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The Ultimate Guide To Common Exercise Bike Problems & Solutions

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 04:15 pm

Are you concerned about common exercise bike problems? There is no need to think about it because we will discuss details about bike problems and how to fix them in this post.

Although the indoor exercise bike is one of the most popular gym equipment globally, but it sometimes causes problems. Many people are annoyed by the slightest problem and do not want to use this device. My article is for those people who like indoor devices but don’t want to fix the problems.

Here is a detailed description of how to solve a gym equipment problem and exercise properly. ‍ So, please find out your problems and fix them step-by-step with a simple process.

Top Six Common exercise bike problems

Undoubtedly, an exercise bike is the most common and popular equipment for indoor or gym. The manufacturer designed this equipment to provide a top-class user friendly machine for doing the workout anywhere. Unfortunately, this device occasionally causes problems that can be annoying. But through this article, we will show you how to solve it.

Exercise bike display not working

Exercise bike display is not working is a common problem. However, this device does not require electricity, but you will need two batteries. The main problem with this device is that the power connection is not appropriately inserted; it will not come to the display from the batteries. If you do not insert the batteries properly it may cause the problem. However, you need to change the batteries after certain period of time. if your device’s display is not visible after batteries changing, then you need to check your devices connection from different parts to the display and disconnect the. Finally, reconnect the connection after proper cleaning. Then if it doesn’t work, take it to the nearest authorized service center.

Recommendation: Before exercising on your device, make sure that the power adapter is well connected.

Exercise bike resistance not working

Do you know how important the resistance is for a bike? If you don’t get enough resistance, then the workout is baseless. The exercise bike resistance not working is another common problem for indoor equipment. If you see that your resistance is not working, it might be bent pins or cross cabling. For the solution, you need to back your position and secure it.

Do you know that regular cleaning and lubrication can prevent resistance damage? If you clean it regularly, it will give you better performance. Even after maintenance, you see that the wheel of your bike is wobbly, which means that there is a problem with the wheel which needs to be changed. Problems can be solved by changing or moving the wheel.

Recommendation: This problem can be solved by regular cleaning and lubrication.

Slipping of the belt

Typically, this device depends on its performance belt. Belt problems can cause hamper your exercise. Slipping of the belt is the most common problem for this device. Excessive stress can be a significant cause of your belt problems, and regular belt slips can be the cause of your accidents. You need to change your slipping belts and use lubricants; otherwise, it will be a big problem.

Recommendation: If you take care of your device, it won’t slip from the belt. 


To be honest, irritating sound from workout equipment will cause headaches while exercising. If you want to get rid of this problem, you first need to see where the knocking and squeaking noise is. Normally, different types dust comes to adhere the rotating parts gradually and that causes noise. Sound can usually be from paddles, motors, wheels or belts and the part from which the sound is to be produced should be detached and lubricated. To lubricate, you need to disassemble your device entirely and use a well-cleaned lubricate for quiet workout equipment.

Recommendation: Regular cleaning and lubrications can reduce the bike’s noise, and it can be weekly or monthly.

Error codes

Error code is another common problem with exercise bikes that don’t start or indicate something went wrong with your devices, such as E1 or E6. When you encounter such a problem, think that it is a sign of complexity in the electronic console. This is usually due to a lack of regular maintenance or electrical problems.

If you want to solve this problem, you have to read the manual and act accordingly. And if you can’t solve it yourself, you have to hire an expert for troubleshooting.

Recommendation: Read the manual book from the company and solve the problem step by step; otherwise, you can take the advice of a specialist.

Wrong heart rate readings

For those who are heart patients, regular heart rate readings are essential. If your heart reading seems faulty, it is frustrating for you. Your heart’s rate sensor shows incorrect data because of the communication gap between the straps/grips with the sensors in case of loose connection. The problem will be solved if you fix the communication gap between your straps/grips.

Recommendation: Before exercising, make sure the straps/grips are appropriately connected.

Exercise bike common problems FAQS

How do I fix the resistance on my exercise bike?

For fixing the resistance on your exercise bike, you can follow the user manual or contact customer service. Otherwise, you can fix it using the user manual information provided by the manufacturer to fix any problems. We hope you can do it because it’s a very simple process.

Why is my exercise bike uncomfortable?

Many people feel uncomfortable during exercise time because of the narrow and hard seat. For a solution, you can check before buying your exercise device seat that gives more comfort during the training session. Otherwise you can buy a separate bike seat for better workout and comfort.

Bottom line

The exercise bike can face many kinds of problems. To solve this, you need to know the source of the problems and solve it. This exercise bike problems review will help find the problem, and recommendations will help fix it. We hope it will give you an answer related to common exercise bike problems and advice on fixing them.