of ExercisePortableWeight Capacity (lbs)WarrantyPrice
Weider Ultimate Body WorksWorkout Bench10+NO265 lbs90-Day Parts & Labor WarrantyCHECK PRICE
BodyBoss 2.0Full Portable Home Gym300+YesIt has no weight limit1 yr warrantyCHECK PRICE
OYO Personal GymFull Body Portable Gym60+YESIt has no weight limitThree Year WarrantyCHECK PRICE
TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension TrainingBodyweight Resistance System1000+YES350 lbsnot sureCHECK PRICE
Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power CagePOWER CAGE4+NO270 lbs90-Day Parts & 1 YR Frame WarrantyCHECK PRICE
Lx Free Power TowerPOWER CAGE6+NO330 lbsNot sureCHECK PRICE
Weider Power TowerPower tower10+NO300 lbsNot sureCHECK PRICE
TENSION TONERPulling machine70+YESNo weight limitNot sureCHECK PRICE
Gorilla BowFull Body Home Gym20+YES300 lbs2 year warrantyCHECK PRICE
Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion TablePower Tower6NO250 lbsNot sureCHECK PRICE
Cheap Home Gym under $300
Weider Ultimate Body WorksType: Workout BenchNo. of Exercise: 10+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): 265 lbsWarranty: 90-Day Parts & Labor WarrantyCHECK PRICE
BodyBoss 2.0Type: Full Portable Home GymNo. of Exercise: 300+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): It has no weight limitWarranty: 1 yr warrantyCHECK PRICE
OYO Personal GymType: Full Body Portable GymNo. of Exercise: 60+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): It has no weight limitWarranty: Three Year WarrantyCHECK PRICE
TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension TrainingType: Bodyweight Resistance SystemNo. of Exercise: 1000+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): 350 lbsWarranty: not sureCHECK PRICE
Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power CageType: POWER CAGENo. of Exercise: 6+Max Portable: NOWeight Capacity (lbs): 270 lbsWarranty: 90-Day Parts & 1 YR Frame WarrantyCHECK PRICE
Lx Free Power TowerType: POWER CAGENo. of Exercise: 6+Max Portable: NOWeight Capacity (lbs): 330 lbsWarranty: Not sureCHECK PRICE
PWeider Power TowerType: Power towerNo. of Exercise: 10+Max Portable: NOWeight Capacity (lbs): 300 lbsWarranty: Not sureCHECK PRICE
TENSION TONERType: Pulling machineNo. of Exercise: 70+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): No weight limitWarranty: Not sureCHECK PRICE
Gorilla BowType: Full Body Home GymNo. of Exercise: 20+Max Portable: YESWeight Capacity (lbs): 300 lbsWarranty: 2 year warrantyCHECK PRICE
Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion TableType: Power TowerNo. of Exercise: 6Max Portable: NOWeight Capacity (lbs): 250 lbsWarranty: Not sureCHECK PRICE


Weider Ultimate Body Works


Weider Ultimate Body Works is the best cheap home gym under $300. I think this one affordable to any user and will be fit for any apartment. Weider Ultimate Body Works is the best affordable home gym also suitable for ladies and gents. It has all the necessary features of the full-body workout. Especially I recommend this workout machine for small apartments and personal use.

Weider Ultimate home gym is light in weight and can be move easily from one place to another place easily. Specifically, this budget home gym is designed considering 250 lbs body weight and full body is foam padded for excellent user’s experience.

You can do your daily workout in any position and from any angle because it has telescopic design to make its position any angle. Weider Ultimate home gym is easily expandable to any height that very suitable for any height users.

  • Telescopic design,
  • Full body workout option,
  • Portable and suitable for small space,
  • Very cheap and affordable to anyone,
  • Adjustable resistance as per users needs,
  • 50 Plus exercise can be done using this workout bench,
  • Very cheap parts,
  • Short warranty policy,
  • Not stable for heavy weight users,




Bodyboss 2.0 reviews

best home gym

BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym is another best workout option at home. This is the first total gym that you can take it out or any other place. So this is the best option for all to get test off the gym even in the forest.

