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10 Best Treadmill Under $300 | Cheap Treadmills [Jan 23]

Hi Guys, are you looking for the best treadmill under 300 dollars for personal use? Treadmills are the world’s most popular cardio fitness equipment and you choose the treadmill for the workout that is an excellent decision. You see the treadmill in the popular fitness club and GYM. The fitness experts also suggest treadmills for cardio exercise and weight loss.

Most of the time, the treadmills are very busy equipment at the gym. Due to its popularity and health benefits, fitness lovers buy a treadmill for their homes. But, the price of the best treadmill crosses the budget of most users. Don’t worry, I have listed below the best-recommended treadmill under $300 considering the budget users. Lest’ have a nice look at our best cheap treadmills.

When you have a treadmill at your home you should not go out for exercise and you can maintain a great cardio exercise within thirty minutes at your home. Though, most of the beginner thinks that a treadmill is very costly in price. But, after completing this article you can find the best treadmills under 300 dollars for your indoor health fitness. I am going to discuss the following topics step by step in this article: list of the top ten budget treadmill, what factors to look for a treadmill, individual reviews with pros/ cons, the comparison table and finally the recommendations for the best one.

What is the best cheapest treadmill?

  • Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill
  • Best Choice Electric Motorized Treadmill
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill
  • FITNESS REALITY Electric Treadmill
  • Redliro Electric Treadmill
  • Goplus 800W Folding Treadmill
  • EFITMENT Adjustable Incline Manual Treadmill
  • SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill
  • Merax Easy Assembly electric treadmill
  • Goplus Folding Treadmill
Amazon's Choice
Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill
  • Dimension:62"D x 25.5"W x 50"H
  • Running Space (Inch):49×15.5
  • Motor Capacity:2.20 HP
  • User Weight (LBS):220
  • Speed Range:0.5 – 9 mph
  • Incline:3 positions

Best Treadmills Under 300 Dollars Comparison Table

Best folding Treadmill
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill
  • Dimension: 27D x 49W x 42H in
  • Running Space (In):40" x16"
  • Motor Capacity:2.25HP
  • User Weight (LBS):265
  • Speed Range:1-8mph
  • Incline: No
Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill
Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill
  • Dimension: 27D x 49W x 42H in
  • Running Space (In):50×16
  • Motor Capacity:2.25HP
  • User Weight (LBS):275
  • Speed Range:10 MPH
  • Incline: 1 Position fixed
REDLIRO Foldable Treadmill
REDLIRO Foldable Treadmill
  • Dimension: 51.2D x 20.3W x 45.9H in
  • Running Space (In):41x16
  • Motor Capacity:2.25HP
  • User Weight (LBS):220
  • Speed Range:0.5-7.5mph
  • Incline: 3 manual incline

What to consider for best cheap treadmill under 300 dollars?

Treadmills motor:

The essential part of a treadmill is a motor. The motor is the primary consideration of the best treadmills. The motor capacity is measured by HP (Horse Power). Normally, around 2 HP motor is recommended for the treadmill for those users wanted to vigorous running on a treadmill. You can adjust your speed as your wish when the motor is very powerful.

Treadmills incline:

Nowadays, the treadmills incline positions also a well considerable feature before buying a treadmill. You can burn extra calories and tone up muscles using incline. Up to 10-degree incline burns 2 times calories compared to the flat belt. Most of the best treadmills under 300 dollars does not come with an incline system but If you get with incline then it will be plus point for you. In our list we included some treadmill with some manual incline systems.

Treadmills Belt Size:

The treadmill belt size is to select as the user’s requirements. Most of the treadmills have a large belt. But, for the compact place and indoor workout requires a small treadmills belt. If you want more space and want to run in a relaxed mode then the large multi layer belt is recommended. Our this listed treadmills have average sized belt for compact place like an apartment or condo.

Design and preset programs:

You must select a treadmill with a sturdy design and obviously with great functions. At present most of the treadmills manufacturer design treadmills with preset programs and automatic speed controlling system as per user’s requirements.

