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The Real Facts of Blood Pressure during Exercise | Cardio exercise Tips

Last updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 04:24 pm

When you are in rest condition your blood flows at a normal rate. The blood becomes oxygenated during a normal flow in rest condition due to your body requires an average amount of oxygen. But, blood pressure during exercise becomes raise due to high oxygen demand and more flow rate.

The blood flows at a high rate and blood generates pressure on the artery wall. When the blood vessel cell could not expand enough for blood flow the high blood pressure is generated. High blood pressure is known as Hypertension. Average 90 percent of the adult people experienced with hypertension for different causes. The peoples during exercise feel hypertension.

Why measure blood pressure during exercise?

The necessity of blood pressure measurement during exercise is described below:

  •  You can get your exact heart rate during exercise.
  • Many physicians take heart rate during exercise to check conditions.
  •  The aerobic exercise and cardio exercise increase the heart capacity and heart rate is mandatory is to know the heart conditions.
  •  The exercise machines (treadmills, rowing machines, spin bikes, elliptical etc) has different speed according to the user’s heart rate.
  •  you can target your exact heart rate zone for cardio exercise.

How to check blood pressure during a workout?

Blood pressure after exercise

Do many health-conscious peoples want to know how to check blood pressure during exercise? You can get your heart from the heart rate monitor. The good budget exercise machines are made with good user’s friendly design and features. The best treadmills, exercise bikes elliptical machine has the default heart rate sensors on handle grips to measure your target heart rate zone. You can easily measure your blood pressure during cardio exercise.

The cause of blood pressure drop during exercise?

Do not think that blood pressure increased during exercise only but also the blood pressure drop during exercise for 10 percent of peoples. Due to electrolyte imbalance and lower water intake the blood pressure drop during exercise. During the workout, you will lose plenty of electrolytes and water from your body.

When you do not drink plenty of water and glucose solution after your blood pressure may be dropped and you feel weak. So, keeps some sugar-containing chocolates and sugary solutions during a workout that you can take it easy when you feel weak.

The cause of blood pressure increases during a workout?

About 90 percent of adult people experienced increased blood pressure during a workout. Your tissue cells work more and need more oxygen to produce energy. As a result, the blood wants more oxygen to supply oxygen to the body cell. The blood flows in more speed during exercise and generates pressure on the blood vessels and causes of high blood pressure.

When the blood vessels are not able to swell enough then the more blood pressure is generated in your body. The main cause of blood pressure is the layer of LDL on the blood vessels. Due to LDL layers, the blood vessels could not expand and vessels are become ruptured for blocked vessels. So, you must control your LDL level to avoid high blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure with exercise?

Just reduce your extra weight through regular exercise. The research found that the peoples go for physical exercise 150 min per week and at lead 30 minutes per day can lower 5 to 8 Hg of blood pressure. So, you can go for different aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, running, walking, swimming or dancing for 30 minutes every day for better cardio health.

All cardio exercises are very effective to control blood pressure. Through the exercise you can lower your cholesterol, LDL easily. If you are going to the doctor, he must advise you for a workout at least two days a week for one hour. If you already have higher blood pressure the regular physical exercise will down your hypertension to a safe level.

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