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What are the benefits of riding a stationary bike?

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 04:22 pm

As you are here, we are assuming you already have a basic idea about stationary bike/cycle. But if you don’t know what a stationary bike is then we would give a basic idea before starting our main topics “Benefits of riding a Stationary bike”.

To simply describe- a stationary bike is a tool for indoor cycling which comes with most of the features of a bicycle but in stationary bike you get a stand to firmly hold the machine on a fixed position instead of wheels. You can ride it like a cycle or bike in a fixed position to warm yourself up and have some physical exercise to keep your body fit. This is a really interesting tool for exercise at home in this time of pandemic.

So if you are interested in this physical fitness equipment and want to know more about the benefits of riding a stationary bike, don’t just stop here. Stay with us because without making any further introductory lectures we are now going to discuss the benefits of using a stationary bike. The Benefits of stationary bike ranges from physical fitness to mental fitness. Some important benefits of stationary cycling is discussed in the following contents.


Increases muscle tone and mass of legs

There’s a lots of instrument to increase the muscle tone and mass of upper body but for lower body there is few. Stationary bike is one of the instruments that you can use to increase the muscle tone and mass of lower body, especially legs. During pedaling of the stationary bike you generally use three types of muscles-the quadriceps (front muscle of thigh) and hamstrings (back muscle of thigh), glut muscle and calf muscle. By increasing the resistance of pedals you can increase the intensity of your workout and thus increase the muscle tone and mass of the legs because you are putting much pressure on these muscles.

Increase muscle tone of upper body

You can use stationary bike to increase not only the lower body muscle tone and mass but also the upper body muscle tone and mass is affected by intense workout with stationary bike. When you are increasing the resistance of the paddle you are using your abdominal muscles (also known as abs), back muscle (to support you with balancing the body and spine) and the biceps and triceps of your hand to firmly hold the handle bar of the stationary bike. With continuous workout you can surely shape your upper body with the help of this wonderful instrument.

Helps to Lose weight

Depending on your body weight and intensity of the exercise performed with stationary bike you can lose weight. But with the increase of intensity of the cycling it becomes harder for you to keep it up for longer time. So you need to find a suitable intensity and time period to make the cycling effective for helping you in losing weight.

Burns Calories and Lowers cholesterol

When you are doing intense cycling with a stationary bike it burns the calories stored in your body as well as breaks down the bad cholesterol also known as LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and helps you keep yourself away from cardiovascular disease.

Reduces the risk of Type-II diabetes

Diabetes and obesity goes hand by hand. High intensity cycling with stationary bike benefits you by lowering the body weight and thus reduces the risk of type-II diabetes. Not only this tool benefits you by reducing the risk but also it helps the diabetic patient to remove the excessive blood sugar by sweating.

Better heart condition

Benefits of stationary cycling also include your heart. When you are doing intense workout with your stationary bike your heart is beating faster for circulating blood throughout your body to supply oxygen as well as it is also receiving oxygenated blood. This oxygenated blood keeps your heart in good condition because your heart also needs energy to beat faster.

Keeps you happy and relaxed

When you are having a physical exercise session your body releases endorphins and serotonin which is also known as happy hormones of your body. These hormones gives you a feeling of euphoria and keeps you in jolly mood. So if you are in short of time of having an exercise outdoor, then your best alternative can be a stationary bike. With a stationary bike you can do indoor cycling and get your dose of euphoria to keep your mental state jolly and relaxed.

Better movement of leg joints

Stationary bike is a very good instrument for giving some mobility to your joints of the legs. When you are cycling your ankle, knee and hip joints are rotating giving them mobility. Which good for their natural state.

Less chance of getting injured

Is it raining outside and roads are slippery? Afraid of having an outdoor workout for getting injured? Then a stationary bike can be your solution. You can have an indoor workout anywhere and anytime of the season and never become tensed of being out of shape.

Stationary cycling and Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

Stationary cycling can be performed by anyone at any age at home. Several studies have proven that staying physically active at older age prevents the chance of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease. When you exercise at older age it is not always possible to do it outdoor. And if you are a patient of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), then it becomes more difficult.

Studies have proven that patients who presents with AD having long term physical exercise interventions are presented with better blood flow, better hippocampal volume and better neurogenesis compared to physically inactive AD patients. Moreover, staying physically active also improves the cognitive functions of the AD patients. So, if there is an AD patient at your home or if you have a family history of AD then stationary bike is a better choice for you to have moderate to intense exercise at home.


There are many more benefits of riding a stationary bike but here we have discussed only the major ones to give you a fair idea how useful this Stationary Bike can be for your day to day life. Exercising with stationary can benefit you to keep yourself healthy not only physically but also it has a great impact on your mental health. So if you are looking for an instrument to stay physically active at then without a doubt you should buy a Stationary bike.