Top 10 Best Fitness Watch for Women | Women’s Fitness Tracker 2020

Since you want to increase your health and exercise, I think fitness watches are a perfect deal for motivated your workout. Moreover, it is a little difficult to find good quality and effective smartwatches in your budget.

So, our effort is to make your work easier and time-saving, so that you can easily select the best fitness watch for women. The best fitness tracker watch not only increases the amount of exercise you do but also encourages you to work out more.

If you are our partner, you will easily get the best fitness tracker for females that can show all the data accurately in the right way. So let’s read the best fitness watch for women list below where they discuss advantages and disadvantages very well.

Top 10 Best Fitness Watch for Women

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Garmin 010-01769-21 Vivoactive 3
  • Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker
  • Garmin 010-01689-03 Forerunner 35
  • Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR
  • Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  • Garmin 010-01985-01 Vivoactive 3 Music
  • Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker
  • Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

What to Look Before Buying a Best Fitness Tracker for Ladies?

Display: In the present time, lots of popular fitness watch brands deliver varieties of displays that are will be outstanding for selection. No doubt that different users are used to verities of color and display for this reason manufacturer provides multiple displays.

I hope all the watch display gives you all vital exercise tracking results that are very easy to read without any dispute.

Price: I don’t know how much money you want to spend on this watch. A couple of different price fitness trackers are available on the market or online shop. If your budget less than $50 so you can pick up the best fitness tracker under $50, on the other hand, select your best fitness tracker under $100. Increasing your budget you can get the best of the best fitness watch for women.

Size: This is a really vital part of selecting a surprising watch. I will recommend that before the final selection you need to confirm that this equipped perfectly set your wrist. Hope you thinking about these tips before making your decision.

Smartwatch and GPS tracking: There is a big difference between the present clock and the past watching because earlier clocks were used only to see the time. Needless to say, the current watch is not just a watch it is a smartwatch that can control all your activities including in burn calories, speed, heart rate, automatic sleeping, and definitely GPS.

Basically, a GPS tracker can track your distance and traveling place accurately. So, if you forget your right path than you can easily find out right away.

Changeable wrist band: Variable wrist brands make it easier to use your equipped. So when you buy an activity tracking watch, make sure that it is easy to change. If there is ever a problem with the wrist band, you can easily change it and use it again like new.

Battery life: Not all smartwatches on the market are the same and not all watches have the same battery life. If you check our Best fitness watch for women list, you will find that the battery lasts from seven days to thirty days. That is suitable for your activity tracking.

Eco-friendly use: Every single watch brand has its personal software and app that go with it. All the software and apps are eco-friendly use that’s not harmful to your environment.

Warranty options: There is no doubt that different companies offer warranty times at different times. So before, you buy a fitness smartwatch don’t forget to check the warranty period. Check and select the favorite product and use the gagged comfortably without any problem.


Apple Watch Series 3: The Best fitness tracker

best fitness watch for women
The first fitness tracker watch on our list is actually surprising and more popular to look at. I think there are very few people who have never heard of the Apple Watch brand. The Apple series 3 fitness trackers come with lots of advanced features such as GPS, Retina display, Swim proof, Optical heart sensor, elevation, and more.

If you want to top-class fitness watch for women, so Apple brand is the very fast choice for analyzing accurate data easily. Using this tracker you can easy to track all individual fitness data and motivated you harder and faster. Price is a little high but I can assure you that it is really fantastic for your workout tracking.

We Like:
  • Top-rating product,
  • Optical heart sensor,
  • It has an aluminum case,
  • Alarming notification options,
  • Social media apps included,
  • Great service and timely arrival,
  • Ideal Elevation with emergency SOS,
  • Top class fitness watch brands,
  • Awesome watch, like as a watch,
  • Store music, podcasts, and audiobooks,
We don’t Like :
  • The price is a little high


Samsung Galaxy Watch: Best GPS fitness tracker

best fitness tracker watch
Another top-class activity tracker tool is Samsung Galaxy watch that tracks your calories, heart rate, slipping, accurately but the price is also affordable. It has 6 workouts while tracking up to 39 more, right from your wrist. Colorful and lightweight design has become more leading fitness watch brand on the market.

The Best fitness watch, brand or something else what do you want? If this answer is brand, so you’re thinking is actually right. The popular brand also tries to make new and latest equipped that’s track everything. A couple of advanced features that indicates your workout step and impaired you for better. Let’s check the latest feature that offers many advantages and disadvantages for you.

