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Rowing Tips: How Long should I Row on a Rowing Machine?

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 02:44 am

Rowing is awesome cardio equipment for health. Most of the rowing users ask me that “How long should I row on a rowing machine?” It is a difficult question to answer from different angles. Because all user’s purpose are not same. Someone use rowing machine to maintaining their fitness and someone uses rowing machine for weight loss. Many users use a rowing machine to build muscles. So the purpose of all of them is not the same and workout duration and using style also will not be the same.

So, all of the factors depend on your purpose of using your indoor rowing machine. Now I am going to answer this question of how long to use a rowing machine based on your targeted results. I ensure that you will get the actual time frame of your rowing use.

What are the actual rowing machine goals for users?

  • Many users want to build muscles and get full-body fitness. So it is very useful to get excellent body fitness.
  • Most of the rowing users want to lose belly fat and burn calories from their body. Finally, they want to lose weight.
  • The rowing machine is used for cardio health. Through rowing exercise, you can do aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Basically, you can get both benefits from the rowing machine.

How long on a rowing machine to lose weight?

If you want to lose your weight then you must burn your calories through rowing workout. I think you must be benefitted from these tips.

Now I am going to set a goal for you to lose weight in two months. I think you should lose your bodyweight about 24 lbs within three months. Then you have to cut down about 2 lbs per week. As far I know there are 3500 calories contains in 1 lb. You must lose about (3500×2) = 7000 calories per week and 1000 calories per day.

One obese user can loss about 500 calories using a rowing machine for 1 hour per day. So, it is not too much difficult to do exercise on a rowing machine 60 min per day because rowing is a low impact exercise.

Only rowing exercise is not enough for your calorie burning. You have to change your food habits during your weight loss journey. I think you can also burn about 500 calories changing your food habit. Finally, you will get a perfect body shape after three months of rowing exercise with diet.

How long to use a rowing machine to get muscles?

Another common question is from readers that “How long to use a rowing machine to get muscles?” I want to answer this question in a simple way. Only rowing machine exercise is not very suitable to build muscles. Especially, the Rowing machine is considered as the cardio workout equipment. So, using a rowing machine and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise as a supplement will generate a good result. You can follow the HIIT (chin up, Push Up, Sit-ups, and Kettle ball exercise) exercise before and after your rowing to build your lean muscles.

What cardiovascular benefits do you get after 20 min rowing every day?

Some users also ask me how I can take cardiovascular advantages form rowing machine and how long I should row. I can say that you can get any kind of cardiovascular advantage from the rowing machine. Rowing machine allows doing cardio exercises like aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is known as long and slow breathing. Anaerobic exercise is known as short and quick breathing.  Now the choice is yours that what kind of benefits you want to take that totally depends on your time and goal.

How Long Should I Row on a Rowing Machine to see results?

After buying a rowing machine users become more panic after someday use. Because they do not follow proper rowing guide and do not row regularly. If you use your rowing machine 40 min per day continuously or in two divided times daily then it will take a very good result for your body fitness and cardio fitness. But you have to follow proper rowing guide. The good results also depend also the Quality of the rowing machine. The better quality rowing machine generates great workout experience and great results. Regularly two months of rowing workout shows a great result on your body.

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