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Best Treadmill Accessories for Excellent Workout Results

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 03:17 am

The treadmill is the most effective workout equipment in the fitness industry. So, may buy a treadmill for your personal use and now you can buy some Treadmill Accessories for a more effective and pleasurable workout. To keep your treadmill functional you need some accessories to maintain your treadmill okay. Treadmill cleaning kit or treadmill belt lubricants are the treadmill functional accessories. On the other hand water bottle, cooling towels, Headphones are the pleasurable accessories to make your workout more enjoyable.

Best Treadmill Accessories for an effective workout

  1. Treadmill tablet holder
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Cooling Towels
  4. Bluetooth Headphones or earbuds
  5. Treadmill Apps & videos
  6. Heart Rate Chest Strap
  7. Replacement Treadmill Belts
  8. Safety Key
  9. Treadmill belt lubricant
  10. Treadmill Cleaning Kit
  11. Treadmill mat

Treadmill tablet holder

If you want to do more workout then you have to something more to stay on the treadmill. Your Phone or Tablet can be the best option to enjoy more music and videos during walking or running on a treadmill. So, place your mobile phone or tablet on your treadmill and do exercise for a long time.

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Unfortunately, most of the treadmill has not tablet holder with your treadmill. So you have to buy an additional tablet holder to stay connected with your enjoyable apps or music videos. The treadmill tablet holder keeps your phone or tablet securely when you walk or run on your treadmill.

Water Bottle for GYM

During your workout, you must stay hydrated yourself. As per different fitness expert, you have to drink 1-liter water during a one-hour workout. So, a water bottle holder is an essential part of your treadmill for a good workout. Water helps to lubricate your joints when you exercise inside or outside.

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So, for your health fitness and joint fitness, you must drink enough water. Use a BPA free water bottle that is environmentally friendly compared to a disposable bottle. You must keep in mind that your bottle size meets with your bottle holder when you buy a water bottle. A water bottle is an essential part of a workout that you need when you are a treadmill or elliptical or exercise bike.

Cooling Towels

The old fashioned towels can meet your basic needs but new cooling towels can make you cool during any heat or workout. During a workout, sweat comes out and that may cause different health issues like itching and bacterial growth on your body.Cooling Towels

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When sweat comes contact to any parts of your treadmill that may cause rust. So, it is better to wipe the sweat when comes to your body. A Towels is required when you do a workout on an exercise bike, treadmill or outdoor.

Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones or earbuds are the essential treadmill accessories for a more enjoyable workout. The headphones help you to enjoy the music show and your favorite music connecting your iPhone or tablet. So, buying is Headphones as a treadmill accessory must be a good buying option.

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I ensure that it will help you with an effective workout. Keep in mind that, buy sweatproof headphones because during exercise you must be sweat up. A Bluetooth headphone is a part of an amazing workout when you are an indoor or outdoor workout.

Treadmill Apps and videos

Most of the featured treadmills have their default workout options. You can use it from the preset of option. But, for an efficient workout, many users buy a treadmill using guide videos or apps. Most popular treadmill apps are iFit coach or run social apps. Both apps are very popular for a treadmill workout.

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You can use them to connect more users around the world. On the other hand, you will find different videos training sessions on a treadmill on the market or online platform by many fitness experts. All of the videos or Apps will help you for a better workout experience.

Heart Rate Chest Strap

Heart rate counting is an important Treadmill Accessories for a cardio workout. So, a heart rate sensor is an important part of any workout machine like a rowing machine, elliptical or treadmill. Most of the cheap workout machines have no heart rate sensors.

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So, you have to buy a heart rate chest strap separately to follow up on your heart rate. This heart rate chest strap is connected to any your smartphone or your workout machine to get your heart rate.

Replacement Treadmill Belts

When you buy a treadmill for your indoor use you must keep in mind that after a certain period of use you have to change your treadmill belt. This belt will be decay day by day after using it. How many days can be used? That depends on the number of users and using time.

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So consider it that you must change a treadmill belt after certain time of use. Please remind that about the treadmill belt size before buying this treadmill accessory.

Safety Key

If you are a new user then you must consider the safety parameter during treadmill use. A serious accident can happen in any kind of imbalance of your running position that may cause serious injury.

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So if you have a safety key then the treadmill will be off automatically in an emergency situation. So, I think a treadmill can be secured through a safety key.

Treadmill belt lubricant

Treadmill belt lubricant is cheap and very easy to use. Using belt lubricant as a maintenance purpose. After using some days belt becomes stickier then Belt lubricant keeps your treadmill smooth, noiseless and reliable running surface.

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Treadmill cleaning kits

Treadmill becomes dirtier after use over time. Because, your treadmill comes to contact with sweat, dust, drinking solution etc and becomes dirty.

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So have a cleaning kit in your hand a great option for maintenance for a long time. The cleaning kits include with brush, gel, lubricant and cleaning solution. All of them are very necessary for cleaning.

Treadmill mat

I think, already you make sense that treadmill is heavy equipment that causes damage to your carpet or wooden floor. When you have treadmill belts then you can protect your floor or carpets. A mat can also protect your treadmill also which hinders the dust and pet’s fiber into the motor and other parts.

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A treadmill mat looks like Yoga mat but larger than it. Finally, if you want to keep safe your treadmill and floor then a treadmill belt is a must.


All of the above treadmill accessories are important as per their function. All of them are not required to buy at a time. The accessories for maintenance need to buy after some days using. Initially, some accessories like water bottles, treadmill mat, earphones, treadmill tablet holders may be required for an excellent workout.

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