We Like:
  • Easy to use,
  • Real activities results,
  • Resolve to rest battery,
  • Thin, light-weight and durable,
  • An excellent smart fitness watch,
  • Top class watch with top rating,
  • Affordable price with this watch,
  • Automatically exercise detecting options,
We don’t Like :
  • Need to updated feature software


Garmin 010-01769-21 Vivoactive 3

women's stylish fitness tracker
Due to stylish design, the latest features, more than 15 sports apps, Up to 7 days battery life, and 13 hours of GPS mode makes its popularity on the market in recent times. The majority of the fitness watch for women is expensive but here you find out affordable prices with very easy.

To make you smart with stylish day by day, this Garmin 010-01769-21 Vivoactive 3 serious fitness watch that changes your overall looking. The smart fitness tracker read your all exercise modes like running, cycling, swimming, and more. All the vital feature included in this fitness watch, now start your workout mission with this awesome fitness tracker.

We Like:
  • Pay your bill with this watch,
  • Preloaded more than 15 exercise apps,
  • Daily fitness and stress tracking smartwatch,
  • Customizable thousand of the free watch look,
  • Battery life Up to 7 days with 13 hours GPS mode,
  • Surprising advanced features, notification, Live track and more,
We don’t Like :
  • Not fit for a too big grip.


Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

best fitness tracker for small wrists
Now we are going to discuss only the best Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and activity tracker that built-in accurate GPS for distance tracking, 24/7 automatic heart rate tracking, and more advanced feature for a comfortable grip.

With activate tracker for easy to reach your workout goals faster with tracking zone minutes. Despite small wristband, it has able to perform all situations very comfortably.

You are very happy to hear that it has long-lasting battery life, Heart rate, sleep & Swim tracking, more than 20+ exercise modes, and water resistance options. The most surprising feature it that Fitbit gives you a 90-days premium course for everyone that easy to reach premium workout tips and guidelines.

We Like:
  • Built-in GPS options,
  • Water resistance,
  • Secure tap to pay options,
  • Call and Text notification,
  • Upgraded technology,
  • Maximum satisfaction,
  • Colorful smartwatch with tracking,
  • Decent price for this watch,
  • Best fitness tracker for female,
  • Long-lasting battery life,
We don’t Like :
  • Price is a little bit high


Garmin 010-01689-03 Forerunner 35

female health tracking watch
Another Garmin brand comes with awesome advanced features that are really smart looking designs and affordable prices on the market. If you see this nice activity tracker, so you can’t believe that in this price equipped how can feedback your all essential exercise. Although, there are many types of fitness trackers available on the market but entire the tool does not show data accurately.

In this budget, you can’t find out top-class tracking watch in your local market or online shop. After a long time spending of searching, we are found some exclusive exercise tracking watch the specially build for unsex but it is the best fitness tracker for motivations. The Garmin brand has been dominating all over the world for fitness tracking watch in the last few years.

We Like:
  • Perfect for HR monitoring,
  • Long battery life and good screen,
  • Comes with multiple color and size,
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor viewing,
  • Top-rated product with very fast shipping,
  • Easy to use GPS tracker for running,
We don’t Like :
  • A basic music control system,
  • Improve the auto-pause option,


Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR

best fitness tracker for sleep
Would you like to wear the best basic fitness tracker? The Polar A370 fitness tracker is one of the best and popular basic fitness trackers for the female. Using this equipped you can easy to check all essential health data and give you real-time feedback.

In our personal views, maximum devices inflated the number of steps we took by 14 to 29 percent compared with our pedometer.

The watch comes with basic two colors such as black and white. These tools give you maximum accurate health and workout feedback that’s really outstanding. Hopefully, it will assist your tracking fitness data and motivated you for better results.

We Like:
  • GPS via phone,
  • Changeable wristbands,
  • Awesome Polar sleep plus,
  • Smart call or text notifications,
  • Automatics heart rate monitoring,
  • Exercise guideline and real-time feedback,
We don’t Like :
  • Basic features


Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

best fitness tracker for sleep
Is the Fitbit Versa 2 a good Smartwatch? Most of the time is my common friends and community peoples asked me these questions. Undoubtedly, The Fitbit Versa 2 is a top-rated stylish and good-looking smartwatch for every wonderful user.

With a premium type, fitness tracker gives you advanced level exercise guideline that keeps continuing your activities without any hazard. You can see thousands of video and audio for your progress, because of the most advisor recommend that keep continue your fitness activities until the end.

