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Calories Burning Tips: How Many Calories Burned on Elliptical Machine?

Last updated on July 27th, 2020 at 07:51 am

We know very well that calorie burning is the best part of weight loss. The elliptical machine is one of the best machines for calorie burning. An elliptical cross trainer is one of the most popular cardio training equipment in the fitness industry. Many users use elliptical for cardio exercise and many of them use for weight loss. Some users use an elliptical machine for weight loss or calories burned. Now it is the common question that how many calories burned on the elliptical machine? I am going to answer this question in a common way.

The total amount of burned calories depends on some parameters and situation. The parameter of calories burned depends on the user’s body weight, gender, speed of paddling, the resistance of the elliptical machine, duration of workout and food habit of the users. So depends on the above parameters different users burned different amounts of calories.

Calories burned on elliptical with resistance

Normally, the elliptical machine burned more calories with lower resistance. Because in lower resistance users can go for more stepping and user movement goes more. That is why they burn more calories. But in higher resistance, elliptical user’s tones up their muscles rapidly. Without any resistance, one user can lose about 2.5 calories per kg of his or her body weight. But, the same user can lose about 2.0 calories of his per kg body weight with medium resistance. In the case of gender, the number of calories may differ and the user’s age is a factor.

How many calories burned on elliptical in 30 minutes?

  • One person can lose 4 calories after 60 min elliptical workout per kg of his body weight.
  • If this person has 80kg of his body weight then this personal loss (80×4) calories = 320 calories
  • When the same person can do workout 30 min per day then he can loss = 160 calories
  • So, it is a very easy equation to burn 160 calories in 30 min workout.

When this same person goes for workout 22 days with 60 min then he can burn = (320 x 22) = 7040 calories. We know that 1 pound is equal to 3500 calories and 7040 calories equal to almost 2 pounds. So if anyone wants to loss weight after burning calories it is very simple with the elliptical cross-trainer.

How many calories do you burn on an elliptical in one hour?

The elliptical machine exercise is a non-impact method for weight loss, burning calories and improve cardio health. Using this excellent machine you can easily improve your cardio and breathing capacity in an excellent way and without any difficulty. So, I suggest buying an elliptical machine for cardio exercise.

Compared to other exercise equipment elliptical machine has excellent cardio benefits and full-body workout. Treadmill and exercise bike only targets the lower part and legs muscles. On the other hand, the elliptical machine targets your full body muscles for tones up. Compared to the treadmill you can afford an elliptical machine in lower price.

A trial was carried out to test the calories burning proof of the elliptical machine. After a one-hour regular exercise, one 125 lbs weight person can burn about 550 calories and 190 lbs person can burn 800 calories. So bodyweight is a vital fact for calories burning. So, it is proven that heavyweight users burn more calories than normal weight users. In fact, heavyweight users need more efficient and heavy-duty elliptical for the workout.

Another trial also carried out on two 220 pound weight people. One of them with a proper diet another person follows normal food habits. After one week of regular exercise one hour daily, the first person can loss 900 calories daily. Another one who follows the regular food he can loss 750 calories daily. So, it is identified that if weight loss is also within your target must follow the proper diet that contains the lower calories.

Age is another fact on elliptical exercise. Normally, the younger people can do fast stepping than senior users. So, normally young users can loss more calories than the older one. Sometimes the calorie loss also depends on the warm out exercise. If you do about 10 min warm-up exercise before elliptical exercise you obviously burn more calories with an elliptical machine.

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