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Top 10 Best Inexpensive Rowing Machine for apartment in [Apr 23]

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 02:12 pm

The Rowing machine is the king of any other exercise machine. Are you searching for the best inexpensive rowing machine? When you’re thinking about the best rowing machine under $100, you should look at two things the first one is the price and the second one obviously features. Because every good rowing machine provides great features but cheap rowers do not.

A rowing machine is a key to success in your fitness mission. It will help you lose weight, increases your stamina and build strong muscles. Compared to other workout equipment rowing machines are affordable in price. So I make a list where you finding your great quality rowing machine with cheap price. I’ve done the research and collect the best rowing machine under $100 and under $200. Luckily, I’ve found a few great rowing models that offer the best of all the criteria listed in the below section.

What is the best inexpensive rowing machine?

The important features of the Best Inexpensive Rowing Machine

You should follow these features when you’re thinking about buying the best rowing machine for an apartment. Bellow all the features are given of great real rowing experience for a full-body workout.

Build Quality

Here, all of the rowers are build in top-quality material for heavyweight capacity users. The entire rowing machine price is very low but builds quality is very high. So you can pick up any of them without worry.

Monitor/ Display

Another essential feature of any exercise machine is great to monitor or display console. A monitor can track your fitness goal like tracking your workout time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse. So, take it in your prime considerations to choose any rowing machine.

Resistance levels

A great resistance level gives you a smooth and quiet workout. The resistance is a very important part of every exercise machine. Higher the resistance than higher will be your fitness levels. When you’re buying a rowing machine for your own use you will notice good resistance with the adjustable system. Adjustable resistance helps you to maintain resistance level using a knob.


The best inexpensive rowing machine under $100 is usually small and compact design so that you can store easily. Try to buy a foldable rowing machine for your use. Usually, the cheap rowing machine is very small and doesn’t offer foldable but saving your room space. Normally, affordable rowing machines are compact in size. So, needs lower place to store and use it.


So comfort is a very important issue because without a comfortable machine you can use it easily. The rowing machine should have a more comfortable seat, soft handle grips, and sturdy footrests. So before buying an exercise machine, you will see comfort feature.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is defiantly another important part of your best inexpensive rowing machine. Every rowing machine allows limited weight up to 250 lbs but for a heavyweight user can follow heavyweight capacity equipment for the workout. So before buying an exercise machine, you must see your body weight. Compact rowing machine is light in weight but some rower has higher weight capacity.

Assembly & Warranty

Assembly is not an important issue for a cheap rowing machine. Normally, a rowing machine is very easy equipment to get together and should not take more than one hour. So, another important part of any exercise machine offers is warranty policy. All of the rowing machine in my list has some warranty time. But, rowing when you are going to buy a rowing machine must try to buy one that provides huge warranty time. More warranty means a more stable life.


Image Product Features Price
Author Choice

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rower
  • Dimension: 71.9 x 20.7 x 31.5
  • Max weight capacity:250 lbs
  • Resistance level: 8-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 1 Yr frame & Parts
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Best Seller

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine
  • Dimension: 54 x 20 x 23
  • Max weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Resistance level: 12-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 180 Day Limited Warranty
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Author Choice

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Dimension: 70 x 21 x 19
  • Max weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Resistance level: 8-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 6 months
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Author Choice

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine
  • Dimension: 59 x 29 x 21.25
  • Max weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Resistance level: 12-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 3 Yrs frame 180 parts
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fitbill Rowing Machine Rower fitbill Rowing Machine Rower
  • Dimension: 42.91 x 25.2 x 27.17
  • Max weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Resistance level: 8-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 1 Yr Limited Warranty
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Stamina Rower Stamina Rower
  • Dimension: 56.5 x 23.5 x 19
  • Max weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Resistance level: 5-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 1 year frame; 90 days parts
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Stamina Products BodyTrac Glider 1060 Stamina Products BodyTrac Glider 1060
  • Dimension: 41 x 11.5 x 9.9
  • Max weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Resistance level: 8-level
  • Foot pedals:non-slip
  • Warranty:180 days limited warranty
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Body Xtreme Fitness Circular Motion 3000 Rowing Machine Body Xtreme Fitness Circular Motion 3000 Rowing Machine
  • Dimension: 52.7 x 33.1 x 11.4 
  • Max weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Resistance level: adjustbale knob system
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 180 days limited
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EFITMENT Total Motion Rowing Machine Rower EFITMENT Total Motion Rowing Machine Rower
  • Dimension: 63 x 23.8 x 19.7
  • Max weight capacity:350 lbs
  • Resistance level: 12-level
  • Foot pedals: non-slip
  • Warranty: 1 Yr frame 90 days parts
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Are rowing machines good for weight loss? 

