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Weight Loss Tips: Step Up Exercise for Weight Loss.

Last updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 04:43 pm

Step up exercise as also known as step aerobics that is one kind of cardiovascular exercise. This is an easy and simple step exercise for step-up exercise. Step up exercise is used to work on the muscles of the heart, lungs, and legs. This is a great thing for this exercise is that; it does not require too many types of equipment and accessories.

Just get a step bench and a pair of gym shoes and you are all set for the exercise. The complete workout revolves around ‘stepping’ which, being a low-impact movement can be done either in the gym or even at the home. It provides a number of exercises from low-impact and suitable for beginners. Many fitness experts also suggest step up exercise for weight loss.

Is Stepping good for losing weight?

We know much exercise for weight and calorie burn, step-up exercise one of them. It works as a simple method for losing weight. But other exercises won’t lead to results that you will see quickly when you step on a scale. Somewhat, repeated exercises burn enough calories to assist you to lose weight over time. Dietitian Juliette Kellow’s advice setting is suitable for the weight-loss goal even up to 2 pounds every week. Given that it’s reasonable to lose 2 pounds a week. A 20-minute stepping up exercise contributes to a part of that weight loss.

What part of the body does a step up work?

Any gym-gore will explain that it is as important to work your legs as your body. And step-ups are a part of that routine. Although, you can also do sets of step-ups as a self-sufficient workout. There are plenty of advantages of the step up. Use them particularly if you are changeable with your gym routine.

The simple act of changing your body one step up and down at a time for 20 repetitions will work well for your hip and legs. Specialists believe that a step-ups routine has the power to work out the whole body in an intensive manner. The step-up exercise also works to make strong your chest and your lungs, the heart can work properly. Let’s check out the causes to love this easy move.

How Much Weight Is Lost Doing 20 Minutes on the Stair Stepper?

The calories you will burn while using the stair stepper for 20 minutes depend mainly on your weight. I big person who weights 155 pounds will burn 164 calories during the 20 minutes exercise, although someone who weighs 185 pounds will burn 196 calories during the same exercise.

Maintain the speed of your stepping as improve as possible to burn as many calories as you can. Calories burned are the main goal of every exercise. Any additional calories you will burn while using the stair stepper for 25 minutes depend totally on your weight.

Health Status reports a person who weighs 150 pounds will burn 160 calories during the 20-minute workout, while somebody who weighs 180 pounds will burn 200 calories during the same workout at different speeds. If you only have 20 minutes for a workout, keep the tempo of your stepping as elevated as possible to burn as many calories as you want.

What are the benefits of doing step ups?

Step up is the king of the gym. We see many exercises of your gym home but you will get the more efficient result with step ups. There are many benefits to doing step ups exercise. It is really a low-impact exercise with amazing benefits.

  • Improve Symmetry & Balance,
  • Increase Your Squat & Deadlift Strength,
  • Save Your Lower Back,
  • Develop Explosive Leg Power,
  • Hill climbing,
  • It helps burn out a countless number of calories,
  • It improves the flexibility of our body over time,
  • Improve your heart and lungs performance,
  • It boosts the entire process of powerful weight loss exercise.

How high should a step be for exercise?

Many people don’t know how high a step should be for exercise. The most widespread height is 8 inches. Irrespective of fitness level or skill, participants should not exercise on a platform height that causes the knee joint to flex deeper than 91 degrees. When the leg is fully loaded then all the bodyweight is on the leg of the first way up the step.

Step up exercise is one of the best exercises for fitness. You do not require maintaining lots of equipment for weight loss. Just 20-minute workout using a step up bench you can lose up to 2-pound weight in a week. Basically, weight loss depends on how much calories you consumed than you burned. If you burn more calories than you consumed your extra body fat and weight must be minus with time. So, buy a step ups machine for your indoor exercise.

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