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Treadmill vs Running Outside for Weight loss | Which One is the Best?

Running is an excellent cardio exercise. Running can enhance stamina of anyone and improve cardio performance. The marvelous fact of Running is that burn calories and loss weight. Running on treadmill or running outside both is very beneficial for health. In this article I am going to discuss about treadmill or running outside for weight loss which one is the best option.

According to the all fitness experts, Running is very essential to maintain healthy life. Some research said that there is no enough difference between running in treadmill vs running outside if the effort is the same. So, you can prefer any option for your fitness journey with the workout effort. But, real studies come to say that running outside can burn 4% to 5% more calories than the running on treadmill if you run with proper effort.

Normally, running outside is more advantageous than the running on treadmill. However, treadmill does many works to improve your fitness and top up cardio performance. If anyone run outside with normal speed like jogging is not burn calories a lot. But, running on the sunny day and running for climbing is not same as jogging. On the other hand running without incline is easier than running with 2 percent incline. So the benefit of running depends on your running stress and effort.

Running in treadmill vs running outside

If you have a Treadmill at your home you have a good choice to burn your calories every day. You have no obstacle for weight loss in case of your treadmill choice because you can use it in anytime and in climate. You can enjoy your TV shows when on treadmill.

When you go to outside for running you can burn calories and refresh your mind. Your lungs get fresh air that refreshes your body and mind. So running outside is more suggested than indoor running on treadmill. But, in worse climate like snow falls, stormy weather you could not go outside for workout or running. In worse climate you can run on a treadmill for your daily workout. However, running outside and running on treadmill both have the advantages and disadvantages. I am going to discuss clearly about treadmill vs running outside now. We have to find out that treadmill is better than running outside or it is the other way around.

Running on Treadmill Benefits?

  • No weather impact of Running on Treadmill,
  • A treadmill is very good option for back from injured people,
  • It is very convenient for whole day even at night,
  • You can do multitask like listening music, watching favorite Tv programs,
  • Anyone can use it alone for an hour without boring,
  • You can track your progress easily,
  • Soft cushion of treadmill is really comfortable for knee,
  • It is very suitable for marathon race,
  • You can do mountain climbing using the incline option.

What are the Limitations of Treadmill running?

  • Treadmill requires regular maintenance,
  • First of all you must invest money to get it,
  • Treadmill requires power consumption,
  • Sometime you should repair treadmill become breakdown,
  • Treadmill belt must be changed after certain period of time,
  • There is a chance of injury if your attention breaks,

What are the advantages of running outside?

  • It allows you to watch natural beauty,
  • Running outside is the source of fresh air,
  • You can do specific training that is actually you need,
  • It builds your bone gaining Vit D running in sunny weather,
  • You can continue your training when you are in travel,
  • Running outside burns more calories it is tested,
  • You no need to spent money buying a treadmill,
  • Gym subscription money saved easily running outside,

What are the Limitations of running outside?

  • Running outside for a long time can cause knee injuries,
  • Sometimes people face road accident; attack by dog or even by hijacking if he/ she are alone,
  • Actually, you can not track your workout improvement normally when you are outside. But using an excellent fitness tracker you can monitor the parameters of your running outside.


At the end of the discussion we can find out that running outside is always appreciated because it has great benefits and very little demerits. But on the other hands running on a treadmill also good points but it has more negative remarks than outside running. So, It is my advice that running outside is very good for physical health and mental health. When you have enough time and there is good weather you should go outside for running.

But, at winter season when snows falls and stormy day is not recommended for running outside. Then you can use your favorite treadmill at home to maintain your workout session otherwise bad weather can cause harm to your health. So, any winter season a treadmill is common workout equipment for every member of family for workout. Treadmill workout is also a good workout for weight loss and calories burning easily. So, go outside from home for running if you have time in your hand and enjoy your life.

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