Heart rate sensors:

The treadmill is the cardio workout equipment. So, you have to monitor your cardio rate during a training sessions. So, the treadmill in your considerations must have the pulse rate sensors for cardio performance follow up.

Treadmill Size:

Normally, Budget treadmills are designed for small space like apartment. We tried our level best to consider the best compact home treadmill in affordable price. Best small treadmills are light in weight easy for movement from one place to another place without any effort.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

best selling treadmill under $300
Weslo cadence is the famous treadmill manufacturer for the cheap and popular treadmill. The Weslo Cadence R 5.9 Treadmill is the best seller treadmill on Amazon. The manufacturer offers this treadmill with low budget price. It has many user-friendly features that you can really enjoy your workout.

It has easily heart rate monitoring system and shows the accurate results like calories burned, distance, time, heart pulse. It offers six built programs prepared by a certified trainer and you no need to prepare your exercise routine. Similarly, Weslo cadence is the famous treadmill manufacturer for the cheap and popular treadmills on the market. Specially, The Weslo Cadence R 5.9 Treadmill is the best seller treadmill on Amazon.

Due to its hand grip sensors, you will get accurate results. It offers six built programs prepared by a certified trainer and you no need to prepare your exercise routine. It is one of the best selling as well as cheap treadmill under $300.


  • Large Blue tint LCD CONSOL which tracks your fitness progress.
  • Space saver treadmill helps you easy to move.
  • The Weslo treadmill is lightweight.
  • Very comfort cell cushioning to reduce stress on your joints and maximize stride impact.
  • The treadmill offer speed setting from 0-10 mph with the 2.25 CHP Mach Z motor.
  • Include two-position manual inclined system for better running experience.
  • The exercise machine provides heart rate monitoring through a thumb sensor.
  • Weight capacity maximum 250 lbs.
  •  2.5 HP cool and smooth motor,
  • Two position manual inclines,
  •  It offers large tread belt size,
  •  Electric Folding Treadmill consumed less storage space,
  • Large LCD that show accurate workout data,
  •  Suitable for personal uses,
  • Best Compact treadmill for home,
  •  Comfortable cell cushioning,
  •  It allows up to 275lbs users body weight.,
  •  Easily heart rate monitor.
  • Manual incline not automated,
  •  Less warranty period only for 90 days of parts.

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is really great to buy. Among the top 10 treadmills in this price range, you aren’t going to get much better than this. It has an excellent feature and will stand up to regular exercising for a long time. It is a budget-friendly workout treadmill if you get this cardio machine you will get more health benefits. Highly recommended.


Best Choice Electric Motorized Treadmill

electric treadmill under 300

The Best Choice Products 800W Portable Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill is one of the best treadmills under 300 dollars. You can check it before buying an best affordable treadmill. It has many functions with the value-oriented price. One of the best budget treadmills.

On the other hand, it has more speed options that can be easily adjustable as your workout requirements. You can use it for walking and vigorous running with more and less speed. Due to its simple structure design can be assembled easily with less time and obviously explained manual is given from the manufacturer.


  • Heavy duty steel frame and PVC running belt that is sure to stand up to your hard workout.
  • Very low noise around 500w motor and safety emergency stop key included.
  • Very simple and compact space-saving design that folds down for storage and contains rolling wheels on the bottom for very easy to transport.
  • The handrails are covered in foam for safety, comfort and well balanced.
  • Easy to track LED display.
  • Automatic speed button option for running speed controlling.
  • Built with 2 water bottle holders and a media shelf for tablets, book, phone and etc.
  • Excellent treadmill for this price.
  •  It is the best treadmill under $300,
  •  It allows up to 250 lbs users body weight,
  • Compact design for storage,
  • Transport Wheels for effortless movement,
  •  Water bottle holder,
  • Best small treadmill for small place,
  • Multifunctional LCD screen that for Training data,
  •  More workout programs,
  • Quiet and simple treadmill,
  • hand gripped heart rate sensors,
  • Media tray for tablet or smartphone holding.
  •  Fewer functions.

