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What Exercise Bike should I Get? Which one is the best..

Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 03:28 am

Everyone wants to get healthy and nice body fitness. But, due to food habits and different desk job people can no maintain their fitness. An exercise bike can be the best option for a fitness solution. Most of the users always do not know what exercise bike is the best for home and ask me what exercise bike should I get? In this article, I am going to tell you which exercise bike is good for weight loss.

Which exercise bike to buy?

Basically, there are three types of exercise bikes in the market. All exercise bikes have different mechanisms and different qualities. Based on the structure the exercise bikes are the following types:

  • Upright exercise bike
  • Recumbent exercise bike
  • Stationary exercise bike

Upright Exercise bike: It is specifically for the beginner. Upright bikes price has from cheap to very higher price. So, you can start your workout using a cheaply priced exercise bike. Most of the upright exercise bike has the folding mechanism and you can store it in a very small place. Its paddle position under your body.

Recumbent Exercise Bike: Recumbent exercise bikes are suitable for seniors. It is actually not for beginners. Recumbent bikes have the back support and user uses it for flexible use. The seat position is back from the paddle.

Stationary Exercise Bike: Stationary bikes are like a normal outdoor bike but have only one wheel. Such kinds of bike are suitable for beginners and expert users. Stationary bikes have an adjustable handlebar adjustable seat. So, stationary exercise bikes are recommended for exercise. The stationary bike also has a lower position of the paddle from the seat.

What Exercise Bike should I Get for exercise?

stationary bike benefits for legs:

Stationary bikes are very suitable for the legs. Legs muscles are getting enough tone during exercise. Muscles become flexible and joints are getting more lubricant. Finally, your legs muscle and bone density increase day by day using a stationary bike.

What stationary bike burns the most calories?

Stationary bikes are more suitable for weight loss. As per a different study on fatty users of the stationary bike can lose 600 calories using only 45 min per day. So, it is a very source of burning your extra calories.

Stationary bike for weight loss:

When your calories are burned and you do not take extra calories then you can easily lose your weight. If you want to lose weight with stationary bike easily you just control your starch intake then you will get a great result.

Stationary bike cardio

A stationary bike is very suitable for your cardio health. During your workout, the blood circulation is raised and your cardiac out is increased finally your heart pump more blood. Finally, your heart muscles are getting more strength. Most of the stationary bikes have heart rate sensors for monitoring heart rate. Using this heart rate sensor you can do your exercise in your safe zone of exercise.

Stationary bike belly fat

Stationary bikes are responsible to reduce the belly fat. Belly fat is not an aesthetic value for heath concerned users. Normally, there are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Visceral fat is hazardous for health. Normally, visceral fat is dense adipose tissue on the different organs like pancreases, liver, kidney, and intestine. All of the fat is very dangerous for health and causes Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, Thyroid disease.

So, avoid these above diseases using just a stationary exercise bike only 30 min per day. 30 min workout per day helps you to maintain great body fitness.

How can you understand that you have visceral fat?

To understand your visceral fat you need a measuring tape. Just place it your upper belly and measure your belly size. If the size is more than 38 inches for males and more than 34 for female then you have to understand that you are carrying the visceral fat.

Energy-boosting using a stationary bike:

Your body energy level will boost up using an exercise bike. It reduces fatigue and increases the working capacity of up to 60 percent. So, easily boost your work energy using a stationary bike. Most of the depressed users can overcome their depression using an exercise bike.


There are numerous workout bikes available on the market. But before making the right decision, you need to things some features, including height, advanced technology, weight capacity, etc. These reviews help to get the best exercise bike for your need.