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What Is the Average Bicep Size for Men & Women?

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 07:05 pm

Every part of your body has a normal growth & measurement & that depends much on your age, sex, diet, lifestyle, & other basic things. However, have you ever measured your biceps & compared that to the average bicep size?

My husband has always been passionate about having a perfect body shape & he started with shaping his biceps; exercise was the first thing he created. I also planned his diet & measured the circumference of both biceps to note if he has the desired result or not.

Anyway, let’s know about the men & women biceps size for every factor, along with some prior knowledge about biceps; I hope you will enjoy reading it.

What Is Bicep?

Before you know anything else or the size chart, you must understand what the muscle is. The muscle is divided into two sections & gets between shoulder & elbow. It is a flexible muscle that helps you bend the hands & frequently move your hands.

The biceps are not as large as the triceps, & the position is different. The muscles join the bones & joints; there’s a measurement of biceps in every life step. 

What Is the Relation Between Biceps & Nutrition? 

Good or proper nutrition indicates a perfect body & mind, & you can check your body parts to see if you’re okay or malnourished. For instance, you can check the skin thickness, hair’s glow, height, head & chest ratio, & biceps. Anyway, if you measure a growing boy’s biceps & find it less than the optimum level, the boy is slightly malnourished. 

On the other hand, you can also touch the bicep’s peak after measuring to see if it’s a muscle or there is any extra fat or not. If a person has good health, he/she will have the correct average bicep size according to age, sex, & height. But below the range refers to undernutrition & more will indicate overnutrition.

Therefore, you should eat enough protein to build muscles all over the body & to keep you active; moreover, don’t let fat make you lazy. Maintain a healthy lifestyle & diet, but remember that your diet would increase if you’re doing heavy exercises like weight lifting.

What is the Bicep Size Charts According to Gender?

As we mentioned before, the bicep size varies due to sex differences; men have harder & wider biceps than women often, & women are seen chiefly with fat on the muscles. Anyway, let’s find out how their bicep size should be from the charts.

Average Male Bicep Size

Age Average Bicep Size in Inches
20-29 years 13.3
30-39 years 13.8
40-49 years 13.9
50-59 years 13.5
60-69 years 13.4
70-79 years 12.9
Above 80 years 12.1

The measurement chart of male biceps is applicable for healthy men who don’t have any disease but don’t have heavy exercise daily. Wouldn’t you like to know the ideal circumference of the biceps of those who are gymnasts or professional fitness workers?

Those who work out regularly or primarily focus on enlarging biceps have biceps from 16-20 inches; that depends on the physical exercise level. Anyway, please ensure that the increasing biceps are due to protein, not fat.

Average Female Bicep Size

Age Average Bicep Size in Inches
20-29 years 12.4
30-39 years 12.9
40-49 years 12.9
50-59 years 12.9
60-69 years 12.7
70-79 years 12.6
Above 80 years 11.4

These are the average size of a female bicep unless she does any hard physical work or exercise. If anyone is obese, her biceps may be more than their desired size & undernourished ones have less than their average measurements.

How Should Be a Child’s Bicep? 

I hope the average bicep size by sex & age is clear to you & you know how much the measurement should be. However, these charts show the bicep thickness changes in adults & the elderly, but what about the children? 

The children’s biceps won’t be the same as adolescents or adults; moreover, their bicep circumferences don’t vary by gender, especially when the kids are infant, newborn, or in early childhood.

Age Average Bicep Size in Inches
Newborn 6.5
Six Months 7.0
1 Year 7.25
2-3 Years 7.5-7.75
4-5 years 8.8
6-7 Years 8.5-8.75
8-12 years 9.0-9.75

These growing years of a person’s life are gender-neutral & the body measurements are not dependent on sex. 

Find out the Bicep Size Chart According to Height

Height in CM Bicep circumference in cm
150-155 32.8
155-160 33.0
160-165 33.2
165-170 34.0
170-175 34.7
175-180 35.0

Did you know that bicep size depends on a person’s height as well? If not, you should know that every organ growth is equally related to others & maintain a ratio. Therefore, you must know about average bicep size by height chart to ensure if you or the person’s growth & nutritional state is perfect or not.

