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Tunturi R30 Rower Reviews | One of the best Magnetic Rower [Aug 23]

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 04:22 pm

Tunturi is a worldwide famous brand before 90 years of producing a legendary product, has brought their amazing fitness line back to the USA! Tunturi rowing machine is great for Cardio fitness and full-body workout fitness. Their fitness series is very economical machines that feature simple controls for the casual or beginning user but various features. Tunturi R30 Cardio Fit series rower offers eight different levels of resistance, allowing the user to customize their exercise as they see very slim and fit. After reading Tunturi  r30 rower review you will take it in your buying consideration.

Tunturi R30 Rower Product Description

Tunturi Rowing machine that features very simple controls and isn’t overly complicated for the new or casual user. The rower offers eight adjustable resistance levels to customize your exercise level. Even Display will show your current workout time, a number of strokes, distance covered, and fulfill your fitness goal. Comfortability and durability are the most important features of every workout equipment. It has a very durable and comfortable design, any workout users use it for a workout a long time. I am very happy to recommend using this rower.

Product Dimension

Assembly dimension:
Product weight: 38.6 X 22 X 11.4 inches
Shipping weight: 59 pounds
Resistance Levels: 63.9 pounds
Bearing:  Two Way
Warranty:  Two Yrs Limited Warranty
Max user weight:  242 Pound


The special features are Durable, Different, quirky, smooth, simple and very beautiful. The unique Tunturi design has its origin in Scandinavia with its distinctive tradition for top quality design. Having a sustainable, smooth and very quiet product are all important features. Grounded in our vision that a fitness machine is your daily companion, we want to make a great companion for the indoor gym setting. I think it is a great feature for this rower.

Very comfortable seats

Tunturi R30 rower offers a great seat for the workout. Comfort is the main fact of any workout machine. Because without the comfort you cannot work out a long time in case you get not good benefits of this rower. The new and casual user uses this rower because of this rower design for them. Eight level adjustable resistances are enough for all new and casual users. If you want to customize your exercise machine so you can buy it, which is easily customized.

Foldable for easy storage

tunturi rower
The rower offers great foldable and easy storage facility. Every workout user expects that there using machine easy foldable and storage facility provides. The handle has the best diameter and well padded for long time use without any hamper. But beware if you suffer from back or knee problems you should struggle to get on the low seat or slide it up the angled beam before getting on.

LED Display system

The LCD screen is very easy to read. The LED display shows your workout time, distance, chloride burned, and Heart rate tracking progress. You will see your current workout positions. This is one of the best rowers that have a built-in pulse receiver so you can monitor your heart rate but note this does not heart rate training program.

Shipping and assembly

The shipping cost is very low for the Tunturi r30 cardio fit series rower depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you expect. Even some sellers will provide free shipping.

The Tunturi rower is very easy to assembly. Most of the main components are assembled you just need to connect the pieces. It should not take more than 20 minutes to complete it.

  • Eight levels adjustable resistance
  • Good LCD monitor
  • Include Belt
  • Very easy to use the control system
  • Foldable and easy to storage
  • Affordable price
  • Durable design
  • Best quality product
  • Easy for a new and casual user
  • Short warranty time
  • The display is not backlight monitor

Why we love the Tunturi R30 Cardio Fit series Rower

The best feature of the Tunturi r30 rower by fat the ability to monitor you feel comfortable while exercising. Comfortable is the best way to meet your fitness progress. By workout within your target heart zone, you can but fat improves your cardio development and anaerobic experiences. Depending on which of these is your fitness goal will depend on what percentage you minimum fitness you will need to exercise. This rower machine is one of only a very few around $400 with the ability to fulfill your full-body workout.

Bottom line

The Tunturi cardio rower is a durable and comfortable rowing machine. It has the best steel and aluminum frame that makes it easy to foldable for storage. On the other hand, it has a lower price and any user can afford this for a full-body workout. Most of the users gave it the best ratings and positive reviews. I think it can also meet your fitness goal easily.

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