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What are the benefits of aerobic exercise or cardio exercise?

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 at 01:57 pm

In 21 century various diseases are the best challenge to survive. Day by day many people are affected by various diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and different disease. Only aerobic exercise is the best solution to the above disease. In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits of aerobic exercise. The best examples of aerobic exercise are cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling etc.

Causes of getting obese and gaining the above disease

  • Use of Uber instead of walking or cycling,
  • Taking limitless alcoholic drinks and smoking,
  • Playing games on smartphones instead of outdoor games,
  • Spending most past time in front of the TV instead of Outing time,
  • Having plenty of processed food and junk food instead of homemade food.

What are the benefits of the aerobic exercise we get?

  • Aerobic exercise lowers cardiovascular disease,
  • Reduce the blood pressure,
  • Lowers the blood sugar levels and also reduce diabetes,
  • Reduce bodyweight,
  • Slow down your aging,
  • Enhance your muscle tonicity,
  • Decrease the anxiety and stress,
  • Lowes your bad cholesterol,

 Lower blood pressure

Cardio exercises like walking, running on a treadmill, jogging on elliptical, rope jumping are the best for enhancing blood circulation and getting energy for your cardio. As a result, your bad cholesterol will be kicked out and blood pressure will be lowered easily.

Lowers your cardiovascular disease

Now a day’s many people suffer from various cardiovascular diseases like stroke, cardiomegaly, cardiomyopathy, etc. The chances of the cardiac disease will be lowered if you get at least 30 min cardio exercise for 4 days in a week. So I think it is a great chance to keep your heart strong and healthy for a long time just aware of your lifestyle.

Controlling blood pressure and diabetes

During any workout, the blood sugar levels are lowered. When your daily sugar limit is controlled and lose more calories through a workout then your blood sugar level will be controlled.

Lowers your bad cholesterol

LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein are termed by bad cholesterol. LDL is responsible for different coronary disease. So, if you can lower its limit from your blood that will better for you. Research proves that those people do at least 30 min cardio exercise every day they have lower LDL value than those are in less physical activity. So, it is suggested to those who have high cholesterol and High LDL in their blood to do at least 30 min per day.

Reduce bodyweight

Obesity is one of the most health problems in 21 century. About 60 % of people want to lose bodyweight. Aerobic exercise is the best option for weight loss. A research result found that every day 30 min workout like jogging, running, or rope jumping helps to lose 2-pound weight in a week. So it is an effective method for weight loss.

Slow down you aging

The muscle density and testosterone levels are in good condition who workout regularly and stay fit for a long time. On the other hand, the muscles and bone density become lowers after 40 years of age. The hormone levels also lower gradually. As a result, people become aged after 40 years of age quickly. But, if you maintain a proper lifestyle and do cardio exercise for 30 min every day you can maintain your age easily.

Decrease the anxiety and stress

Normally people feel anxiety and stress when their brain blood circulation or oxygen levels reduce. Brains are connected with all body nervous system. When your brain gets less oxygen then you get more fatigue feels. During your cardio exercise blood circulation into your brain gets more and as a result, your CNS system works properly. As a result of your anxiety levels and stress also reduces to an extent level.

Finally, it is the best advice for all that please tries to avoid process or junk food as much as possible. Because processed food and junk foods are very harmful to health. Maintain a properly balanced diet along with cardio exercise for long living. Avoid alcoholic drinks and tobacco from your daily routine. All kinds of tobacco are the cause of cancer and heart disease.