If you are finding at the best choice 500w portable folding electric motorized workout treadmill, you are obviously looking for a budget-friendly treadmill with motorized ability. There are too many treadmills looking at your near shop but all motorized treadmill is not good and safe for your body balance. So, be sure first is it proper with your body weight balance.

If you want to run vigorously, you need to spend some more money on an excellent powerful motor, big running surface, and more durable components. This treadmill full fills your basic workout need. A lot of experts advised as well as recommend it for simple exercise.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny health and fitness is the famous name in the fitness industry. The products of sunny health and fitness have acquired the trust of users due to the quality of the products. Especially, this Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill is the best treadmill under $300.

Now, I am going to describe why it is the best treadmills under $300? It has a specific three incline mode.  You can detect the heart rate via its heart rate sensors. It can be folded easily due to its soft drop mechanism. The silent motor generates minimum noise level.

Specifically, it has plenty of programs as well as workout modes for the advanced workout. On the other hands, It has a holder for a tablet, smartphones. Sunny is the best quality and best cheap treadmill for home. It has the gorgeous users rating within the price range.


  • Very quick speed buttons to automatically jump to (0.5 to 9) mph or use convenient handrail control keys to start.
  • Big and easy to read LCD screen system.
  • Nine built-in workout training programs include.
  • LCD monitor shows tracking time, distance, speed, calorie burned and pulse.
  • Easy to a folding mechanism and soft drop system.
  • It has to include convenient Smartphone/table holders.
  • Adjustable incline levels (0%, 2%, 4.37%)
  • Light weight treadmill.
  • Weight capacity maximum of 220 lbs.
  • Excellent customer services
  • Best price for a great treadmill
  • It is one of the best treadmills under 300 dollars,
  •  It has a soft drop mechanism for fold it easily,
  • 9 default training programs,
  • Smartphones, Tablet holder,
  • Multifunctional LCD Monitor Display,
  • A hand gripped heart rate sensors,
  • Three manual inclines,
  • The display screen shows many programs.
  • Average users body weight up to 220lbs allowed.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is the best and all-around piece of workout machine at this price. It is one of the best-motorized treadmills with an auto incline. Particularly, It is designed with an excellent feature and 9 built-in workout programs which help your good body balance. It is a highly recommended treadmill for you under 300 dollar.


FITNESS REALITY Electric Treadmill

cheap treadmills

FITNESS REALITY 2045 TRE2500 Folding Electric Treadmill also the best treadmill at an affordable budget. You can buy it for spending around $300. So, it can be a great machine for your fitness journey.

You can use it as your fitness goal because it has goal setting fitness programs. It allows different speed ranges up to 5MPH for the different level. Due to its sturdy design and great parts, the manufacturer offers it for three years of limited warranty.


  • You perform workout in the comfort mode at your home gym.
  • Have Backlit LCD display screen tracking time, speed, distance, and calorie.
  • Adjustment speed system easy to increase and digress.
  • Best 4 quick speed buttons for convenient speed adjustment.
  • Fitness reality treadmill is one of the best electric treadmills for home use.
  • Fold up easily and can be moved room to room
  • It is very space saving treadmill
  • Include two bottle holders.
  • Has a safety clip for emergency stops.
  • Weight capacity is 220 lbs.
  • The Maximum speed 5 mph with four speed control.
  • Cheaper treadmills for home gym,
  • It requires less running space,
  • 3 years of limited warranty,
  • Smartphones, Tablet holder,
  • Quiet drive motor,
  • Different speed options,
  • Water bottle holders,
  • The display shows total exercise data,
  • It has a Transportation wheel for easy movement.
  • Average users body weight up to 220lbs,
  •  It does not have any incline options.

Fitness reality treadmill built with excellent value and delivers superb workout benefits. It is a very good exercise machine for all treadmill users. This small electric treadmill provides foldable, space saving and the large LCD display shows your current fitness progress (calories burned during workout with pulse rate). If you have not the budget problem so you can buy it and get treadmill experience.


Redliro Folding Treadmill

best cheap treadmill

It is a smooth and magnetic resistant treadmill having the gentle 3 manual incline for the great workout. It is also one of the best affordable treadmill with 12 preset workout programs.

