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What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat? exercises to lose belly fat

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 04:21 pm

There is no doubt that a flat stomach as a fitness lover is a dream that is not very easy to make come true. If you want to make dreams come true then you have to exercise to lose belly fat which is really challenging for you.

When you’re thinking about the flat stomach exercises, you will remind that thousands of exercises that are very difficult to find the right exercise. As your well-wisher, we discuss here some high quality exercise that will easily reach your goal without any accident.

So, stay with us and check out what exercise burn the most belly fat?

Top 6 exercises to lose belly fat

There are many exercises have for lose belly fat but most important issued that which is the best way to start. Many people don’t know which the ideal way to work out and get better results.

For this reason, we are listed some best exercises to lose belly fat which is fantastic for your destination.

Cardio exercise

Cardio is most familiar and effective calories burning among the fitness community. Many cardio workouts have for improved your particular body shape such as rowing workout, cycling, swimming, and running.

You should know that each cardio exercise are boosting your calories burn, lose weight and promoting belly fat. As a beginner fast walking is the great way to start your flat stomach exercise.

When you’re going to start your workout make sure that it duration 40 to 45 minutes because it gives you more energy for performance. After doing this season you can break for 20 minutes which is superb for next performance. In the end, all of your activities will be entertaining and will help you reach your goals.


It’s really hard to find a person who doesn’t know how effective running is for losing weight and losing fat. Running is the very powerful and effective way to burn tons of calories inside or outside.

Not only it also reduces calories and weight but also help to improve strong bone, reduce many health risks such as type 2-diabetes, heart-attack risk, and reduce high cholesterol level. This workout also increases your body stamina as well as endurance without put stress.

According to the American council on exercise, a 130-pound person can burn more than 700 calories per hour. At the same time, if the person weight up to 160-pound, so he will burn more than 900+ calories which is fantastic for your goal. So, running is the best ways to improve your stamina and prevent many health injuries.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Based on the Journal of Obesity indicates, the HIIT is the most effective form of exercise that comes to lose belly fat properly. Each exercise has a goal or dimension that drives the body to fulfill.

This exercise is really great for completing your journey because there are so many benefits that are enough to improve your body.

As a fitness trainer, I recommend HIIT exercises, because these exercises burn your body fat very fast. If your beginner in these workouts so you need to walk slows then increase your peach of speed gradually after 5 minutes. Repeat this exercise training for few times.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is another most surprising exercise that enables to lose entire body fat without stress. You may be surprised to doing this workout because it is very simple and effective for your calories burning exercise.

It is not a heavy exercise like other workout that you will have trouble doing; it is a very simple and effective exercise. To do this you first need to stand up straight and then jump with both arms raised and your legs slightly apart so you can easily finish this exercise.

Full-body workout

Full-body workouts are excellent for your fat loss mission because it also boosts your entire body fitness. As a weight loss exercise or calories burning this workout could be better form of exercise. It’s very clear that every single workout targets your individual body shape but full-body exercise is not needed to target specific body part.

Doing this workout each week three times so you can get slime body shape and cutting your excess calorie which is awesome.

Strength training

Probably, it’s the last exercise tips in this list. Strength training is an excellent workout that easy to strong your bone muscles sculpt muscles and increasing your metabolic rate. This exercise also help to reduce fat specially reduce belly fat.

Although, there are many strength training available on the internet but this workout especially for those people who want to do workout from home. This workout is truly very simple to start just you need to set up your mind and start your exercise.

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Belly fat loss is challenging and time-consuming also.  A couple of exercises have that help to lose belly fat without putting any stress.  Here we discuss some of the best and simple exercises to reduce belly fat for a female at home. I hope you do this exercise at home and lose your belly fat efficiently.

Exercise Name Number of reps
Ab Wheel 10 eps
Side Plank Hip Lifts 20 reps (10 both side)
Raises Your leg 10 reps
Russian Twists 20 reps (10 both side)
McGill Sit-Up 20 reps (10 both side)
Plank Hold for as long as possible

Best exercises to lose belly fat male

Nowadays, belly fat is a familiar problem for men and women around the world. Although they are trying to reduce belly fat, they are not getting accurate results due to not knowing which the proper exercise is. Today, we will discuss the best practices to lose belly fat male that is very popular for the reduce fat.


Planks are one of the best and common exercises for the reduce belly fat. To perform this exercise, you don’t need any equipment. So, let’ go about how to do this excellent workout for belly fat burning.



  • First, lie down on your knees on a mat.
  • Now place both your elbows on the mat.
  • Then extend your legs backward.
  • Now straighten your neck, back, head and buttocks and keep them in the same line.
  • In this case, wait at least 30 seconds.
  • Set this exercise to 3 for 30 to 60 seconds at least.


A crunch is another way to reduce belly fat from your body. Below, check out how to do a crunch workout for burning belly fat.


  • First, you lie down nicely on a mat, flex your knees and place your feet on the floor.
  • Now try to bring your head to your knees with both hands under your head.
  • Return to your position but before leaving, make sure your breath stops when your head is approaching your knees and exhale when you return.
  • You should do two sets of 12 rips.

Leg in & Out

The leg in and out is another simple workout for burning fat. See how to do this exercise at your home or outdoor.

Leg in & Out


  • First, sit well in any place and put both hands behind your back.
  • Now lift the right foot up from the ground and place the opposite foot on the ground.
  • Again lift the left leg upwards and place the right leg on the ground.
  • Do this for a while.

Scissor kicks

The scissor kicks exercise is as simple as the above two exercises. Let’s see how to do it.

Scissor kicks


  • First, lie on a mat with the palms of both hands under your hips.
  • Then gently lift your head, upper back as well as legs upwards.
  • Keep doing this several times.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are exercises like cycling that you can perform without any equipment in your home. Stay with us and see how to do it.

Bicycle crunches


  • Lie on the floor or mat of the house, bend your knees and lift your feet up from the ground.
  • Place your two hands under the head, then lift the head upwards
  • Now straighten your left leg, push it down, and stretch it; at the same time, curl and twist it to the right.
  • Try to touch the left elbow with your right knee and try to touch the right elbow with the left knee.


How to complete the sit-up exercise you can read here. It’s another Best exercise to lose belly fat for males.

exercises to lose belly fat


  • This straightforward exercise involves lying on the mat with the knees bent and the heels on the carpet.
  • Now engage your core and place your hands behind your head.
  • Raise your head and shoulders from the ground to the sky.
  • Return to your previous position and complete your exercise.

Exercises to lose belly fat FAQS

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

Many exercises help burn most belly fat, but the crunch is one of the best for burning belly fat. Crunch is the top-ranking exercise that assists in reducing most calories from the body. Even though it is a straightforward exercise but very effective for your journey.

How can I lose tummy fat fast?

To lose belly fat fast, you should take some nutritious food along with your exercise. To lose belly fat, you should eat regular healthy food, drink more water, avoid fast feet, etc.


In the end, it’s very clear that exercises to lose belly fat are quite difficult to complete your task. Following these tips you can easy to get flat stomach without facing big trouble.

I am very sure that all the tips which I already mentioned above you can easy to do for your personal development and get better benefits.

Although, many belly fat exercises tips have on the internet but here we are mentioned some of them. If you want to learn more ask me below I will give you more information in this topic.