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Where to put a treadmill in a small house | Treadmill setup idea in 2023

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 04:16 am

There is no suspicion that the treadmill is one of the most acceptable cardio equipment that is amazing for the newbie and expert runner. Although, it gives you running benefits and is also excellent for indoor walking.

If you want to go jogging or running at the home treadmill is the first consideration for you. Unfortunately, it is typical quarries that asked my friend is where to put a treadmill in a small house.

It is ideal for those who suffer from this problem and find the solution ideally. Today, we will discuss where to put the treadmill in a small house without struggling.

How to determine which room is best for your treadmill

Many people make big mistakes while keeping on the treadmill, which is cause they can’t concentrate properly during the workout. Before placing your gym equipment, you should consider some vital things that help focus your exercise correctly. This section will discuss them, which is essential to know before keeping your treadmill machine.

Spare bedroom

A spare bedroom is one of the essential things when you’re keeping a gym machine. Suppose you have a spare bedroom to help focus your workout correctly. On the other hand, you can concentrate your workout session properly. So, if you want to do your exercise correctly without any annoyance, you need to keep it in the extra room where no one goes.


The basement is another suitable place to keep your running machine perfectly. Many people keep gym equipment in the basement because it has a great space ideal for putting it. So, you can keep your equipment in this place without any play issues.

Home office space

Nowadays, many people like to earn from home without spending much time outside. In this case, they are making home offices which is truly magnificent for keeping gym equipment. Keeping your gym equipment in the home office is a suitable place. In this way, you will be able to do physical exercises in the break of your work which is better physically and mentally.

Your bedroom

Suppose you cannot keep your machine according to the above ways then the bedroom is the best place to put because many people’s bedroom has a lot of space which is not used for those people who have a vast area to keep equipment bedroom suitable place. Keeping the gym equipment in the bedroom is favorable for those who want to exercise during break time.

Living room

Are you worried about treadmill placement? You don’t need to be concerned because the living room treadmill is the best place to keep it. If you have multiple family members and want to exercise, then the living room could be the best gym equipment. Because everyone can come here and complete their exercise anytime they want.

How much space is required for a treadmill?

How much space is required for a treadmill? It depends on your machine’s models and size. If your equipment model and sizes are large, you need a wide space for keeping. At the same time, small and cheap model devices require small space. The average space of keeping treadmill machines is 7″ ×12″ floor space and 8″ ceiling height; that’s enough for keeping your machine perfectly. Keep in mind that, before buying any gym equipment, especially a treadmill machine, you need to measure your floor space; otherwise, you will face trouble.

Can I use a treadmill upstairs?

Yes, you can use a treadmill upstairs. But, it has some factors before making your final decision that you need to know about it. You might know that treadmills have different verities, such as some treadmill weight capacity is 250 to 300 lbs and some models weight capacity up to 500 lbs which is too big. Before buying an expensive or high-capacity treadmill, you need to know if your apartment can hold this heavy-duty equipment. If you make sure that your apartment can carry it, then you will use otherwise, don’t use it. We have a good option for you if you want to use the treadmill for an apartment with the best quiet treadmill.

Can you put a treadmill in an apartment?

Yes, you can put a treadmill in an apartment. Every apartment builds by building code in modern times, which keeps your heavy-weight equipment. Before using your treadmill in an apartment, you should consider some tips. Below, we are discussing some of them.


Space is one of the big factors when buying a treadmill workout machine. If you have less space to put your treadmill on, you’re investing valueless money. So before spending money on buying gym equipment, you make sure that you have enough space to put the machine.


One of the main causes of problems is disturbing your neighbors when using treadmills in apartment buildings. If you use noisy machines and stay upstairs, running and walking may be a problem for your neighbors below. You will need a quiet treadmill if you are upstairs in the apartment.


Many apartment buildings have restrictions on the use of gym machines. So, if you want to use your apartment treadmill, check your lease agreement with your landlord or get permission to use it. Without permission from the landlord, your buying equipment could be useless.

Time of use:

When using your treadmill, you need to keep in mind that no neighbor should be offended by the sound of your exercise. Because of annoyance, they may issue a notice on you which is not desirable for you. However, it is important to choose the right time before using the treadmill.

Can I put my treadmill in the garage?

Defiantly, you can put a treadmill in the garage. The garage is the best place to put your treadmill perfectly. Most experts recommend that a garage be a vital place to keep it without issues. Here are some tips to put your machine perfectly. 

Exposed to the elements:

As you may know, gym machines are suitable for air-conditioned environments. So if your garage is air conditioner, it is really good to use gym machines. Otherwise, it can damage the parts of your machine.


Generally, a garage is an open space ideal for extra dirt. When you put your car inside from the outside, the machine gets dirty, making you want to clean the treadmill frequently. Frequent cleaning of the treadmill can cause mechanical problems.


Generally, all treadmills come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You will be deprived of warranty service if you do not use them as directed. However, manufacturers do not allow the use of treadmills in garages.

Setting up a treadmill at home FAQS

Is it Ok to have a treadmill in the bedroom?

If you want to put a treadmill in the bedroom, you need to consider something. You should know the first thing about your apartment’s building code and how much weight you can carry in an apartment building. After knowing this factor, you can use it in your bedroom perfectly.

Is it safe to put a treadmill in the basement?

You know that keeping a gym machine requires wide space. The basement is the best alternative place to put your treadmill if you haven’t enough space in the bedroom so you can keep its basement. 

Is the garage a good place for a treadmill?

It is thought to answer. But, if your garage air-conditioner could be a good place for you. At the same time, a heated place is not a suitable place for keeping gym equipment.


Where to put a treadmill in a small house? It is difficult to say, but these reviews help you put in a small home. If you read the above guideline, you can know about this topic without any confusion.