Redliro Folding Electric Treadmill has a more functional display that shows calories burned, time, speed, distance, heart rate etc. Wide variety of running speed allows all levels of users to run as their requirements. This workout machine has 0.5 to 7.5 MPH running speed and one touch speed controlling system.

A multi layered tread belt for smooth running and ensures long lasting capacity. So you can take it in your considerations without any doubt.


  • It has 2.25HP quiet motor for apartment friendly.
  • 3 manual incline system for stronger your leg muscles.
  • It is very easy to transport and storage.
  • Included transport wheels for ease to move.
  • Nice LCD display easy to follow up fitness levels.
  • It will help to meet the fitness goals with nice walking experience.
  • Very lightweight frame sure a small footprint and easy to assembly.
  • Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance.
  • 220 lbs users weight capacity.
  • Best treadmills under $300,
  • Compact design and Space saving,
  • Transportation Wheels for effortless movement,
  • 3 months of any problem warranty,
  • Wide variety speed options for any levels users,
  • The display shows total jogging data,
  • Heart rate counting option,
  • Quiet and magnetic resistance.
  •  It allows only 220lbs,

Redliro Motorized Treadmill is the epitome of compactness in a near market saturated with the quasi-compact treadmill. If you worried about storage and size, this particular treadmill is about as good as it gets for your indoor use.

Redliro fitness machine offers also lightweight workout machine and can be move from place to place. It is the best features include eight levels of magnetic resistance, durable design, foldable and great for space saving that provides exercise readouts.


Goplus 800W Folding Treadmill

best treadmill under 300affordable treadmillGoplus 800W Folding Treadmill is one of another best treadmill under $300. Basically, it is popular for its warranty policy for three years.

Due to its durable steel frame, it has a sturdy structure and allows up to 220lbs users body weight. You can use a wide verity of speed as your comfortable range from 0.5 to 6.5 mph.

It has extra safety for users due to its safety key button and emergency stop button on handrails. It takes fewer places due to its foldable design. Most of the customer’s reviews are positive and good ratings after using this treadmill.


  • It is made with Heavy-duty construction and a high-quality steel frame.
  • Best for space-saving and included IPAD/mobile phone holder.
  • Safety guaranteed design
  • Multi-function LED display and handrail bars.
  • Include a heart rate scan.
  • This machine offers you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
  • Durable and portable treadmill
  • Quiet and smooth treadmill
  • ABS control panel
  • And also PVC running multi layer belt.
  • It is the best treadmill around 200 dollars,
  •  It has a durable and portable structure,
  • Three years of limited warranty,
  •  It has Smartphones, Tablet holder,
  • It has great, Multifunctional LCD Display,
  •  Emergency switch on handrails for extra safety,
  • Pulse rate sensors,
  •  It has a Quiet motor that generates wide range speed.
  •  It allows up to 220lbs users body weight only and that is not ideal for extra obese users.

Goplus 800w folding treadmill is a lower-end treadmill. It could be a solution for a user who wants to workout by walking, maybe, especially jogging but as far as it is a “running machine” as the description. I hope all treadmill user will be inspired by it.


EFITMENT Adjustable Incline Manual Treadmill

cheap treadmill for apartment

This is latest updated version of previous pick of a cheap treadmill. It is suitable for a small apartment due to its compact design. It has no electric motor; as a result, no electricity will be consumed for its uses. The running speed is adjusted through the magnetic tension.

The EFITMENT adjustable incline magnetic manual treadmill, undoubtedly the good option for those who have less space in the apartment. It is lightweight, offers a weight limit up to 220lbs, design with a large LCD digital console.

An additional option for arm Exercise. That will meet up your upper body exercise like an elliptical cross trainer. So, I think this running machine will ensure your full body workout option within a small budget.