A rowing machine is a key to success in your weight-loss mission, especially if you’re very heavyweight at now. The rowing machine is the best way to lose weight quickly. It is not only losing your weight but also it helps your muscle to be developed and increased stamina.

Remember one thing that you can sit on it and row to shift the calories; it is not true because if you’re more rows then you lose more weight. The rower is not only working your weight loss but also it is work cardio exercise and full-body exercise.

  • Eat less (healthy)
  • Do more (safely)
  • Fell motivated to stay the course

Our Listed Best Affordable Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine

blankcheap rowing machin
The sunny health and fitness rowing machine is one of the best inexpensive rowing in all over the world. Sunny health rower is the cheapest rowing machine in all rowing machine brands. Personally, I really like this rower because of its excellent cardio exercise with an awesome design for a comfortable rowing journey. It is one of the best rowing machine under $100. It is also a compact rowing machine and you can keep it a small place.

Though, it has a full motion arms allow full range movement, with adjustable 12 levels of resistance for smooth and quiet operating. Actually fully thick padded seat, the non slip grip handlebars and large anti slip pedals with full adjustable facilities foot straps offer great comfort.

Here’s the deal:

  • Comfortable,
  • Durable,
  • Hydraulic cylinder,
  • Adjustable resistance 12 levels,
  • Best inexpensive rowing machine,
  • Padded handlebars,
  • Digital LCD monitor for workout tracking,
  • User weight capacity 220 lbs,
  • Dimensions: (59 x 29 x 21.25) inches (L x W x H)
We Like:
  • Full-track padded seat,
  • Non-slip grip handlebars,
  • Large anti-slip pedals,
  • Adjustable 12 resistance,
  • Targets cardio workout,
  • Comfortable rower,
  • Very cheap rower,
  • Solid build quality,
  • Space saving rower,
  • It is quiet and handy.
We don’t Like :
  • Normal LCD Console

However, if you have a budget problem so you should consider this rowing machine, it will give you 100% hassle-free best cardio exercise for full-body. It is one of the best rowing machines for the apartment.

Fitbill f.Row Rowing Machine Rower with Workout App

blankinexpensive rowing machine
Fitbill row rowing machine is the only unique rowing machine and best rowing machine under $200. It has some advanced technology for a cardio and full-body workout. Furthermore, the f.row rowing machine is designed with a great workout app, hydraulic resistance and free motion arms for a great workout journey. It is also a compact rowing machine and you can store it under your bed.

Awesome workout features give you a smooth and quiet workout to boost your full-body fitness. The Bluetooth speed sensor detects your current workout speed, time, burned calories and other essential needed. Many people consider many different rower exercise machine but all exercise machine does not give a super performance, but I will be able for super performance.

Here’s the deal:

  • Unique rowing machine,
  • Bluetooth motion Dector,
  • Adjustable 8 levels of resistance,
  • User weight capacity 300 lbs,
  • Best Inexpensive Rowing Machine,
  • Fit for under 5.8 fit user,
  • Portable and storage able,
  • Quiet and maintenance free,
  • Dimensions 42.5 x 25 X 19 inches (L X W X H).
We Like:
  • Full-body workout,
  • Lifetime durability,
  • Bluetooth and mobile apps,
  • Super quiet rower,
  • Compact design,
  • Lightweight and space-saving,
  • Bungee band under seat,
  • Easy to install,
  • A great addition to a home gym,
  • Awesome compact rower,
  • Good resistance.
We don’t Like :
  • Overall great rower for personal use at home.

