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Rowing Tips: How long to use rowing machine?

Last updated on March 26th, 2021 at 11:13 am

It is really exciting news that you already hike a rowing machine. Because rowing gets a lot of health benefits for fitness lovers.  If you don’t hike than see our rowing machine buying guides to get an excellent rowing machine within an affordable price. However, most of the rowing machine users ask me that, How long to use a rowing machine to get an excellent workout result? This article is on how long I should row for my body fitness. So, let’s get started to look actually what does a rowing machine does on our body.

We know the rowing machine is a full-body workout machine. The rowing machine works on our major parts of the body like back, shoulder, arms, lower belly, and thigh. So you can easily lose your lower belly fat using a rowing machine and also create the muscle of the major parts like arms and thigh.

A rowing user with 100 kg body weight cans loss 1000 calories after 40 min rowing. If the user’s body weight is around 80 kg then the user can lose 800 calories after 40 min uses. When the same user uses the rowing machine for 20 min after 10 min treadmill running can loss 800 calories.

  • If anyone wants to lose weight then he has to lose about 1000 calories per day.
  • 7000 calories per week (1×1000) calories.
  • 7000 calories equal to 2 pounds.
  • If the same users take 500 calories per day then he can lose 1 pound per week.

So it is a great achievement for rowing machine users. Besides this weight loss, a rowing user can lose belly fat easily. Because a rowing machine generates pressure on the lower belly to lose belly fat.

Rowing machine 30 minutes a day

If you do not have enough time to go out for a workout or fitness club to build muscles then a rowing machine can be your best partner. A rowing machine 30 min use normally helps you lose your extra fat cut your weight and builds your major groups of muscles. Regularly 30 min use of a rowing machine you can lose about 700 calories and after 1 week you can lose about 1.5 lbs body weight if you take balanced food. So, you should not go out, and just spending 30 min with your rowing machine your body fitness will be a boost in a safe way.

Rowing machine how long to see results?

Many users ask me a question that how much time a rowing machine should be used to see the results? When a small or tiny change occurs in our body we cannot notify it easily. For example, you can not find any change in your body weight when you lose only 2 pounds. But when your total body weight loss will be 8 pounds then your change or results are easily seen. To determine the result you must use the rowing machine at least 40 min per day for one month. Then you will be able to lose about 8 pounds and see the results. I ensure that you will be motivated after using the rowing machine for one month.

How long should I row for to build muscle?

Do you want to build muscles using a rowing machine? Of course, you want. Everybody wants to build muscle and you also. Building muscles using a rowing machine is not too hard. Just increase the resistance level and row for 5 min. then take rest for 2 min for the next step. Such a way row for 20 min every day in a month then you can build muscle easily. Higher resistance is not a very decision for new users. Higher resistance can cause injuries. So, before higher resistance takes proper training on rowing machine workout for muscle building then start a workout to build muscle. Just keep in mind that for muscle building 20 min rowing in higher resistance is enough.

Is rowing machine better for cardio exercise?

Some users also ask me that is rowing machine good for cardio exercise? Of course, a rowing machine has various beneficial effects on cardio exercise. A rowing machine has a capacity for aerobic exercise (Long and slow) and anaerobic exercise (short and fast) benefits. So just start your rowing and enjoy it.

What type of rowing I should buy?

there are some types of rowing machines. For example water rower, air rower, magnetic rower hydraulic rower. Normally, water rowers are costly in priced and look very smart and gives you real feelings like just you are sitting in front of the river. On the other hand, air rowers and magnetic rowers are normally cheap in price compared to the water rower and very effective for the workout. Air rowers and magnetic rowers are easily storable after folding. So, if your budget is small and wants an effective workout then you can select the air rower.

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