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Schwinn Crewmaster Rower Reviews | Best Magnetic Rower [Mar 23]

I hope you’re looking for a popular brand that delivers super rowing benefits? The Schwinn crewmaster rower is the most popular name in the fitness community. A couple of well-brand dominates fitness community Schwinn rowing machine is one of the best names for dominating the fitness world. In this article, I am going to describe Schwinn Crewmaster Rower Reviews.

The Schwinn manufacturer not only offers a rowing machine but also provides lots of fitness pieces of equipment that’s will help for developed overall fitness levels. Millions of people like Schwinn brand for an excellent user-friendly price with amazing performance.

If you want to cheap price workout equipped with excellent performance, I will recommend Schwinn crewmaster rowing machine brand is perfect for your requirements. So many new features make it incredible rower on the planet. So, let’s have a look at how many features and benefits offers crewmaster rower!

Technical Details and Schwinn Crewmaster Rower Reviews



LCD DISPLAY SYSTEM: Adjustable tilting LCD backlit
RESISTANCE LEVELS: Magnetic 10-levels of manual resistance
PADDLE TYPE: Oversized non-slip deluxe pedal
SEAT TYPE: Oversized comfortable seat
HANDRAIL : Made with steel rails
MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY : 136 kg (300 lbs)
DIMENSIONS (INCHES): 57.5×10.5×38 (long × wide × tall)
WARRANTY POLICY: 10-year frame, 1-year labor, and 3-year

Large and adjustable LCD Console

Although, every single manufacturer offers a Large LCD console Schwinn rower manufacturer provides a large and adjustable console for easy to read your fitness data.

Lots of people comment that maximum LCD console not adjustable and not easy to read but this brand gives new technology that will help for the work line of sight and ergonomically adapts for height and user requirements.

Especially, fitness monitors can tracks your accurate workout time, distance, calories, stroke, recovery, and pulse. Even it will help motivated and encourage you to do the best performance. If you suffer heart problem so it is ideal for you because it shows your accurate heart rate and gives you satisfaction.

Magnetic rower

As a fitness expert, I want to tell you how many benefits offer a magnetic rower. The Schwinn Rower comes with adjustable 10-levels of a magnetic rower that is fantastic for your fitness journey.  Probably, this is the only one rower that offers magnetic resistance in this price range.

When you’re starting rowing journey you can enjoy real rowing experience in every single HIIT. Even you can easily increase or decrees your resistance levels just using turning knob. The rower also gives your different types of exercise such as lower intensity, cardio workout, HIIT, and other workouts.

The main benefits of having a magnetic rower are quiet operating options. All of the people like the quiet type of workout equipped that gives you an extra feeling for doing exercise. Some exercise equipped gives you so loud that it is really bad for your journey but the rower machine is very quiet.

I hope if you using this brand your friend and community don’t feel disturbed when you will start your rowing journey.

Solid frame

Maximum manufacture offers a solid and strong frame for good reputations and this rower comes with high-quality gear made out of durable materials. This frame can be carried your extra weight without having any issue.

Sometimes, height and weight give you unexpected problem but this rower gives you relax free exercise options. If your tall person so you also looking for some room for doing more workout but sometimes all of the rowers do not give more room for a long time workout but it will give more rooming options.

The Crewmaster made by sturdy and durable constriction material, as a result, it will carry maximum weight capacity 300 lb that’s good for this price of equipped.  Very few manufacturers give you these excellent exercise facilities with this mid-range price.

Comfortable seating positions

Remember one this that before considering any workout equipped you to need to ensure that you’re equipped able to pay very much comfortable during a workout. The largest seating options make it an incredible workout equipped in the fitness community.

Most of the people report that how can comfortable my rowing seat? But if you use this rower I hope you will need this type of complaint, so you can enjoy very much comfort without any problems. I want to clear your doubt that the maximum rower seat is small so you can get low comfortable options, as a result, you can feel uncomfortable.

The oversized rower seat designed for more comfort and easy to clean any type of dirt without facing a problem. On the other hand, it offers durable nylon transmission that gives you a quiet and powerful workout for your indoor. I am pretty sure that using this equipped you can easily achieve fitness goals and get strong body fitness.

Large Row pedals

Although, most of the rower provides large pedals the rower offers large pedals with adjustable options. No matter your too high or small because it will give you adjustable and non-slip options that you can easily adjust your foot and secure your workout session.  So you can easily be buying this excellent equipped without any confutation, I hope it is the ideal rower for your fitness journey.


After, open your rower box you can see that most of the parts are re-assembly just a few parts you need to assembly. If you are professional or non-profession no issue? Because of both types of the user easy to assembly within 30-minutes.

All of the essential tools are provides with box just you need to follow the instruction and step by step assembly. We recommend that two people to put this together, but one person could easily handle the instruction as well.


The Schwinn Crewmaster rowing machine may be eligible for free shipping with some restrictions. Before, buying this excellent this equipped must ensure that you’re including this offers. But, I can assure you that if your living in the United States and want standard shipping so you can get it free shipping.


No maintenance fee required for this rower just needs to clean regularly.

Warranty options

The crewmaster rower offers excellent warranty policy such as 10 years for frame, 3 years for parts, and 1 year for laborers. So I think it is enough to warranty options for this mid-range price rower.

Schwinn Crewmaster Rower Reviews

We Like:
  • The adjustable LCD Console system
  • Solid and durable steel rail
  • Adjustable 10 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Foldable and transportable
  • Great warranty time
  • Maximum user weight 300 lb
  • Comfortable seat with pedals
  • Affordable price for this rower
  • Easy to use and very quiet
We don’t Like :
  • Not included preset programs
  • Manual selection resistance levels

The Final thought

In these reviews, we try to clear your idea that you can easily be making your final decision that Schwinn crewmaster rower is a great workout tool for your home use. It is very hard to find out this type of workout equipped with this mid-range price.

Here you will discover lots of comfortable exercise options that are good for your fitness developments. I am pretty sure that using this rower you can surely develop your strength levels as well as fitness levels. So if you have any questions and quarries asked me below we will try my levels best.