In the end of this section, if you are enjoying new and unique rowing experience so it is the best choice for you. It will full-fill you all cardio exercise.

Stamina InMotion Rower

blankvery low priced rowing machine
The next selected rowing machine is stamina in motion. It has a comfortable handlebar for easy movement, multi-function in touch monitor track your fitness goal.  The stitched seat for comfortable riding journey, adjustable five levels of resistance for an easy and smooth workout. At the same time, large footplate for easy adjust different users.  Not only Very inexpensive rowing machine but also offeringe price is under $100.

Although this rower is small and the price is user-friendly but give you super workout performance. Some people thinking that small rowing give you low workout benefits but it is not right because it gives you top levels of fitness performance.  However, it is super lightweight and can be moved from place to place without any trouble.

Here’s the deal:

  • Exceptional rower,
  • Well, performance,
  • A perfect addition to the home,
  • Natural rowing motion,
  • Standing frame,
  • Super lightweight model,
  • Maximum user weight capacity 250 lbs.
  • Dimensions:( 56.5 x 25.5 x 19) inches (L X W x H).
We Like:
  • Solid steel construction,
  • Adjustable five levels of resistance,
  • Comfortable stitched seat,
  • Adjustable closure,
  • Easy to store,
  • Full-install rower,
  • Touch multi-functional LCD console,
  • It has Excellent warranty system.
We don’t Like :
  • Not for the athletic users.

I hope you like rowing workout. But the small apartment is a big problem for use. So it is a really ideal rowing machine for your small living room or apartment.  It is the best stamina in motion rower only for you.

Goplus Hydraulic Rowing Machine Rower

blankbest rowing machine under $100
The Goplus Rowing machine is also one of the best inexpensive rower. No doubt that, Goplus is a worldwide famous brand who creates world-famous exercise equipment that’s very effective your body fitness. This rowing machine is ideal for the beginner, who likes to enjoy rowing workout and developed body fitness.

The magnetic rower exercise equipment that arrives with adjustable resistance option and allows a variety of body types and ages to achieve their essential exercise needed. 

It has included also easy reading LCD fitness display, soft seat, pivoting footplates with Velcro adjustable straps and comfortable non-slip grip handlebars. Moreover, don’t waste your valuable time to buy it!

Here’s the deal:

  • Effective workout equipped,
  • Famous exercise brand,
  • Supports up to 265 lbs,
  • High quality aluminum iron + steel + PU,
  • Included (1 rowing machine +2  AAA batteries + 1 manual),
  • Product dimensions: ( 42.5 x 33 x 8) inches (L x W x H).
We Like:
  • Best rowing machine for apartment,
  • Full-body workout option,
  • Adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance,
  • Fitness LCD display for easy to read,
  • Solid constructed,
  • Comfortable all parts,
  • Easy to assembly,
  • Space saving rowing machine,
  • Non-slip rowing handle,
We don’t Like :
  •  Poorly design equipment.

It is one of the best inexpensive rowing machines for your home.  If you are want to rower exercise for your effective body fitness. So don’t hesitate to buy it!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance

blankbest rowing machine under $200
According to rating and customer reviews another great sunny health and fitness rowing machine is Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205. This Rowing machine also gives you the best effective workout benefits for your full-body fitness.  Although the sunny health and fitness rowing machine price is too cheap providing better performance than the other high price rowing machine.

With an adjustable 12 levels of for smooth and quiet performance, cushioned seat and non-slip handlebar gives you a better comfortable position during workout. You can easily adjust the intensity of your fitness goals to your actual specs and wishes. In the end, I’m surely told you that this rowing machine gives you all the essential rowing needed.

