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How to Stop Elliptical From Rocking|Learn step-by-step in 2023

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 04:17 am

How to Stop Elliptical From Rocking? It is one of the most typical inquiries in the gym community. Because they want to work out an elliptical, rocking is the first problem behind the not use.

There is no doubt that the elliptical is the most popular gym equipment worldwide. It can improve your muscles, stamina, and endurance and prevent health diseases. This blog post will explain How Do I Stop My Elliptical from Rocking on the carpet. So, let’s check how to keep your elliptical trainer from shaking.

Reasons behind rocking an elliptical trainer

Elliptical training is the best powerful and effective workout, but rocking is a big issue for injuries. If you don’t stop shaking, you cannot get good benefits from this exercise.

In addition, you can get injuries from this session, which is not suitable for your journey. To prevent these injuries and get the maximum benefits for this machine, you need to follow some steps.

There are many ways to stop shaking your device, but here we explain some of them.  

Leveling feet: Leveling feet is one of the most vital parts of your equipment that help to stop shaking. It could be rocking when you start your training session; then, you need to fix it and start again.  

Frame bolts: The second reason for rocking is frame bolts. If your equipment bolts are not tight, then it would be rocking. So, before starting your workout, makes sure your bolt has enough tightness.

Floor unstable: Many times, you will notice that the floor of your house is unsafe. This condition can cause your machine to move, which is not suitable for you. So choose a fixed place before buying the device and then place it.

How to stop elliptical from rocking

There is no doubt that exercise gives you a healthy lifestyle. But, if you’re buying equipment moving during exercise, you can’t exercise properly, and it causes an accident. To prevent moving during the workout will discuss how to Stop the Elliptical from Rocking. Below, we will discuss the best solution that you should look at:

Popular solution:

Using a mat under your elliptical machine is one of the most effective solutions for rocking. It also ensures more facilities for your workout if you use a mat under the gym machine, so it reduces extra movement and helps to ride smoothly—generally, a mat made by the high-density PVC or rubber material that helps to prevent rocking. The elliptical carpet makes of high-density PVC and rubber material that helps prevent shaking during exercise. It reduces rocking and gives more benefits such as reducing noise and vibration, Balancing friction between floor and equipment, being quiet and smooth to use, and extending the machine life circle.

Safest solutions: 

Here are some safest solutions from knocking your device.


A wooden floor is ideal for placing a gym machine on the floor. However, many people use concrete or wood floors for floor durability. Because flat and stable floors are suitable for keeping elliptical machine perfectly. If you’re buying a carpet for use under elliptical but it does not prevent entire moving. It has not enough stability to prevent rocking. It’s not mean that I will you can’t put the elliptical on the carpet. If you don’t fix the first problem, you can check the next one.  


Leveling is another most vital part of using elliptical equipment without any hassle. To prevent moving, you need to find out suitable leveling place, and then you should install it and make sure that your device feet stay sturdy. For stopping moving, setting up elliptical feet is the best way.

However, each company provides an install instruction that helps to install your device perfectly. Following the instruction, you can do it simply.

Loose Screws

Loose screws are another big issue for rocking your device. After each session, you should tighten your screws because it helps to reduce extra sound and moving. If you tight your device screws, you can enjoy your workout because it doesn’t give you noise and vibrations.


Suppose you did not get any good results after applying all the above, then try plywood. Plywood will help prevent your device from rocking. You can put it under your carpet to use it, and you will see that there is no more vibration or shaking. It is one of the best ways to solve your problems. This component is not expensive, so you can try it anytime.

Stick to the floor

This is the last way to prevent shaking from your equipment. If you see that the above methods don’t help reduce shaking, you can try it. You need to directly fix it on your floor with bolts to set up this method. Although it gives you some hassle, it could be good if you get well benefits from the workout.

How Do I Stop My Elliptical From Rocking On Carpet FAQS

How do I stop my elliptical from wobbling?

Unfortunately, many people use elliptical machines to get in shape are not designed with weight distribution. When you put your weight on one side of the device, this will cause it to wobble and make it more difficult for you to do your workout. You can avoid this by putting your feet on a stability footbed or other feature on the footrest, which will distribute your weight evenly and improve your workout.

How do I stabilize my elliptical?

To avoid injury and stay healthy, it is essential to keep your elliptical in good condition. Some people may neglect to maintain their equipment, causing the machine to tilt or wobble. If this occurs, you can use a stabilizer to make the device more stable while you work out.

How do I stop my elliptical from rocking on the carpet?

An elliptical is a machine that can burn calories and give people a workout without leaving the comfort of their homes. They produce little noise, making them ideal for use in home settings such as living rooms and bedrooms. If you have an elliptical indoor, you might have noticed that it rocks when it runs on carpeting.

Why is my elliptical rocking?

An elliptical is a workout device that uses your calf muscles, quads, and glutes to move the pedals. An elliptical trainer moves in a circular motion and provides resistance by moving the pedals back and forth. When an elliptical is rocking, the machine is not correctly connected to the machine’s frame.


In this composition, we will talk about how to stop the elliptical from rocking. We will also discuss the most common causes of elliptical rocking. If you read the above guideline, you can know appropriately without any hassle. If you have any questions about this topic, please ask me; I will try my best to answer.