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Treadmill vs Stationary Bike | which one is the best?

Last updated on January 25th, 2021 at 01:28 pm

Sometimes we confused about the performance of stationary bike and Treadmill. Which one is better for us Treadmill or Stationary bike? Before buying exercise equipment for an apartment you must figure out and compare Treadmill Vs Stationary Bike for performance and requirements. After a successful comparison, you can take the decision that a treadmill or an exercise bike is suitable for you. In this article, I am going to compare a treadmill and exercise bike from different angles as if you can choose it easily.

Treadmill vs stationary exercise bike for weight loss

From research, it is identified that a 100 kg body weight users can lose 700 calories within one hr when treadmill speed is 4.5 MPH. So the same users can lose 3500 calories = 1 pound of body weight after using 5 days a week.

The same person can lose 500 calories body weight using a stationary bike with moderate speed. Comparatively the bike users required 7 days exercise in a week to lose 35500 calories = 1 pound of body weight. The treadmill is more advantageous than a stationary exercise bike in case of weight loss or calories burning.

Is a treadmill or stationary bike better?

The treadmill is the most popular workout equipment in the world. So, you should not be confused about the treadmill workout performance. The stationary bike also popular workout equipment but it is not for serious exercise. Treadmill prices also more than the stationary exercise bike. Treadmills motion is generated by a powerful motor so it has some noise during a workout. But, stationary exercise bikes are quiet for a workout. In the case of using in the apartment and for light users a stationary bike is more suitable. For serious users, the treadmill is very suitable than a stationary bike.

Treadmill vs stationary bike calories burned

According to different fitness experts treadmill can burns more calories than a stationary bike. A comparative study was carried out on 5 people of 100 kg of body weight. After 5 days of 60 min treadmill with moderate speed each user loss about 700 calories. On the other hand the same user’s loss only 500 calories with the stationary bike using. So, treadmill users will get more advantages for calories burned.

Treadmill or stationary bike which one is hard to use?

During workout on a treadmill, your full body will move and you have to run or walk on the treadmill that is really harder. On the other hand, the stationary bike workout is only for the lower part of your body. Stationary bike exercise is only sitting on the seat and paddling. Your lower part will be involved in the workout. So, Stationary bike workout is a lower impact exercise than the treadmill exercise.

Treadmill Versus stationary bike for cardio

Any exercise that helps to get your heart rate is known as cardio exercise. Running, jogging, swimming, rowing etc. are the most popular cardio exercise. For indoor workout running on treadmill and cycling is the most popular cardio exercise.

The stationary bike must provide you plenty of benefits when you use it constantly. It should not use your stationary bike for a clothes hanger. More you use it than you will get more benefits. When you use your exercise bike with moderate to higher intensity then you will get excellent benefits for your cardiovascular health. An exercise bike is really good for cardio when you use it proper resistance. The intensity and resistance will make a great difference for a cardio workout.

A treadmill is the all-weather workout equipment. If you have your own treadmill for an apartment then you can use it in your convenient time and in any weather. So, the treadmill is a very suitable option for the cardio workout. You can walk, jogging or running on a treadmill. When you run for a higher speed your heart rate will be more and gets an excellent cardio workout. So, for cardio benefits, you have run from moderate to a higher speed.

Treadmill vs exercise bike which is better for fat loss

The treadmill is the machine for a full-body workout like running. Generally, a treadmill is a running machine that provides a full-body workout. So using a treadmill your full body must lose some extra fat and your body will be fit. On the other hand, the stationary bike is the only form of lower-body fitness equipment. The stationary bike also works for the body but compared to treadmill it works little than a treadmill. So, stationary bike lose lower belly fat, thigh fat, and waist fat. But, the treadmill loses full body fat equally. For overweight users requires heavyweight capacity equipment like a 400-pound limit treadmill or exercise bike with heavyweight capacity.

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