Here’s the deal:

  • Quality cheap rowing equipment,
  • You can watch TV during exercise,
  • Weight goes to 220 lbs,
  • Fitness digital LCD monitors,
  • Hydraulic cylinder adjustable 12 levels resistance,
  • Dimensions 54 x 20 x 22 inches (L x W x H),
  • Top rating and reviews product.
We Like:
  • Best rowing machine for tall person,
  • Low impact aerobic exercise,
  • Fitness tracking LCD monitor,
  • Calories burned scan,
  • Comfortable seat and non-slip handlebars,
  • Adjustable Large anti slips footplates,
  • Very cheap rowing machine,
  • Very easy to assembly,
  • Sturdy and solid build.
We don’t Like :
  • Some people report that seat is uncomfortable but I thought it is not right

It is the best-rated rowing machine under $100. This is a well-built quality, solid and stable unit at a very good price. It is not a professional grade rowing machine but awesome for cardio exercise for apartments. Best cheap rowing machine for an apartment. Let’s check another one.

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1060 : Best Inexpensive Rowing Machine 

stamina body trac glider
The stamina body trac glider 1060 is most famous cardio exercise equipment. It is one of the rowing machine under $200. Stamina body trac glider is one of the best compact rowing machine for small apartment.

This is a very amazing rowing exercise machine for every apartment or home gym. It has an outstanding steel frame for the heavyweight exerciser who likes to row workout.

Likely this rowing machine comes with a user-friendly price and offers you super workout value. With a larger electronic LCD monitor and table holder, upgraded molded seat for more comfort during a workout. No doubt that, this full range of motion rowing arms with padded grips for injuries free exercise and adjustable hydraulic resistance for soundless performance. So, stay with us for another cheap rowing machine.

Here’s the deal:

  • Full-range-of-motion rowing arms,
  • Adjustable hydraulic resistance,
  • Can support up to 250 lbs,
  • Comfortable for different height,
  • Dimensions: (49.25 x 36 x 20) inches (L x W x H).
We Like:
  • Lightweight cardio machine,
  • Different exercise resistance,
  • Heavy-duty steel frame,
  • Foldable arms and frame,
  • Upgraded molded seat,
  • Tablet holder,
  • Very inexpensive rowing,
  • Large electronic monitor,
  • It is made with Aluminum rowing beam.
We don’t Like :
  • Some users thought that cheap rowing machine made of cheap material.

Amazing rowing machine for a full-body workout, it has great quality and design. I thought you like this rowing machine for seeing all performance.  Highly recommend rowing equipped for all type of different users.

Body Xtreme Fitness Circular Motion 3000 Rowing Machine

affordable rower
The Body Xtreme fitness rowing machine is a newly launched rowing machine with the very cheapest price. Although, it is very newly rower but it’s prepared to perform outstanding. Most people like rowing workout but the price is the main issue for an, unlike rowing machine, although most of the rowing offers a high price it provides a user-friendly price for all type of user who likes a rowing workout.

Get a buy excellent rowing machine and get an excellent cardio workout. However, the rowing machine offers you awesome resistance for real rowing. 

Outstanding built-in system and heavy-duty steel frame become an incredible rowing cardio workout machine, adjustable gas-shock resistance options for simulates the motion of rowing boat, with a great fitness monitor for a tracking fitness goal, weight capacity goes to 250 lbs for a heavy-weight user who really likes rowing exercise.

Here’s the deal:

  • Best home workout equipment,
  • Bonus cooling towel,
  • Perfect for all lifestyles,
  • Real boat experience,
  • Support weight up to 250 lbs,
  • Dimensions: (52.7 x 33.1 x 11.4) Inches (L x w x H).
We Like:
  • General fitness monitor,
  • Home or office use rowing,
  • Adjustable resistance,
  • Lightweight aluminum frame,
  • Easy to store,
  • Compact rowing machine,
  • Non-slip e pedals with foot straps,
  • Quiet rowing machine for cardio,
  • Sturdy and work will.
We don’t Like :
  • Not suitable for taller users.

Although all exercise machine offers also the best cardio workout benefits. So if you have not other consideration so I thought it is better for your home or office use.

EFITMENT Total Motion Rowing Machine Rower

blankbest rowing machine under $200
The rowing machine leading from the front, there are many exercise rowing machine has in our local shop or online market, but it is different from other rowing machines. With a heavy-duty steel frame and supports up to 350 lbs weight capacity for too weight user, the lightweight design goes to outstanding performance for your rowing workout journey.

