Merax Water Rowing Machine reviews | Best Cheap Water rower 2019

Merax Water Rowing Machine reviews | Best Cheap Water rower 2019

The Merax is a well-known brand for a water rowing machine. The Company builds all famous equipment for Rowing exercise. It is an entry level rower made for indoor use, but does have excellent construction, an aesthetic design, and does offer the possibility to perform a decent full body cardio exercise. It is also one of the best affordable water rowing machines with a more powerful resistance level and obviously generates smooth resistance. So if you have on a mid-range budget and looking for a well-built water rower for your indoor gym setting, this Merax rower model is definitely worth to put on your list. After completion the Merax water rowing machine reviews you will be inspired to buy this Merax rowing machine.

#Merax Water Rower Product Description

Get a good and powerful rower to get an excellent body shape. Merax water rower is highly refined with solid steel construction for steady performance and durable which supports up to 330 LBS. The unique inclined water tank ensures in a flat position. Get a more effective aerobic exercise and your cardio health on the upswing. The water rower machine provides a soothing glide which mimics the dynamic rowing movements across the real water experience. You will enjoy the relaxing sound of water splashing inside the aqua blue water tank or stream your favorite show without turning the sound too high. It is really that you will best water rowing challenge with the merax water rowing machine.

Merax Water Rower FeaturesParameters
Product dimension: 78” (L) X 20” (W) X 25.5” (H)
Users weight capacity: 330LBS
Seat dimension: 12.5” X 10”
Resistance quality: : Water Resistance

#Merax water rowing machine Features:

The rower offers a great feature for excellent rowing experience. Great for comfort and durability, the rower best for comfort site and very durable. So if you have thought which rowing is the best for full body workout so I recommend this rower is the best one.

#LCD Monitor

The Merax water rower provides a large Multi Feature LCD monitor tracking your current tracking progress and show your present workout time, Distance, Calories and also heart rate. It is very easy to start your rowing workouts in a single button push. The exciting part is you can challenge yourself under the competitive race mode and get on intense rowing competition. So it is a great invention for this water rowing machine. Quick start and stop options are included with the monitor system.

#Ergonomic Design

Twenty inches long ergonomic handle to maximize your best rowing challenge. The rowing seat offers longtime workout with comfortable contoured set molded. It is very comforting during exercise and 12” long footrest with a fully adjustable Velcro strap; securely pivot with your feet during an intense rowing exercise. 

#Space-saving machine

The compact footprint with built-in wheels allows for easy rolling indoor or outdoor of your room for easy storage. Most of the rowing machine did not include storage facility but this rower provides space-saving and full storage facility.

#Smooth water rowing machine

The Merax water rowing machine offers a soothing glide which mimics the dynamic water rowing movements across the real water experience. You will enjoy the relaxing sound of water splashing inside the aqua blue water tank or stream your favorite show without turning the sound very high.

#Shipping and Assembly

The vendors shipped this rower in a very short time. Many users say that shipped within 3 to 7 days after their order. Shipping costs will not vary for the Merax water rowing machine depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you desire. However, some retailers will provide free shipping.

The rower comes delivered with step by step assembly instructions that are easy to follow. Most of the main parts are assembled and you just need to connect the pieces. Assembly is super easy and should take around 20 minutes to complete.

  • Made with Sturdy frame for a light water
  • Very quiet and smooth Workout
  • It Includes Transportation wheels
  • Space saving design
  • Powerful resistance level
  • Comfort seat design
  • Large LCD Monitor
  • Heart tracking function
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy starting option
  • Perfect foot position with each stroke
  • Wide range users weight capacity up to 330lbs
  • The warranty period is not confirmed by the vendor. But, I think it will last for a long time. Because it has a very sturdy body and great finishing.


#Why we love the Merax water Rowing machine?

The best features of the Merax water rower is by far the ability to monitor your heart rate while exerciser. Heart rate training is the best way to meet your fitness progress through cardio training. By workout within your target heart zone, you can burn fat, improve cardio improvement performance. Depending on which of these is your fitness goal will depend on what percentage of your max heart rate will need to work out. So I am happy with this product and also recommend buying this product.

#Does Merax water rower last for a long time or is it sturdy?

Compared to the other water rower and compared to price range the merax water rower is super sturdy water rower for indoor workout. It has different mode and resistance as per the workout requirements. You can use it slow resistance, medium resistance and hard resistance increasing and decreasing the water quantity. Compared to other water rowers it is very cheap and strongly designed.

#Bottom line

Rowing machine around $500, the Merax water rower machine is a solid rowing machine. It has a strong steel frame. We especially choice the heart rate monitor capability which isn’t always a given in this price range. It is the best trainer for muscle toning, stamina development, and lose weight. Although, the main disadvantage of this rowing machine is its warranty, which is not included.

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