Based on customer feedback, a couple of advanced technology gives you premium levels activate tracker that’s enough for your health and exercise monitoring. According to Pablo Picasso” Action is the foundational key to all success.”

We Like:
  • Smartphone notification,
  • East to set fitness goals,
  • Keep your workout fresh and fun,
  • Delightful color with design,
  • Automatically analyze sleeping options,
  • Connect with friends and community friends,
  • Unlock smarter insight with a premium watch,
We don’t Like :
  • It has some connectivity issue


Garmin 010-01985-01 Vivoactive 3 Music

best basic fitness tracker
Are you like to play songs during the workout season? Don’t need to panic, because now we are going to display the most popular smartwatch brands that offer you more than 500+ favorite song for entertaining your exercise.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 music is one of the ideal fitness tracking smartwatches that provide you more than 15+ preloaded sports apps, including, swimming, yoga, running, cycling, strength training, and more.

Using these fitness tools you can be fresh mind and enjoy excellent time without struggle. Great looking and advanced features make it well-brand in the world. Based on firm Mintel research, approximately four million Smartwatch had been sold in the USA which is 18 PCs more than in 2016.

We Like:
  • Preloaded sports apps,
  • Decent size and easy to use,
  • Changeable wrist brand,
  • Contactless payment method,
  • Multiple color and design,
  • Customizable watch face,
  • Easy to download your favorite song,
  • GPS smartwatch with music storage playback,
We don’t Like :
  • Basic fitness monitor


Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry

best fitness tracker for female
As a woman, you’re looking for something special fitness tracker? If this answer is positive, so you have taken a good decision. This is a slightly different type of tracker that we often see on workout watches. The Bellabeat Leaf Urban smart jewelry Health tracker is beautiful and attractive to look at which you can wear around your grip.

It looks like a silver necklace, but it has all kinds of trucking features including in steps, distance, calories burned, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycling, and stress tracking. Although, it doesn’t show your fitness data but using a smartphone you can see everything. Long-life battery, water resistance wood composite, and accurate feedback make it special for female health tracking watch.

We Like:
  • A piece of jewelry,
  • Battery life up to 6 month,
  • Decent warranty options,
  • It helps track your period,
  • Specially build for a woman,
  • Highly-recommend product,
  • Great looking and stylish design,
  • Versatility to wear in different wear.
We don’t Like :
  • Not included Heart rate options


Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

best fitness watch for women
Probably, the Fitbit charge HR Wireless activity Wristband is the last fitness tracker in this list. The Fitbit charge activity brand is a very popular activity tracker in our community. It has not to monitor but syncs to a computer or mobile apps to view current data and feedbacks.

With Fitbit using you can easily track your all activity and easy to keep continue your exercise without any hassle. The smartwatch also offers a sleep tracker, personal tracking, step goal, stress levels, and more advanced features. It can track your all-day activity than you can perform any activities challenge with efficiently.

We Like:


  • Colorful wristband,
  • PurePulse Heart rate,
  • Changeable wrist band,
  • Latest fitness tracker,
  • Awesome OLED console,
  • Auto Sleep with Silent Alarm,
  • Swimproof and showerproof,
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology,
  • Charging time one time and lasting up to 5 days,
We don’t Like :
  • Little bit difficult setup options


Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can fitness tracker measure?

Based on your questions, a fitness tracker watch can track automatically all essential health and fitness activities such as heart rate, pulse, sleeping, workout steps, distance, calories, and more. Hopefully, clear the answer to your question.

What fitness watch should I get?

In this list, all the entire fitness watches you should buy, but it also depends on your budget. If your budget is under $100 so you can select Fitbit, Garmin Vivoactive 3, brand for your budget. On the other hand, if you increased your budget a little so you can buy Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Polar A370 Fitness, are perfect for you.

How long do fitness trackers last?

This is a really difficult question for us, but we can assure you that all the above fitness trackers on our list will serve yours for five years.

Why you should buy this fitness watch?

There are lots of fitness brands available on the market but all the smartwatches are not ideal for your activity tracking. If your smartwatch is not accurately tracking activity so it is really worthless for you. In this section will help you for getting a better activity’s tracker which is good to achieve fitness goals.

Final thought:

Our tireless work is just for you so that you can easily get a good quality Smartwatch watch within your budget. The best fitness watch for woman reviews will give you the gift of your desired quality watch that you can want to get.

Here you can see high-quality activity tracking watches from $50 to $500 with the pros and cons which are really very good for you.

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