  • Adjustable 7 to 9 degree manual incline system.
  • Full body workout option is excellent for fitness lovers.
  • Excellent running surface (About42 inches) for great running and jogging.
  • Excellent energy-saving design allows the body to be the motor.
  • It has user-friendly, Large, easy to read, and simply to tracking progress.
  • The display shows your current fitness goal every 4 seconds.
  • Pulse sensors will measure the user’s heart rate.
  • Magnetic adjustable resistance.
  • Great for a transport wheels system.
  • Top quality and cheap treadmill for indoor use.
  • It is cheap and the price is around 250 dollars,
  • It has a durable and portable structure,
  • It has three manual inclines,
  • Magnetic resistance,
  • It has a hand gripped heart rate sensors,
  • Energy saving treadmill and the user can set their speed easily.
  • Only 220 lbs users body weight.
  • The belt is not build with cushioning system.

It has all the basic features that an ideal exercise treadmill should have. I hope you are good to go with it.

SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

best treadmill under $300First of our top ten list is SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill. This is one of the best treadmills under $300. It is freshly launched in 2019.

Particularly, SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill launched with much-upgraded features and technology.

Identically, It is enabled with workout apps connectivity through Bluetooth. It has the features of iso and Android connectivity. You can easily get your exercise data and workout progress in your Smartphone.

You can select it for your indoor use. I think you will not be bored with using it. Finally, it has user-friendly features that can satisfy any user as well as an excellent tool for weight loss and tone ups the body muscles. It is one of the best popular and cheap treadmill under $300.


  • Sports apps connectivity via Bluetooth with a different device like Smartphone, laptop, tablet.
  • It is very convenient for a small living room because it is easily foldable.
  • This treadmill has a very convenient and excellent display to show: calories burned, time, speed, pulse rate.
  • It has the preset workout programs for an excellent and fruitful workout.
  • SereneLife Smart Digital electric Folding Treadmill has a Powerful and quiet motor for a smooth and quiet workout.
  • It provides long handlebars to take rest during the workout gap of every set.
  • This one is perfect for running, jogging and walking.
  • It is very to assembly and I think no expert assembly required to set up.
  • 1.0 HP smooth and quiet motor that generates a smooth workout speed as per your requirements from 0.6 to 6.0 Miles per hour.
  • Up to 5-inch manual inclines provides a more efficient workout for tones up your muscles.
  • Soft drop system for easy folding and storage.
  • The maximum user weight capacity is 365 lbs.
  • Easy to move from one place to another place due to the Transportation wheel.
  • It is designed with Long handlebars (about 45 inches) for rest.
  • Automatic safety key feature and emergency shutdown button for more safety.
  • It has 5 automatic workout programs.
  • Great for a small budget user and personal use.
  • It is not suitable for tall users because it has a small tread belt.
  • Short limited warranty period only 1 year warranty.

SereneLife Smart Digital electric Folding Treadmill is the best treadmill under $300 for short person.

Merax Easy Assembly electric treadmill

merax treadmill

Thirdly, Merax easy assembly electric treadmill is listed in your choice. It is specially designed for home use. Because It is folding style will help the users to store in lower floor space.

Due to its lower price and more positive customer reviews, it wins a place of a popular treadmill for the fitness lover. You can afford this treadmill just spending around $250.

It has three built-in workout programs and three manual incline adjustments. Finally, this one can be stored in a very small space due to its compact size.


  • Great size and folding design best for indoor use and contains rolling wheels on the bottom providing simple transport.
  • Multifunctional display that offers the user to track progress speed, pulse rate, distance, and calories burned.
  • Confirm your full safety with safety emergency stop key.
  • Lightweight treadmill which comes with upgraded features.
  • The treadmill offers a very smooth and quiet motor.
  • Includes hand pulse sensor.
  • It designed with 12 predefined programs which can be customized from the control panel.
  •  It is built with a powerful and quiet motor,
  • Three position manual inclines,
  • Compact structure,
  • Transport Wheels,
  • it consumed less space for storing,
  • Large LCD that for workout data,
  •  Ideal for personal uses,
  • Best portable treadmill for apartment,
  • Comfortable cell cushioning,
  • Hand plus heart rate sensors,
  • Multi-layered cushioning system running belt,
  • Two water bottle Holders,
  •  Manual inclines,
  • Only 240lbs users weight capacity,

The Merax easy assembly folding Electric Treadmill is one of the cheapest treadmills in the market available at an unbelievable price. Obviously, It has the entire excellent features required for an efficient exercise. If you are an average height person with a weight of 240 lbs or below select the treadmill with high-end features to fulfill your need of running or walking. I hope you will see it and inspired buying this one.


