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Where to Put an Exercise Bike in House to Get Better Results?

You are thinking of buying an exercise bike. The exercise bike is an essential workout equipment that accompanies you in a bad weather like very cold or raining. It is a high-quality investment for your fitness. So, is it the prime concern about where to put an exercise bike in house? Proper exercise bike position is the most important factor for workout regularly. When you look at the cycling bike, you will be motivated for a workout. Otherwise, you will forget it most of the time when you keep it out of your sight. There is a proverb that is out of sight, out of mind. There are some other factors where to keep your exercise bike. So, read the full article to know where to keep a cycling bike at your home?

Proper Exercise Bike Position

Exercise bike position is an essential part of getting excellent results. The irregular position is not good for workout for a long time and can cause serious health problems. Irregular stationary bike position can cause damage to your floor or bike vibration problem. So it would help if you were careful about your bike position anywhere you keep it in the bedroom or garage. It would be best to consider some key factors like seat height, arm position and saddle angle.

Choose the right place to keep your exercise bike

As a fitness expert, we suggest keeping your exercise bike either on the first floor or basement apartment. Normally, a basement apartment is very healthy for a workout. Because the basement seems warmer in winter and cool in summer. So, you will feel comfortable at the time of workout.

So, it is the same thing for the first floor also. You can consider keeping your workout stationary bike on the first floor if you don’t have any basement floor. Try to avoid second or third floor due to the top roof are not properly insulated. As a result, you will feel hot during summer and cold during winter.

But, if you are living in a multistoried apartment, you have one option that you can keep it in the living room or bedroom. You should use a mat or carpet under the bike that will support the floor and not generate extra noise or vibration.

Can you keep the recumbent bike in the garage?

Normally, I never recommend placing your recumbent exercise bike in the garage. Because, garage is not properly cleaned always. Many dusts are generated from the garage that can be the jam of your exercise bike bearing. So, it will cause bad noise during paddling and you need regular maintenance of your bike otherwise, it gets rust and does not last for a long time. Another point is that normally, the users do not motivate to workout in the garage. Finally, it would not bring the ultimate benefits to having a recumbent bike at your home.

Can you keep your magnetic exercise bike in the bedroom?

Placing a magnetic exercise in the bedroom is not always recommended. Because, everyone wants that their bedroom has a cum and quiet environment. So, it can be the source of noise during a workout and problematic when your partner sleeps beside you. Normally, the bedroom does not have enough place for workout. So you can primarily avoid your bedroom to keep your magnetic bike. If you have no option without a bedroom to keep your workout bike in, choose a quiet exercise bike for the apartment.

Can you keep your upright bike in the living room?

Normally, the living room does not have enough space for keeping extra equipment. So you need some adjustment to keep your workout equipment within it. The living room can be the best option to keep your upright bike. There is no option to disturb anyone who is sleeping in their bedroom. You will keep motivated because you look at it every day, and you will be inspired after seeing it. Another plus point is that you can use it during your favorite TV shows. So, you do need extra time for your workout. So, keep in mind that you need some extra place in your living room.

Do you need a mat or carpet under an exercise bike?

Normally, the carpet and the mat are not the same things. Two of them are used for a different purposes. An exercise mat is used for yoga and keeps heavy workout equipment on it during a workout. Normally, carpet can take the pressure of workout equipment if thick; otherwise, some scratch may be noticed over time.

Mat is used under workout machines like exercise bikes to protect your floor from damaged or scratched. Normally, workout equipment is heavyweight, so there is some floor damage. An exercise bike must protect your floor.

Some other benefits of the mat will reduce noise and vibration. Additionally, an exercise bike mat makes your workout equipment stable.


An exercise bike is important workout equipment, and its price is also affordable. So most fitness lovers hike a workout bike for their home use. I think the placement of an exercise bike in a basement or living room is perfect for regular use. I advise trying to avoid the bedroom, garage, or second floor of a duplex home. If you live in a multistoried building, you should use a mat. The noise can not disturb anyone who lives under your floor. So, place it in your suitable place and keep exercising.