Obviously you can do any workout using this machine-like upper body, lower exercise. You can also build your muscle or lose your weight through your daily workout. BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym offers about 300 PLUS workout exercise options. You will love this best all in one home gym. The workouts are designed for different levels of users from beginners to expert levels.

There is an exercise learning link with this product that you can do the workout without any trainer. So, it is very helpful to all users and stays fit at home.

  • Portable in design,
  • Time saver for all users,
  • Online Live class option,
  • Sturdy material for long lasting,
  • Full body workout option for everyone,
  • Cheap price and suitable for any level users,
  • Plenty of workout option with a simple band system.
  • Only one pair of resistance bands,
  • Standing platform should slightly big,
  • Requires reconfigurations for different exercise,



OYO Personal Gym


affordable home gym

OYO Personal Gym is another excellent home gym on a budget. You can do a full-body workout exercise with this simple exercise equipment. It includes three types of resistance of 5lbs, 10 lbs, and 25 lbs. So, you can do your exercise as your convenient resistance.

Not mention that it is designed with sturdy materials because it is made to last for at least three years. That means it has three years of manufacturer warranty. It has 60 online vides to learn workout using this great workout equipment.

It is also equally important that this exercise equipment is able to do multiple exercises for different purposes. You can do build your muscles, loss your calories and lose your weight.

The intimate benefits are you can take it out and anywhere you go even in the international space center. So you can use it anywhere and anytime. So, it is the best portable home gym for multipurpose use.

  • Smooth resistance,
  • Easy to move anywhere,
  • Mini size home gyms cheap price,
  • Helps to get balance in small time,
  • Full body exercise home equipment,
  • Affordable to all to get excellent fitness,
  • Build lean muscles and cut out the fat form belly,
  • Not suitable for higher resistance level,
  • Product looks not durable.




TRX Suspension Training: Home Gym in a Box

best budget home gym

The best selling and best-rated product in our list for a home gym are the TRX Suspension Training Home Gym. This equipment includes 35 pages workout guide for the excellent training. I think this cheap home gym is very suitable for the levels of users.

TRX workout equipment allows up to 350 lbs of user’s bodyweight that is very suitable for heavyweight users to lose weight. You can do 7 most essential movements using this like Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Plank, Hinge and Rotate. All of the movement is essential for health fitness.

It includes a 6 months free subscription that helps you to get any level of challenge of your body fitness. The subscription value is $60 that you will get it free with this equipment.


  • Save money and time for budget users,
  • Mini size full body workout equipment,
  • Cheap price home gym for any level of users,
  • Excellent workout option for excellent guide,
  • Includes a excellent workout guide for proper workout,
  • Study built to last for long time even for obese users,
  • Some exercises are repeated in books manual.




Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage


best affordable home gym

Our listed another best selling and best-rated home gym at an affordable price is Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage. It has a heavyweight bearing capacity up to 800 lbs. You should not be worried about it if you are an obese user.

This power cage can be used for multipurpose exercise. You can easily use it for chin up and pull up. The chin-up bar and pull up bars are included in this cage. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is designed with multi positioned chin up and pull up exercise.

Another plus point is two sets of safety bars that ensure more safety during exercise. So, anyone can use it without any confusion about safety.

  • 100% quality product,
  • Multi exercise cage equipment,
  • It is Very sturdy cage for exercise,
  • Very affordable price compared to quality,
  • Heavy weight capacity home gym equipment,
  • Some additional accessories to buy for real exercise.




Lx Free Power Tower – Home Gym

home gyms cheap

Lx Free Power Tower is designed for a home gym. This affordable home gym is designed with a highly stable and strong metal body. Foam padded handlebars designed made this apartment gym very user friendly. The non-slip foam gripped made this machine very safe during a workout.

The multifunctional power tower has a multi exercise option like pull up, push up, chin up, dips and more exercise. This exercise power tower is very suitable for men and women to get excellent body fitness at home.