Goplus Folding Treadmill

cheap treadmill for apartmentbest treadmill under 300

The Goplus Folding Treadmill is a very cheap treadmill that gives you a great workout at your home. This treadmill allows up to 198 lbs users bodyweight. Comparatively, it has lower price is less than $200.

So, you can afford this treadmill easily. On the other hand, it has a compact design and can be folded easily. As a result, it consumed fewer places for storage.  However, it has a multi-functional LED screen that gives you the exact workout data to track your progress. But, It has no heart rate sensors.


  • The Goplus Folding Treadmill is a cheap price equipment.
  • The motor can support an around 10-minute mile.
  • Include foldable facility
  • Nice looking foldable treadmill
  • Multi-functional LED Display
  • Easy to storage
  • Suitable for users 198 lbs
  • Combine the treadmill with a running deck.
  •  It is an best affordable treadmill and price is around $300,
  •  It allows up to 198 lbs users weight,
  • Compact design,
  • it consumed less space for storing,
  • Multifunctional LCD Monitor that for workout data,
  • Perfect Treadmill for home uses,
  • Quiet and simple treadmill,
  • Can be used as a walking treadmill.
  • Not ideal for the overweight people,
  • It has lower warranty periods.

The Goplus Folding Treadmill is one of the best compact treadmills to move and to store. Other than that, it competes very poorly against hundreds of alternatives. If you thinking to buy a treadmill for around $300 then you can consider it. If you continue workout by this treadmill you will get a nice body shape against the treadmill. Let’s check another best cheap treadmill.

Best Treadmills under 300 FAQ

Is it worth it to buy treadmill?

I hope it’s good to have a cheap treadmill to pay for your extra gym fees, especially when multiple family members want to practice. In the present time, gym fees are really expensive, with which you can invest in a good quality treadmill and it will give you many years of service. So, I think a good quality treadmill not only saves you money but also saves valuable time.

Can you lose weight on a treadmill?

As a fitness expert, treadmill is one of the most effective and powerful for calories burning and losing weight. Due to high calorie burning and weight loss options, most of the people engaging for treadmill use.

The cheap treadmill is not only famous for calories burning or weight loss but also improves your total body fitness. If you have any doubt that which treadmill ideal for weight loss and calories burned then this cheap treadmill reviews will help you.

Does treadmill reduce belly fat?

The treadmill is not suitable for calories burning or weight loss but also reduces belly fat properly. Even, using of treadmill regular basis your stamina, endurance levels will increase and prevent lots of injuries. So, I am very sure that treadmill is the biggest name for improve overall fitness level as well as prevent much health injuries.

Are the best treadmills under 300 dollars good for a workout?

It is a common question that is cheap treadmills are good for a workout? I will answer you yes. When and how it is good for a workout. If you are looking for a treadmill for personal use and you wanted to purchase it for your home then it is okay. Because some best treadmills under $500 and even some treadmills under $300 have the capacity to meet your necessity to loss weight & body fat. Because you may use this treadmill for one hour per day and a maximum of 5 hours per week. For a small period of time, the cheap treadmills also last for a long time and able to meet your requirements. So, cheap treadmills are best for a basic level of use.

What is the best treadmill under 300 dollars?

Finally, after considering all features of our top picks the Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill is the best treadmill under 300 dollars. However, you may buy a more expensive treadmill but this treadmill must fulfill your requirements for an indoor workout. It has 2.2HP powerful motor, 9 default workout programs, great running speed range, soft drop mechanism for folding, etc. All are the great features to consider this treadmill for the best one. Especially, Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill covers all basic factors for your indoor workout and health fitness.

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