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Is stationary bike good for weight loss?

Last updated on August 5th, 2020 at 07:45 am

Obesity is the most common health problem in the world. Some obese also want to buy an exercise bike for obesity management. Some people feel confused about the exercise bike. Most of the obese users ask me that is stationary bike good for weight loss? In this article, I am going to discuss about the stationary bike for weight loss or fat loss. How can you use a stationary bike for weight loss? Some types best stationary bike for fat loss. Also some tips about how many times and how many miles on a stationary bike for fat loss?

How to ride a stationary bike for weight loss?

It is absolutely true that riding at the steady-state position for 5 min on a stationary bike burns more calories than 15 min cardio workout. Especially it helps to burn visceral fat from belly better than belly crunching. 15 min cycling on a stationary bike with 5 min for each set taking 3 min interval you will get equal result of 1 hour running for belly fat and weight loss. If you cannot run for 30 min continuously then take three breaks between 30 min and obviously you will get excellent results.

How many miles on a stationary bike to lose weight?

Many exercise bike users ask me how many miles to ride on an exercise bike? As per the different experts, I can ensure that five miles on the stationary bike with consistency you can lose weight and belly fat obviously. Then you can lose weight one or two-pound per week. If you take some food supplements and a low-fat diet then you can lose more fat.

The best type of stationary bike for weight loss

However, all types of exercise bikes are very suitable for an indoor workout. But a stationary bike is more popular than other exercise bikes. So, everyone likes to buy a stationary bike for personal use. Stationary bike with an adjustable seat is more useful than other exercise bikes like the recumbent bike or upright bike. Stationary bike with adjustable seat height is suitable for any height user like an exercise bike for short leg users or exercise bike for tall users. Another option of stationary exercise bike is with an adjustable handle. So, it is my suggestion to choose a stationary exercise bike with an adjustable seat and adjustable handle. Select your personal exercise bike with lots of resistance that can improve your muscle tone and helps to weight loss.

Stationary bike vs treadmill for weight loss

  • Treadmill and stationary bike are very popular fitness equipment in all fitness clubs. Due to their popularity users like to buy them for user’s indoor uses.
  • The treadmill is for expert users for running, jogging and walking. On the other hand, stationary bikes are only for cycling.
  • Normally, Treadmill is more costly than a stationary bike. Normally all exercise bikes are cheaper than a treadmill.
  • The treadmill works on all major parts of your body. But, the stationary bike only works on the lower part of a human body (legs and lower abdomen).
  • Basically, a Treadmill workout provides a higher impact on body joints but cycling on a stationary bike is quiet and easy.
  • Stationary bike consumed less space than a treadmill.
  • A treadmill is not suitable for aged users for safety and imbalance but stationary bike suitable for all aged users for weight loss.
  • Obviously treadmills are well known for heavy workout and the user’s better experience. But, stationary bikes are for a simple and consistent workout for weight loss.

Stationary bike vs elliptical for weight loss

  • In the long run, you will get more benefits with a stationary bike than an elliptical bike. Elliptical bikes are suitable for a full-body workout. But a stationary bike is suitable for lower body workout.
  • A stationary bike is more long-lasting than elliptical exercise.
  • An exercise bike is very suitable for personal use than a fitness club. On the other hand, elliptical are seen in the Gym center.
  • Most of the aged users and beginners use exercise bikes like the stationary bike for weight loss. But, elliptical machines are for expert users and full-body workout.
  • Ellipticals bike target 50 percent of body muscles but elliptical target about 80 percent of the body muscles for tones up.
  • One hour moderately running on a stationary bike for cycling can loss about (400 to 700) calories but elliptical can loss about (500 to 800) calories.

Stationary bike interval training for weight

Workout in your stationary bike may not take more than 30 min per day for an effective workout for weight loss.

Step 01: Place your resistance to light and cycling for 4 min to worm up yourself. Then increase your resistance light to moderate for 4 min. Then take rest for 90 sec.

Step 02: Start your cycling with moderate resistance for four min then increase your resistance to the hard level and go for two minutes. After that decrease your resistance to moderate level for two min. Now the time is taking for two min rest.

Step 03: Follow step 02. Then take four min rest to make balance your body.

Finally, it is true that you can lose weight as you want easily and safely with a stationary bike and spending budget money. Because stationary bikes are relatively lower priced than other exercise equipment also easy to use.