The rowing machine is designed for full arm extension, adjustable 12 levels of resistance gives you a versatile home rowing workout, it can be decrease or increase in your needed. The rowing machine also gives excellent fitness digital monitor for tracking your current fitness, speed, burned calories, workout times, distance, heart rate, etc.

Here’s the deal:

  • Heavy-duty solid steel frame design,
  • Lightweight and space saving,
  • Digital fitness monitor,
  • Hydraulic 12 levels of adjustable resistance,
  • Supports user weight 350 lbs,
  • Dimensions: (63 x 24 x 20) inches (L x W x H)
We Like:
  • Comfortable to use,
  • Super simple install system,
  • Great cardio workout machine,
  • Best small space,
  • Inexpensive rowing machine,
  • Solid and sturdy design,
  • It is a Quality rowing machine.
We don’t Like :
  • No bad report at this moment.

In the last, if you get an excellent rowing workout machine so don’t waste your valuable time because it is a very excellent rowing machine and gives you top levels performance.

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

blankcheap rower
The Xterra fitness machine is one of the most popular another inexpensive rowing machine. Because it has an excellent adjustable magnetic resistance for a smooth and quality workout as well as easy to read fitness LCD monitor with great tracking system.

It is one of the best rowing machine under 200 dollars. With a great workout features offer smooth and efficient rowing workout, compact frame design provide easy to fold up options and easy to store, comfortable dual aluminum slide rails and aluminum seat for increasable smooth and stable motion.

Overall, the rowing machine is very effective for your cardio training and strength training. Remember, one thing just well workout machine gives you a better result for your workout journey!

Here’s the deal:

  • Overall good value,
  • Great quality machine,
  • Easy to put together,
  • Goes to weight user 250 lbs,
  • Dimensions: (72 x 20.7 x 31.5) inches (L x W x H),
  • It has outstanding warranty options.
We Like:
  • Compact design,
  • Easy to fold up and storage,
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance makes for a smooth and quiet exercise,
  • Large fitness LCD monitors for easy to read,
  • Great flywheel,
  • Comfortable seat and,
  • Cheap rowing machine,
We don’t Like :
  • Some assembly required,
  • It can only support 250 lbs.

It is a very exceptional rowing machine for every user if you have not other consideration so it is one of the best choices for your home gym.

Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

blankaffordable rower
The stamina multi-level magnetic resistance rowing machine is the last inexpensive rowing machine in our top list. The adjustable magnetic resistance boosts your burned calories and gets full-body cardiovascular exercise. Event, this rower is very quiet and smooth and won’t disturb when you see your favorite show or listening to music. It is the best rowing machine under $200.

Even more, the rowing machine gives you easy to folds up or stories and easy transports facilities. The multi-functional monitor track your current fitness a goal like speed, burned calories, workout times, distance, etc. overall the rowing machine is the best cardio exercise machine for your small home space. Thanks for stay with us!

Here’s the deal:

  • Comes with two different models,
  • Supports up to 250 lbs,
  • Best customer services,
  • Lightweight and compact design,
  • Top rating exercise equipped,
  • Dimensions: (60 x 22 x 27.2) inches (L x W x H)
  • The manufacturer offers Long time warranty options.
We Like:
  • Aluminum rowing beam,
  • 8 level of adjustable magnetic resistance,
  • Multi-function fitness monitor,
  • Adjustable footplates and straps,
  • Molded seat and atop ball bearing rollers,
  • Comfortable foam rowing handle,
  • Included phone/water holder,
  • Transposing wheels,
  • Foldable and space-saving equipped,
We don’t Like :
  • It supports only 250 lbs

Although, the stamina rowing machine price is little high but offers you top levels rowing workout. So it is another best one for your small home space.

Final Thought:

In the last time, all of the equipment are on this list of the best cheap rowing machine for all time and have some excellent pros and cons which are very important makes your decision.  None of them are perfect. But I hope all of the rowers full-full your all exercise requirements.  If you choose anyone of this list so don’t waste your time, pick up your best one for your small home space or small budget. Remember, one thing doesn’t forget to share these reviews and have any questions and quarry please asked me to blow comment box. I will try my level best!

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