Adjustable height allows any height users for chin-ups and pull-ups exercise. Its 350 lbs weight capacity ensures any weight users can use it. So, you can easily realize its rock properties.

  • Pretty solid equipment,
  • Best budget home gym,
  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Suitable for overweight users,
  • Foam padded and back cushioned support,
  • Multi-purpose and multi height adjustable,
  • Cheap parts and narrow design.




Weider Power Tower

best home gym under 300 dollars

Another popular home gym is the Weider power tower. It designed with a highly aggressive push-up station that ensures build up your biceps, triceps, and chest muscle in a safe way perfectly.

Pull up station is with 7 feet height that ensures any height users easily use it. Pull up station is designed with comfortable foam padded that ensures workout without any difficulty.

It is the best affordable home gym for a full-body workout. The vertical knee raise station designed with extra padded foam for high comfort.

  • It targets all core muscles,
  • Full body workout station,
  • Excellent finished metallic body,
  • Best home gym for the money,
  • Activate your arms with this home gym,
  • Only 90 days warranty,




Tension Toner

best home gym for the money

Our listed another budget home gym is tension toner. You can do your daily full-body workout with this simple cheap total gym. This single machine allows around 70 plus exercise and you will get video directions for a daily workout. 10 min and 30 min online home training programs also include this equipment.

This equipment allows 3 types of resistance from lower to higher. You can change your level of resistance as per your requirements. Male and female everyone can use this home gym equipment at a cheap price.

Another plus point is that is very light weight and portable. You can use it at your home and easily carry able to outside as your wish. So you can take it in the garden or outside where you go morning walk or jogging.

  • Affordable home gym,
  • Full body workout option for everyone,
  • Plenty exercise option with single equipment,
  • Best rated exercise cheap home gym equipment,
  • Easy to use and comfortable for travelling,
  • Well built and effective home gym for all,
  • It requires some improvement.




Gorilla Bow

best all in one home gym

The gorilla bow is another cheap and most portable home gym that you can select for your apartment or any other place you want. Because its weight is less and the size also very small. So, you can carry it anywhere you want.

The cost of This total gym is very cheap that everyone can afford this. This affordable total gym can target your all major group of muscles and you can easily tones up your body muscles. Gorilla Bow includes three resistance bands for three different resistances (10 lbs, 20 lbs, and 30 lbs). So you can select your resistance levels as per your needs.

The products contain its quality by its service that offers 3 yrs of warranty and 90 days return policy if the customer is not satisfied with this equipment.

  • Best Cheap Home Gym,
  • 300 lbs weight capacity to bear,
  • Full body workout facility for all,
  • Three adjustable resistance bands,
  • Light weight equipment for easy movement,
  • Not suitable for bench press exercise.




Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion Cheap Home Gym

budget home gym

This specific home gym has a definite 6 workout option for all users. You can target your all muscles group for tones up. Normally, this equipment offers inversion, push-ups, chin-ups, squat, triceps, dips and leg rise workout. So, all of the exercises are very essential to stay fit. Through the workout, you can target easily your leg, arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles.

It is very easy to adjust and super easy to assemble. This affordable home gym allows 250 lbs of user’s body weight. The arms rest and handle bars are covered with thick foam for comfortable exercise.

  • Affordable home gym,
  • Multiple exercise option,
  • Easy to use and assemble,
  • Targets major group of muscles,
  • Not suitable for heavy users,
  • Not sturdy for advanced users,
  • Only 250 lbs users weight allowed,




Final Words:

After considering all the important features of the top 10 cheap home gym we can decide to give an upvote to Weider Ultimate Body Works. Weider Ultimate Body Works is the winner of our top ten list. It has a great workout option and great user’s positive reviews also great quality. So you can buy it without any confusion. On the other hand, if you want a mini home gym that you can take it out for traveling or go outside for workout then you can take TRX Suspension Portable Home Gym. TRX Suspension Portable Home Gym is the best affordable mini home gym for a workout.

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