Waterrower Versus Concept 2 | Comparison between Two Best Rowers

WaterRower and concept 2 model is very popular rowing machines in the fitness industry. These two rowers are very favorable for the GYM and personal use at home. Rowing machines are very useful workout equipment for full-body exercise. Many users are wanted to know which one is the best for a rowing machine. WaterRower or concept 2 model d is the best.

This article will help you to select your best rowing machine for your indoor workout through WaterRower versus concept 2 comparison. Both rowing machines are very user-friendly and they have a different mechanism to generate resistance. But users feel well to use both rowers for some specific reason. You can find out which one is the best for you through this concept2 vs WaterRower comparison.

Comparison between WaterRower Versus concept 2:

PictureWaterrower Versus Concept 2Waterrower Versus Concept 2
General infoPerfect for those users who have wanted an aesthetic look, space saver and noise-free rowing machine.Suitable for fitness concerns.
DurabilityExcellent and solid structure.Very good and solid structure.
AppearanceHighly attractive, made with wood look like furniture in your apartment.Less attractive.
Noise LevelLess noise than Concept2.It has some noise during rowing
Rowing Resistant feelUneven resistance feels sometimes.Always feel smooth resistance.
StorageWaterrower takes less place to store because can be stored standing its end.It consumed more place than WaterRower but can be stored making it two parts.
ComputerIts computer shows all the basic data.PM5 monitor enabled computer shows very essential and accurate data.
Heart rate sensorsIt can show the heart rate through sensors.It can show a heart rate monitor.
Low impactLower impact on the knee.Lower impact for back
Self-regulationSelf-regulated resistance based on your speed.Pre-adjustable resistance speeds up to 10.
User weightUp to 1000 pounds of user’s weight allowed.Up to 500 pounds of user’s weight allowed.
SeparationWaterrower could not be separated easily.It is easily divided easily into two pieces.
Wireless connectionThe monitor is not enabled with Bluetooth and wireless connection.The monitor is enabled with Bluetooth and wireless connection.
AssemblyWaterRower is not easily assembled like concept 2Concept2 is easily assembled using just eight screws.
FootrestIt has adjustable and large footrests. But not properly designed.It has adjustable and large footrests with great design
SuitableWaterRower is suitable for all users but specially designed for chronic knee complication users and attractive flat.Concept2 is suitable for all users but especially suitable for back problem users.
Saved ProgramsWaterRower is not able to save programs.It is able to save Programs.
Seat SizeIt has a moderate size seat.Concept2 has a large size seat
WarrantyWaterRower offers one year warranty but after completion, registration can be extended up to five years.It offers limited 2 years and five years warranty.
Product variationsIt has three variations with different prices.It has two coloreds and two product variations.
Commercial useWaterrower is designed for home users especiallyConcept2 is designed with professional design and durable structure. It can be used for home and commercial use like GYM.
Dimensions(83 x 24 x 21) inches(96 x 24 x 44.5) inches
Product WeightHeavyweight: 117 poundsLess weight: 57 pounds
Value on AmazonNot BestsellerBest Seller
PricePrice is normally higher than Concept2Price is lower than WaterRower
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Which one is best for you?

Finally, you have completed this article, and I think you can take your decision to buy your ideal rowing machine for your fitness journey. Both of the two rowing machines can meet your indoor fitness needs. But you have to more specific about your requirements. If you are looking for a wonderful and good looking rowing machine, the WaterRower is definitely the best choice that is made with an oak frame.

It is looking less mechanical than concept2, and it has a more two-colored oak frame design. On the other hand, those who are very serious about their workout and fitness, concept2 is the best choice for you. The concept2 provides more specific results with the PM5 monitor. For more specific workout the concept2 acquired the best seller place on Amazon.

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