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How to Track Sleep on Fitbit? Wear Your Fitbit Devices When Sleep.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 04:19 pm

How accurate Fitbit sleep mood can be is a very crucial fact. Here, we use a Fitbit to track our fitness condition. It becomes more effective when the device performs well while tracking the sleep. You know what; while sleeping, our vital organ works quite firmly. The fitness tracking process is continuous work. Here, Fitbit may contribute through accuracy.

That is why; we will show you the different mood of wearing Fitbit. It will happen predominantly for the sleeping time. Then why are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at the following lines.

How to Track Sleep on Fitbit?

In the fitness module, sleep is an influential part. Here, tracking sleep with Fitbit Flex is relatively easy and accurate. The reasons are many to track the sleep. You know what; the vital states of your sleeping condition will show the health condition. It will enable you to get on the right track to improve the entire structure of the body’s performance.

Therefore, we must know about how to wear Fitbit for sleep. It is naturally simple, and we will discuss it in the upcoming section. Now, it is time to get information about the exact procedure of tracking sleep. From the guideline of the manufacturer, we come to learn several ways of doing this particular task. We will show you those ways.

The manufacturer states that a wrist-based device tracks sleep automatically. Actually, it just starts to work after you set it on manually or if the automatic function gets enabled. The process of sleep tracking is just amazing. Now, the question is, what will you need to do for it? Here, you will not need to put much effort. The device can do it very impressively.

However, if you do not move at least one hour or your body is in full rest, it starts working. Actually, the manufactured has programmed in this way. Finding you remain idle, Fitbit sets to track the sleeping. The output also gets synchronized with your phone or laptop. Therefore, getting accurate statistics becomes possible for the users.

Should I Wear My Fitbit to Bed?

Of course, you should wear Fitbit while going to bed. The reason is apparent. In this way, it will show you the vital state of your health-related issues. If you find any problem, it will enable you to take the necessary phases. Many scientists and doctors, nowadays, suggest wearing a fitness tracker for sleep tracking.

On the other hand, tracking sleep with Fitbit Flexis quite handy and accurate. It will lead you to go on the right path. First of all, let me clear one thing. We know that during sleeping, our full-body goes for rest except the brain. It is quite apparent as well. But, the prime consideration is whether our boy is in form. We need to learn about the pulse rate when we sleep.

Moreover, sleep is time to fulfill the losses of the hardworking days. For this reason, we need to track the overall improvement of this period. Next, checking the oxygen level is also an exigent fact. Fitbit can serve all these purposes. Therefore, we must say that every user should wear Fitbit while going to bed.

Is It Safe To Wear Fitbit To Bed?

Most importantly, people may have a concern about whether wearing Fitbit to bed will be safe or not. We can assure them that there is no hindrance to do so. It is because; there are no harmful causes laid on this task. Actually, you will need to learn the ways how to wear Fitbit for sleep. The users have to keep in mind that the functionality of Fitbit entirely depends on this matter.

However, after going through several research works, we have not got any safety hazards. The manufacturer has designed and programmed it to perform well. Even this functionality will go on during sleep time. Fitbit has settings for this schedule. But, you have to feed some critical factors in your mind seriously. The users have to wear the Fitbit in such a body position where it does not significantly pressurize.

For this reason, the wrist position will be perfect for the users. Besides, you should not cover your body with thick clothes as well. You have to make sure that the sensors of Fitbit can get the right and moderate touch of your body. Just forget the safety issue and enjoy the sleep without any worry.

How To Set Fitbit To Sleep Mode?

In the earlier section, we have mentioned that Fitbit can work automatically for tracking sleep. Besides, the users can manually activate Fitbit sleep mood. It has come in the market as the perfect user-friendly device. For this reason, you will not require to put much effort into setting Fitbit manually. From the manufacturer guidelines, the users can learn about this.

Along with this fact, you can manually turn on the sleep mood in Fitbit. Actually, you have to complete few stages to set it on. We will show the details elaborately. At first, the users have to look for the setting option in the device. You must read the manual carefully. Besides, you can have the shortcut of settings on your home screen.

Secondly, you can lessen the brightness of the screen to dim. In this way, the light of the Fitbit will not disturb your sleep. The users have the option of scheduling the sleep mode. Therefore, repeated settings will not require. You must find a enable option from the settings. Here, the disable option of sleep mode will also be available.

Finally, you have to turn on the enable option. The vital information you have to remember is that it can work automatically for the scheduled time. Then, it will not require getting set manually.  You can disable other functionality before turning on the sleep mood. It is because these operations will not require during that particular time.


The user’s experience is proof of the mind-blowing performance of Fitbit. Here, the accuracy rate of Fitbit sleep mood is quite significant and satisfactory. It becomes highly influential for health-conscious people. That is why; we often see that people are keen to observe their sleeping states accurately.  They have the scope to set their health plan based on this mood.