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How to Read a Treadmill Display | Treadmill Buttons Explanation in 2023  

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 04:17 am

As a beginner, the common query is how to Read a Treadmill Display? Your queries are very relative because many people face this problem during exercise.

There are few sources available on the internet about this topic. After a long time of research about treadmill buttons explanation, our expert team discovers some important ways to control treadmill display.

In this how-to-use treadmill control panel review, we will explain it. Lets’ check out and know how to use it!

How to use treadmill Buttons?

Without previous knowledge, using treadmill buttons are a little bit difficult. Following this section, you will know properly how to use it. So don’t be late read below and know about it.


Starting buttons is the primary key to starting your training sessions. If you are a newbie, you have a little bit of nervousness working in your mind. When you press the start button on your machine, it is ready to start its journey. However, keep in mind that the lower the speed of your device, in the beginning, the better. After safely starting your treadmill training, you can set your time, distance, speed, etc.    

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As a running machine, speed is very important for your training session. If you don’t know about this button, you can’t control your speed; as a result, you could fall. So before starting your running session, you should know about these buttons.

There have been many types of treadmill machines available in our gym recently. They have varieties of speeds and miles. Average miles of treadmills are 4 mph to 12 mph; it offers 25 mph, which is good for your training. So, when you want to buy a running machine, you should know how much mph is suitable for you. 


The treadmill is one of the best flat running surfaces, ideal for the training session. Many people want to be losing more calories and get a slim body. An incline is a great option for those who won’t burn more calories and get the shape. You can increase or decrease inclines according to your needs.

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Another vital button is distance because it helps measure your distances through the treadmill running. The maximum running machine measures distance by keeping track of the belt revolutions system.

Generally, speed and distance are measured by kilometers and miles, but it depends on your performance. You should remember that running or walking doesn’t affect your distance; it also affects your intensity. So when your want to jog or run on this device, you should maintain your intensity; otherwise, it is worthless.   


When you finish your training, you need to press the stop button; after pressing it, your device speed decreases slowly and eventually comes to a halt. It had done to ensure your safety; otherwise, instant stopping causes injuries. If you want to complete your workout, you can press the stop button and finish your journey. In this way, you can stop the machine without any accident.

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Other reading you may see on a treadmill display

The running deck does not only provide the above button but also offers more. In the section, we will explain more features you should know how to use it.

Heart rate

There is no doubt that heart rate is a very popular and essential feature for treadmill walking or running. It is most suitable for those people who suffer from heart problems and want to track them during exercise.

Typically, the heart rate is indicated by bpm (beats per minute). It depends on your activities how hard or slows it is. The heart rates are between 60 to 200; if your activities are hard, they will be high; otherwise, it decrees.    

Workout programs

Many running machines have built-in workout features, which is good for individual training. If you want to burn fat and do a hill climb, it is ideal for your needs. You will see many virtual fitness trainers who share fitness tips virtually in these features. So, by getting the right machine, you will enjoy lots of workout features.    

Error codes

Sometimes treadmills show wrong data that are not acceptable for you. If you see that your device gives you an error code, you need to fix it simply. After fixing your error problem, you can again use it.

Different types of treadmill displays

There are many realities of displays on the treadmill. In this section, we will discuss three different displays.


The LED is one of the most popular displays on the equipment. Each gym machine comes with an led display because it is cheap and general. It has not a lot of features for the workout.


The Dot matrix is one of the most expensive displays on the treadmill machine. It is designed with many workout features that help to reach and track your fitness goal. Generally, the well-known brand provides this type of display for the users.


LCDs usually look like TV screens where you can control by touch screen. Some brands provide Netflix and other streaming services; when you work out, you can watch movies. This display is a little bit expensive if you want to get this type of display you can buy it.

How to tell if my treadmill is in km or miles?

You can check the console to determine if your treadmill is set to kilometers or miles. There will be a setting that allows you to choose between the two options on most treadmills. If you’re not sure how to find this setting, consult your treadmill’s user manual.

Treadmill settings for beginners

When starting on the treadmill, it’s important to set the machine to a speed and incline that’s comfortable for you. If you choose a speed that’s too fast, you’ll quickly become tired and might even injure yourself. If the incline is too high, you’ll also tire more quickly and could end up hurting your back. Start by walking at a slow pace and gradually increase the speed and incline as you get stronger.

What is VM on a treadmill?

VM on treadmill stands for “variable mode on the treadmill.” This is a feature found on many treadmills that allows you to change the workout’s difficulty by adjusting the speed and incline.

how to work a treadmill FAQS

What do the numbers mean on a treadmill?

The numbers on a treadmill indicate the speed of the belt in miles per hour. Using the running machine, you can understand the number.

What is the distance on a treadmill?

There is no perfect answer to this question as it can vary depending on the individual’s stride length and speed. However, on average, a person will cover around 0.5-1 miles in an hour on a treadmill.

What do the incline numbers on a treadmill mean?

The incline number on a treadmill is the percentage of the incline grade. For example, if the inclining number is 3, the treadmill is at a 3% grade.


By reading the how-to read treadmill display, you can understand the different features the treadmill offers and how to use them. You can also get an idea of what the treadmill is capable of and whether it is the right fit for your needs.