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Nordictrack RW600 Smart Rower Reviews: The Perfect Way to Stay Fit

Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 02:59 pm

Are you looking for a full-body workout that challenges and engages your muscles? The NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rower is the perfect tool for you! This fashionable rower delivers a remarkable and immersive experience to help you get the most out of your training. If you want to get effective workout equipment in your home gym, so RW600 row is the best option for you. This article will discuss the NordicTrack rw600 smart rower reviews that help get the right row machine for indoor use.

What is the NordicTrack RW600

NordicTrack RW600 is a smart rower that gives you the feeling of being on the water. It has a modern technique and is easy to operate. The machine is made with high-quality materials and has a durable construction. It is also very quiet when in use.

NordicTrack Features

The NordicTrack smart row machine has various features that help complete fitness activities properly. It has a built-in heart rate monitor and can track your distance, time, strokes, and calories burned. To know more about the row features, read below!


The NordicTrack device uses the latest rowing technology to provide a smooth, realistic experience. The rower’s flywheel is designed to mimic water resistance, providing a natural and realistic rowing feel. It also features a built-in heart rate monitor and performance tracking system, allowing you to track your progress and see your results over time. Using this device, you can get the latest technology features ideal for home use.


The engineering of the RW600 Smart Row is top-notch. The machine is made with a high-strength, low-profile aluminum frame. This machine is incredibly sturdy and durable yet lightweight and easy to move anywhere you want. The seat is ergonomically designed and adjustable to fit any user, and the footrests are also adjustable to ensure a comfortable and customized experience for all. The monitor is large, easy to read, and tracks all your important data while you row. It is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone or other devices to track your progress and share your results with friends.


Generally, gym machine is designed to be comfortable for all users. With comfort, it’s more helpful to use, so while finding the new equipped for you, keep in mind this thing. This equipped seat is adjustable to fit different users, and the footrests are also adjustable. The grip is ergonomically invented to relieve pressure on the wrists and hands. It also has a padded seat and backrest for extra comfort.


Nordictrack RW600 Smart Rower is one of the most convenient rowing machines on the market. It is designed with a well non-slip footprint so that it can be easily stored away when not in use. Additionally, this device comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and an LCD to check your success timely.


The resistance of the RW600 equipped is one of its best features. It comes with 26-adjustable digital resistance that can easily be adjusted and be ready for challenging workouts. It has a built-in heart rate monitor so you can keep track of your health condition. So if you use this machine, you can adjust your resistance and track your health condition smoothly.


If you’re looking for a high-quality rowing machine that won’t break the bank, the NordicTrack RW600 is a great option. This highly-quality rower offers many features and programs to keep you motivated, including heart rate monitoring, virtual coaching, and more. According to the features, $1400 is a pity expensive device for the average person.


The frame of the NordicTrack machine is made of high-quality aluminum and is designed to be lightweight and durable. High-quality and durable frames make exercise more effective and easy to move from place to place. Most manufacturer provides a top-class frame that everybody complete workout without any issues if you weigh more than 250 pounds so you can buy it.

Weight Capacity

Maximum time weight capacity depends on the row price; you can get heavy weight capacity equipped by spending more money. At the same time, cheap price equipment offers less capacity. This device’s weight capacity is 250 pounds which is ideal for those With average weight. So if your weight is more than 300 pounds, it’s not suitable for you.


The iFIT-membership is a great way to access a wide variety of workout programs that can be tailored to your specific fitness goals. It’s one of the best and most interesting features for getting millions of workout videos in the same place. With this membership, you’ll be able to choose from several workout routines designed by certified personal trainers. You can also track your progress and see your progress over time.

Full-body workout

There are very few gym machines that give full-body workout benefits, and rowing is one of them. Suppose you want to boost your full body with a workout device, which is best for you. This device can able to boost your total body muscle.


Probably, assembly is the last part before starting the workout. Many people think assembly is very difficult, but I’m afraid that’s not right. It comes with a pre-assembled. You need some parts together. The machine is easy to assemble and has all the necessary tools and instructions. You need to see the instructions and put them together step-by-step without hassle.


NordicTrack offers a great warranty on the RW600 model. They cover the frame for ten years and the parts for two years, and labor is covered for one year. This is a great warranty, especially compared to other brands offering only one year of coverage on parts and labor.

The Pros & Cons


  • The compact design allows for easy storage.
  • Includes interactive iFIT apps and built-in multiple workout training videos.
  • Monitor your progress with the integrated performance 10″ HD monitor.
  • Constructed from durable materials for long-term use.
  • Adjustable footrests and ergonomic handlebars provide a comfortable workout experience.


  • Expensive compared to other rowing machines on the market.
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 275 pounds, which may not be suitable for heavier users.


Is NordicTrack RW600 worth it?

The NordicTrack RW600 is a great rowing machine for those who are serious about their workouts. It has many features that make it a great choice for home use.

What is the difference between RW600 and RW900?

The RW600 and RW900 are popular models from the RainWise line of weather stations. While they share many features, there are some key differences to consider when deciding which one is right for you.

The RW600 is a more basic model with a range of up to 1,500 feet and includes temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and barometric pressure sensors. It also includes an LCD with a backlight to read the data it collects easily.

On the other hand, the RW900 is a more advanced model that offers a range of up to 2,500 feet and includes additional sensors such as solar radiation and UV index. It also has an integrated web server to access your data remotely via the internet. Plus, it has an integrated alarm system to notify you if certain conditions exceed your preset thresholds.


The NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rower is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an at-home rowing machine. It is a great value for the money and comes with various features that make it a great choice for any fitness enthusiast. With its strong construction and comfortable design, it is sure to provide a great rowing experience. Whether you want to get in shape or stay active, the NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rower is a great choice. What are you waiting for? Get rowing!