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Nordictrack c950i Reviews| Is NordicTrack a Good Brand?

Last updated on March 10th, 2023 at 04:03 am

The most talked about and well-known gym machine of the present time is the NordicTrack c950i treadmill. Among all the branded running machines, the company has built the least expensive and most straightforward folding system.

Although the machine has an effortless folding mechanism, it is compact. Most importantly, it has a three-horsepower motor that means 3.0 CHP, which is kept under your entire belt and works to prevent ‍shock absorption.

On the other hand, you will see an Auto Breeze workout fan that automatically adjusts your workout speed. Our team has discussed in detail the features and benefits of this Nordictrack c950i running machine; you can take a look if you want.

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Nordictrack c950i treadmill Specifications 

  • Product Dimension: 75L×27W×10H inches
  • Manufacturer Name: NordicTrack 
  • Running Surface Area: 20W×60L inches
  • Maximum weight load: 350 lbs
  • Incline options: 15% Manual 
  • Fitness Console: 10 inches Display
  • iFit pro membership included for your family member

Nordictrack c950i treadmill reviews

At present, people are more health-conscious than ever before because they know that health is the root of all happiness.

For this reason, they are not stingy in buying any exercise machine. There is no doubt that a good exercise machine can change your lifestyle.

The c950i NordicTrack treadmill is designed with a reliable and durable steel frame that anybody can perform their workout session with equipment.   

We are very sure that you can quickly build muscular body fitness and accept any fitness challenge using the fitness tool. Check out the feature at a glance!

The Powerful motor

Motors are the first and foremost component of a running machine. There is no doubt that the stronger the operating engine, the faster you can reach your goal by workout. With all this in mind, the company has included a 3.0 CHP Durex Commercial Plus motor that is perfect for catching your gym goals.

Running Belt

The running belt comes with 20W×60L inches that ensure your movement perfectly without any trouble. This is another essential part of your fitness device that makes no sense to exercise if it doesn’t fit. Although all companies currently offer high-quality running belts, before buying make sure it is a high-quality belt.

Incline or Decline options

Generally, inline refers to your exercise percentage, but some people think of it as a level. This machine provides a 15% incline which is enough for your high-speed exercise. Simultaneously, it can generate a speed of 12 MPH that is automatically able to increase or decrease your speed. Even you can actively reduce or increase the speed according to the location of your iFit feature.

Multiple workouts programs

The c950i Nordictrack running machine comes in 32 preset workout programs that can perform multiple activities at a time. An iFit console gives you access to a wide variety of exercises that allow you to do various exercises simultaneously. It is a great discovery for those people who are interested in doing more than one type of training in the same place. Even here, you can manage all your activities under Virtual Fitness Trainer.

Built-in speaker

Typically, the company provides a 2-inch sound system to solve loneliness while exercising. While exercising, you can listen to your favorite song list, which will help you take your exercise one step further.

Fitness Monitor

Each gym machine comes with an attractive LCD-Display that shows you workout data when you exercise, speed, distance, calories, and much more. So you can view all your workout information accurately using this device. I am personally conforming that, using this ruining desk you can improve your health fitness efficiently.

Tablet Holder

Many people like to keep the tablet or mobile phone near the display while running or treadmill. For them, the company has arranged a compact tablet holder so that you can stay in touch with your device when running on the treadmill. It helps you stay active on social media and share progress with friends.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you are a cardiovascular disease patient, then it is necessary to measure your heart rate regularly. The good news is that you can know your heart rate with this device without any hindrance because this organizer adds a heart rate sensor for measuring pulse correctly.


Different companies provide warranties for different duration, so there is no reason to worry about this. Typically, the Nordictrack treadmill c950i offers a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame, three years for parts, and a one-year labor warranty service. Hence, you can check the warranty paper before the purchase your favorite gymnastic machine. The NordicTrack c950i manual delivers precise warranty time that you should not skip. 

Weight capacity

Suppose you are too weight and looking for a heavy-duty treadmill. So, the c950i running desk is suitable for your weight. It can load more than 350 lbs weight which is incredible for high-weight hold. 


Many people are new to the world of exercise equipment and don’t know much about machines. So when buying a piece of equipment, their head thinks about the process of assembly. But we can assure you that you can assemble this machine alone in 15 to 20 minutes. Even then, if you think there is a problem, you can easily do it by looking at the paper supplied by the machine.


The last step after purchasing any equipment is shipping. Although many companies send their products very late, Amazon delivers their products very quickly. It has a worldwide reputation for fast shipping, and buyexerciser is one of the best online shopping sources for fitness equipment.

Nordictrack c950i Review Pros & Cons

  • The solid and sturdy foldable frame,
  • It comes with 32 preset exercise programs, 
  • iFit pro membership for yourself,
  • An auto breeze cooling fan customizes your incline, 
  • Easy to keep the device in a tablet holder & multiple water bottles, 
  • A user-friendly price that can afford any budget user, 
  • Space-saving and lightweight design,
  • It can support more than 350 lbs of weight,
  • An overall great running machine, so no limitations found yet.
  • Currently, it is out of stock at Amazon.

Why like the c950i nordictrack treadmill?

Foldable options

Maximum people want to use a space-saving design gymnastic device to fold and save floor space. So when you don’t use it, you can easily fold it and put it anywhere in the house and save space. This is the main reason for choosing this machine.

High-performance motor

Another reason to love this device is the high-performance motor. You might know that a powerful motor gives you the potential running performance which is needed for your improvement.

Nordictrack c950i manual

The entire essential manual in this instrument is committed to delivering an effective and efficient performance that anybody can change their lifestyle. So, you will love all of the features as a whole without any worries.

Nordictrack c950i treadmill review FAQS

Are NordicTrack treadmills worth the money?

The c950i NordicTrack treadmill is the best-selling fitness device for indoor use for 2022. There are many reasons to like this excellent machine’s features, high-quality design, user-friendly price, and easy control options. At the same time, you can get all of the advantages of using this device at home. So, this is worth the money.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my NordicTrack c950i?

It isn’t easy to connect your Bluetooth to NordicTrack c950i. For solving your problem, you can see a video where you can see how to connect it. After seeing it, you can easily set up Bluetooth with your smart device to communicate without any questions.

Is NordicTrack a good brand?

It is one of the most popular fitness bands in the world today. Among the many fitness bands that make fitness equipment and machines for the gym, it is one example. So, you can select it without any confusion about its quality


Last but not least, the NordicTrack c950i is an excellent type of pro running machine that is perfect for use at your home or gym. In the NordicTrack c950i treadmill review, you can know about the instrument how to use and how to get an advantage using it.

Although many attractive advantages provide by this device but calories, burning, building muscles, and preventing injuries are the best benefits. So, ‍select for home or gym to use and increase your physical performance.