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Merax Treadmill JK1603E | Folding Electric Motorized Running Machine

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021 at 02:58 pm

Merax treadmill jk1603e is the well-known folding electric treadmill in the workout community. A thousand of famous treadmills brands exist in online and near shop but merax jk1603e it is the really incredible treadmill within budget. A treadmill basically offers running or walking facilities, every fitness lover like running or walking activities. Running or walking is the best exercise for your overall fitness.

Based on the different health study “every day 30 minutes running or walking is essential for a healthy life”. Every user desires the outstanding treadmill at a cheap price, but it is very difficult for considering which the best is for you. Let’s have a check my best pick merax jk1603e review.

Merax treadmill jk1603e Specification

Merax treadmill jk1603e Specification
9/10 Our Score
  • Foldable design for convenient storage
  • 3 built-in fitness programs
  • 3 adjustable incline options
  • Great running surface 14”x 44” inches
  • Product weight around 70 lbs
  • Rated voltage 110v
  • Speed up to 1KM/H- 10KM/H, 0.62 MPH-6.2 MPH
  • Rated power 500W, peak power, 500W
  • Maximum user’s weight capacity is 220 lbs.
  • Product Dimension 52.8 x 23.6 x 44.5 inches

Best Alternatives To Merax treadmill jk1603e

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Merax jk1603e Teadmills Top key Features

Don’t go anywhere, because here I described the top key features of merax jk1603e treadmill. So let’s check it.

Folding design treadmill

merax jk1603e review
Merax jk1603e Treadmill is designed for a small apartment and you can store it in a corner of your room.The folding design makes an incredible treadmill brand, after finishing your workout seasons it is very easy to fold up.

Many people desire a folding treadmill because of the small home apartment.Really it is very easy to fold up the system and can be easy to use.

Manual incline system

Everyone wants to lose more calories during a workout. Incline treadmill options also a great way to lose more calories within a short period of workout. Incline treadmill not only lose more calories but also tones up your leg muscles extremely. Although merax jk1603e Treadmill price is very cheap it has 3 adjustable manual incline systems. It is very easy to select your difficult workout options and enjoy manual incline workout equipped.

Fitness LCD display

merax jk1603e folding electric treadmill
The merax jk1603e treadmill also gives you good quality of LCD treadmill. The treadmill offers many workout essentials needed that’s included running time, burned calories, heart rate sensor, sure stop the key increase and decrees speed, safety key to protect you from any emergency during a workout. So it is a very good fitness monitor overall fitness tracking and data analysis.

Speed range

The merax jk1603e folding electric treadmill designs a very sensible speed up (0.62-6.2) MPH speed that’s very easy to use for your workout session. The merax jk1603e treadmill is designed for a long time walking user who likes walking more and personal use but not suitable for vigorous running.

Quiet motor

merax jk1603e treadmill
The merax treadmill jk1603e comes with a quiet running feature 500-watt motor. Normally all of the running machines give you horsepower (HP) and continuous horsepower (CHP) facilities workout equipped.

But this treadmill gives you quit 500-watt motor which is very quiet and that derives a noiseless speed and you can easily enjoy your favorite TV show during a workout. Even no one feels boring sitting beside your treadmill.

Safety measures

A safety measure is a very vital issue for any exercise machine without enough safety issue it is very risky to use. Before consider running on the treadmill you must find out safety emergency stop key which is a very essential point of the choice of any workout equipped and it has two types of safety options. It has an emergency stop button and a safety key that protects you from any emergency situation.

Running belt

merax treadmill jk1603e
The large running belt is a very essential point for a workout Treadmill. Before considering any running treadmill must be check belt quality.

The manufacturer offers you 4-layers merax Jk1603E belt that making it long-lasting and more durable. It has layered on top are PVC coating with anti-slip diamond pattern gives the treadmill a nice springy feeling. It has the running surface of (14x 44) inches.


The treadmill weight goes to 70 lbs, which is very lightweight compared to other this type of treadmill and can be moved easily from corner to corner without any problem.

Weight capacity

The treadmill accepts 220 lbs weights which is enough for the average user but not suitable for a heavyweight user. We have a reviews article on the treadmill with the heavyweight capacity you can check it if you’re a big user.

Merax jk1603e manual & assembly

Most of the users search online for Merax jk1603e manual & assembly options. Do worry about it. The manufacturer provides a detailed user manual for assembly and use. So, you can assemble it within 30min and assembly is very easy that you do not require any helper to make it together.


  • Compact folding design
  • Fast fold-up mechanism
  • Very easy to transport
  • Quiet but high powerful motor
  • Sure stop key for emergency
  • Heart-rate sensors
  • Big running surfaces
  • Included water bottle holder
  • Cheap price treadmill
  • Multiple built-in workout options
  • Excellent manual incline systems
  • Five start and satisfied customer services
  • Space-saving without compromising on quality
  • Design with bottom-rolling wheels for mobility


  • Need to have pretty sold foot placement
  • It is not suitable for vigorous running users
  • Not suitable for heavyweight users

Merax treadmill jk1603e FAQs

Is Merax a good brand?

Such a wonderful question that Merax a good brand is? We believe that a brand is not only good for strong built in design but also it depends on how many benefits provides after working out. In the recent time most of the people buy it for indoor workout and getting better results. So we can tell that it is good brand for overall users.

Is Merax a good treadmill?

Based on the customer positive reviews, we are glad to know this is excellent for your indoor use. The comfortable size, easy to move options and large belt size make it good treadmill around the world. So, you can enjoy treadmill running or walking without any issued.

The bottom line

Finally, if you’re looking for a small space treadmill equipped without spending a ton of money this is a fantastic choice. The price of this running machine is very affordable but offers super performance if you consider other treadmills in this price so you see that many extra features provided this wonderful treadmill workout machine.

But if you want to walk to jogging so it is an idea for your home use but if you want to quickly run so it is not suitable for you. Before finishing the Merax jk1603e folding electric treadmill reviews I can say that I highly recommend it.

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