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Fitbit Health Tips: Can Fitbit Harm your Body?

Last updated on August 26th, 2023 at 05:12 pm

Are you concerned about the Fitbit side effects? Actually, there are few to be serious about this fact. From several studies, the number of this fitness device’s side effects is less than one percent. That is why; the users can remain calm. Although we have found some claims, those are not significant. We are not taking those issues lightly and will elaborate on you. What can a Fitbit do?  A serious question, we often have to answer. Now, in the next few segments, we will enlighten all of these issues.

Can Fitbit Harm Your Body?

Are Fitbit safe? Here, we are starting asking another question to the users. There is no significant evidence that Fitbit harms the body. Actually, we all know that Fitness tracking devices often release RF and EMF radiation. The question is how these things impact the body. The manufacturer of this brand has claimed that the radiation will not be hazardous for the people.

Apart from their claim, we have gone through extensive research to find the truth. There are some cases have come to our hand. From those cases, we have found that the effect of the Fitbit is not much harmful to the body. Here, anyone can survive without having any adverse effects. You know what; little headache, pain, and some ignorable issues have come to our hands.

On the other hand, Fitbit often gets used along with smart devices like phones and laptops. We all know that phones emit hazardous radiation. Here, that particular radiation can be bad for the health. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about it.

Can Fitbit Cause Cancer

Now, we are up to answering a very exigent question to you. There are lots of rumors floating in the air. Actually, the users have no risk of getting cancer by using Fitbit. We can strongly protest the claim of Fitbit causing cancer. You know what; this fact is completely rubbish. Yes, you may have doubted what can a Fitbit do? In the above section, we have shown the ignorable impact it. Are Fitbit safe? The answer comes from.

The question arises when some suspicious incidents happen. Later, all the doubts get cleared. In this case, the research work has had a significant influence. We have learned from the study that Fitbit Causing cancer just a mere rumor. Here, we also can assure the users about it. The radiation emits from the Fitbit is very low in range.

The users can use Fitbit, leaving the tense of getting cancer. Therefore, the usability of Fitbit is beyond any confusion. The users have to keep themselves away from this type of baseless rumor. Thus, getting the perfect service from this magnificent fitness will come true. You need to keep in mind that other issues of this device also do not cause cancer.

Fitbit Side Effects?

In every product, there have some effects. If you thinking about the Fitbit side effect, we are up to enlighten your thought. From the manual of this brand, we come to know that it may cause skin irritation. In this way, your skin may face trouble through allergy. Of course, there are some people whose skins are sensitive. Fitbit burning skin can be an issue for them.

In this case, the manufacturer recommends some key ways for the users. Before going there, we need to focus on some other side effects of it. We have found a few claims that Fitbit can make some wales. It happens when you wear Fitbit tightly. Without these issues, there are no side effects that have counted till now. That means it is relatively safe to use.

Therefore, the users should not wear Fitbit tightly in their hands. They must avoid wearing it when the device is wet. Besides, the manufacture suggests not putting it on hand while charging. You should put it out of your wrist if the device gets heat much.

Fitbit Causing Heart Palpitations

The general perception is that Fitbit is efficient enough to show a real heart rate. But, still we have some unclear facts to take into account.  The problems appear when it comes to the accuracy of this device. In this case, a study has shown that Fitbit is not always right. For example, when you are up to high intensity work out, it may show faulty results.

On the other hand, Fitbit does not cause heart palpitations directly. The accuracy of this device is the main liable of the bad impacts. But, we still may insist you use this device. It is because; this device has got efficient module to track the heart rate. The misleading things happen only in some models of this brand.

Although some researchers believe in this myth, it is not a real fact actually. It is because; there were unable to present any strong evidence regarding this matter. Therefore, Fitbit causing heart palpitations is not a big deal to consider seriously.

Fitbit Burning Skin

You have already learned about Fitbit burning skin. In some cases, the fact has shown its evidence. But, Fitbit is not solely liable for this matter. We discussed this issue in the above section. Now, it is time to clear your thought more accurately. The fact entirely depends on the mood of your skin and the wearing process of Fitbit.

Here, we will recommend the users to be sure about the certain issue before wearing this device. At first, you must remember that this wearable should not have tight fittings. Otherwise, it will disturb your skins miserably. The skin may get burnt if you wear Fitbit when it is relatively hot. That is why; the users should avoid wearing it at that time.

In every manner, the problem of burning skin will get solved. Here, just your awareness is more than enough to do so. This problem is not such a big issue. Actually, the users can avoid this problem very quickly. They have to follow the explicit instruction of the manufacturer.

Is Fitbit radiation harmful?

Whether Fitbit radiation is harmful is a topic of debate and ongoing research. Fitbit devices use low-level radiofrequency (RF) waves to communicate with smartphones and other devices. While RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation, some studies suggest that long-term exposure to high levels of RF radiation may have some health risks, such as an enhance risk of cancer. However, the current scientific consensus is that the RF radiation emitted by Fitbit devices is too low to cause any significant harm to human health. Fitbit devices comply with safety guidelines and regulations set by various authorities, and the company continuously monitors and tests its products to ensure they meet these standards. Nevertheless, individuals concerned about radiation exposure may choose to limit their use of such devices or consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

Are the green lights on Fitbit harmful to the eyes?

No, the green lights on Fitbit are not harmful to the eyes. The green lights used in Fitbit devices are low-power LEDs that emit a specific wavelength of light to measure blood flow and heart rate. These lights are not intense enough to cause any harm to the eyes, even with prolonged exposure. Fitbit devices are manufactured to be worn on the wrist, away from direct eye contact, further reducing potential risks. However, it is always recommended to take breaks from wearing any device for extended periods and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe usage.


By this time, we have learned various issues like the Fitbit side effect. The truth is that a Fitbit can prove its workability over time. For this reason, we have arranged this section to persuade to use this device. Finally, we can say that you must know every detail before using this device.