This chart quickly shows that the taller you are, the wider or big biceps you will have & that’s what makes your body look nice & healthy. However, you can easily measure & find out your health condition after analyzing each average bicep size chart.

How to Measure Your Bicep Correctly: Step by Step

There are two methods or situations when you can measure the bicep size, and one is in the relaxed state & the other one in the flexed condition. Moreover, you will have some variations in the methods & steps to calculate the arm circumference.

Let’s see how to measure the relaxed bicep stepwise; that’s maybe easier than the other one:

  • First of all, you have to stand straight so that you can have your body relaxed, including your biceps. 
  • Secondly, you have to keep your hands relaxed & get another person who can softly wrap a measuring tape at the bicep’s middle point; that’s how you can know your bicep size.

Then you can compare your bicep to the charts for your age, sex, & height; if your biceps are okay in every aspect, even if you’re working out, you’re good to go.

Let’s find out now how to measure your biceps when flexed to have the correct average size; the steps are:

  • First, you have to sit near a table & set your hand on the tabletop; place your elbow on the table & bend your hands.
  • Secondly, you are supposed to curl your arm & make your forearm strong to flex & expand the muscles. 
  • Next, you can take a tape & measure the circumference of your bicep around the highest peak; that’s how you can have the flexed forearms. 

It is true that you alone can’t correctly measure the biceps, & you should keep checking it if you’re not in your optimum health or trying to increase the bicep muscles. Get some help with the tapes & it can be anyone, but ensure that the person knows the bicep’s exact location & where to wrap the measuring thing.

What Types of Exercises Are Good for Building Biceps & How Do They Work?

You can take help from some exercises to build muscles near your biceps & widening them; let’s what exercises can help & how do they work.

  • Close Fist Chin Up (Negative): You have to stand on the bench facing towards the chin-up bar, grip that tightly, & hold yourself facing the chest for 2 seconds at least. It would be best if you then started to release the pressure & go down until your feet reach the benches.
  • Isomeric Chin up: You can keep doing the negative chin-ups in 2 different directions; 3-5 sets are okay for beginners, but you can continually increase the sets.
  • Pushups: If you can’t go to the gym & don’t have chin-up bars, you can do pushups at home as many as you can; that would do the same thing.
  • Dumbbell Sets: You can rely on dumbbell sets & put weights per your preferences before lifting them; you can do several sets until you get tired. You can shift to the smaller ones that you have to curl your elbow with, nothing else.
  • Bicep Finisher: Bicep finishers work like the ending step of the bicep widening package; if you want to skip it, you can.

These weight lifting exercises create tension over the biceps & thus it stimulates the body damage repair activity. However, thus the bicep muscles increase, making it more than the average size.

Average bicep size for 14-year-old

The average bicep size for a 14-year-old  is challenging to say. Because bicep size also depends on your hard work, if you more workout, you get a big bicep, otherwise a tiny bicep.

Many people suffer from depression when their muscles are more or less than their age. According to a fitness expert, 11 to 16-inch biceps are sufficient for 14 to 16-year-olds teenagers. So, do understand how big bicep enough for your teenagers are. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Foods Can Increase Bicep Muscles? 

Protein-dense foods like eggs, milk, meat, fish, yogurt, etc., more than required, can also increase body muscles, including biceps.

Do Bicep Blaster Work?

Of course, it works appropriately & isolates the bicep to increase the size, but it causes back pains sometimes; therefore, many experts don’t suggest it.

Is a 15 Inch Bicep Bigger Than Average?

Yes, a male’s average bicep is usually 13.5 inch; so, a 15-inch bicep is above the average size, but it’s not unhealthy. 

How can I increase my chest size?

There are many ways to increase your chest, but here we discuss some quick and straightforward ways that help to get a big chest.

  • Start bench presses exercise
  • Do dumbbells workout
  • Try drop sets
  • Push-up & pull-ups
  • Do dips exercise


I hope you have no confusion about the average bicep size after reading the article; you can shape your arms as you want. You can either follow the diet or the exercise routine, & even both to have the desired result.

Please monitor your body measurement all the time, not only the biceps, because a bit of abnormality can indicate a significant problem.