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What Treadmill should I Buy for Running | Treadmill Buying Tips

The treadmill is the best workout equipment in the fitness industry. Many users love the treadmill after a few days of use. Before buying their first treadmill they are become confused about the treadmill features. Most of the users ask me what treadmill should I buy?  Because different users want different features. So In this article, I will try to cover the appropriate treadmill selection based on different features and purposes.

Which treadmill to buy for home use?

Most treadmill user uses a treadmill at the fitness club or gym. The treadmill of the fitness club or gym is a business quality treadmill that has a lot of features and high quality. The business quality treadmill also costly priced that most of the users can not afford. So, for personal use or home use, you have to select some affordable treadmill but contain quality features like a pro. Most of the best affordable treadmill has some basic parameters like user’s weight capacity is 250 lbs, basic motor, a basic level of tread belt, and some additional parameters.

In addition, you must keep in mind that you are going to buy fitness equipment for your fitness, not junk. So, before select your treadmill for an apartment, you must choose from a great manufacturer that offers a valid warranty policy. Please select a treadmill that is easily foldable and transferable from one room to another room easily. Most of the apartment has not enough space for treadmill storage and when you buy a foldable one then you can store it at a corner of a room. Please check our reviews on the treadmill for budget users and treadmill for home use.

What treadmill to buy for big users?

Most of the overweight users ask me what treadmill to buy for big users. It is my suggestion to buy at least a treadmill with 350 lbs weight capacity. But, you can buy more weight capacity treadmill but my recommendation 350 lbs is minimum. The heavyweight capacity treadmill has a sturdy design and long-lasting warranty policy. On the other hand, high weight capacity treadmills are a costly price. But there are also some high weight capacity treadmills within your affordable budget.

What Treadmill should I Buy considering the features:

How much is your budget?

The budget is an essential part of a treadmill to buy. You can hike easily a treadmill just spending $300. So it is very easy. But you will not get a better one within this budget. You must spend at least $1000 for a good treadmill. If you can spend more than $1500 you will get a stable and excellent treadmill. So, it is your first target to get a quiet, easy to use and very durable treadmill within your budget.

How much space you have in your home for a treadmill?

There is no enough space for a treadmill in most of the apartments. So, you must choose a treadmill which is normally foldable. I think the foldable treadmill is the best for apartment because of portability. You can move it from one room to another room easily as per your requirements.

Treadmills Motor Horsepower:

Another key feature required for a personal treadmill is the Horsepower of your treadmill’s motor. Normally, an advanced treadmill has (3.0 to 4.0) HP. But, for your personal use, you must not buy a high HP contained motorized Treadmill. My recommendation is to buy (2.5 to 3.0) HP motorized treadmill for your personal use at your home. So, minimum HP is at least 2.5 for an excellent and smooth treadmill speed.

How many users use your treadmill?

When you want to buy only for yourself then consider for one angle. When your treadmill will be used by more users then you must consider from different angles. You have to consider the below parameters from different users angle.

Minimum other parameters for the treadmill:

Belt size: If you are 6 feet tall then you need a minimum 53-inch long tread belt for walking and 55 inches long tread belt for running. So, you have to choose your treadmill as per your height.

Incline: When you are planning to burn more calories then you must select an incline treadmill with at least 10% incline capacity.

Treadmill speed:  You must choose a treadmill that has a minimum speed 10 mph or more. So, treadmill speed is also a key feature.

Minimum weight capacity: Normally ordinary treadmills have minimum weight capacity is 250 lbs user weight capacity. But, my suggestion to buy a treadmill that has at least 350 lbs of weight capacity.

Stability: When you walk or run on a treadmill your treadmill must be stable on its place otherwise it may because of any injury.

Other multimedia features:

  • Do you want a treadmill with a heart rate monitor?
  • Do you want your treadmill that is linked with the online training systems like iFIt coach or run social apps?
  • Do you want your treadmill to have auto-saved programs?
  • Auto incline system,
  • Auto speed system,
  • Great warranty policy,
  • Audio speaker,
  • Water bottle holder,
  • Tablet holder,
  • Workout fan,
  • Easylift feature.

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