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What You Know About Pros & Cons of Rowing Machine| Tips in 2023

Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

The rowing machine is the number one gym equipment around the world. It provides many pros suitable for those who want to work out on rowers.

Today, in this post, we will describe the pros and cons of rowing machine exercise that we need to know about every rower’s lover.

If you want to improve your total body fitness, then the rowing machine is the perfect solution for you. This gym equipment can boost your full body and prevent many types of injuries risk, including diabetic risk, heart attack risk, cancer, and more. However, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of indoor rowing devices.

The Pros and cons of rowing machine

Many advantages offer a row workout machine for the user, including increased stamina levels, strength, bone density, etc. Here are some pros of indoor row machines don’t forget to miss read.  

Low-impact workout

As fitness enthusiasts, we know that maximum people like to do low-impact exercise because it is safe from injuries. For the solution, many organizers try to discover advanced and unique low-impact workout devices that reduce injuries risk and give you effective activities mutation. In case, an indoor row gym device is the ideal selection that can give less impact and gives you maximum benefits. You can be safe from injuries and boost your total body by doing regular activities.   

Full-body exercise

Many people want to grow the whole body and multiple gym equipment, such as treadmills, elliptical machines, indoor bikes, etc. Do you know who is going to the gym? They are health conscious and want to be in good shape by doing some activities. A rowing machine helps your muscles, hips, core, gilts, etc., to grow and the whole body. So, if you want to do full-body activities, then no need to buy other equipment. Just pick up the rowing machine for under 500 and start your total body boosting.

Burn more calories

Calories burning are the dream for obese people. Although many sources or devices are available on the internet, maximum tools are not suitable for the obese fitness level. You may know that overweight people have lower fitness levels, so they do not go to the gym or use gym devices. Row machines may be the best way for them because this device can burn more calories in less time which other machines burn fewer calories at the same time. Below, we’re making a list of how many calories a gym machine burns. The calories burning will depend on your speed, if you do very fast so will burn more calories.

Equipment name130-pounds people155-pounds people180-pounds peopleMinutes
Rowing machine502 Calories598 Calories695 Calories30
Treadmill270 Calories320 Calories500 Calories30
Cycling354 Calories422 Calories490 Calories30
Kayaking295 Calories352 Calories409 Calories30
Running472 Calories563 Calories654 Calories30
Elliptical trainer279 Calories324 Calories369 Calories30
Weight lifting186 Calories216 Calories246 Calories30

Improve your stamina levels

Since the rowing machine burns more calories, it can increase your stamina. If you can do this exercise regularly, it helps increase strength very easily. Many workout devices can improve your stamina level, but rowing is the best of them. Keep in mind that stamina is essential for your fitness because it helps you accept any challenge.

Its help to change your mood

Loneliness helps to paralyze your brain and make you think of something bad. Therefore, many doctors recommend that you stay in a better mood by associating with others than alone. And if you can exercise regularly on a row machine, it will help improve your mood.

The disadvantage of row machine

Although many advantages have row machines, it gives some disadvantages. Now, we are discussing some disadvantages of the rowing machine.

The price is a little bit high

Many people think that rowing equipment is too expensive to use. But, think wrong, because there are different types and quality rowing machines in the market that may suit you. If your budget is around $200, you can buy the best rowing machine for under $200. At the same time, if your budget is a little bit high, you can buy a rowing machine for under $1000. It depends on your budget if you speed a lot of money to get top-class equipment; otherwise, get average gym equipment.

Required lot of space

It is true that if you use unfold equipment, then you require a lot of space for keeping the device. Using a foldable rowing machine, you require less space for keeping because it can be foldable and kept anywhere after a workout.

The Pros and cons of water rowing machine

There are many reasons to like water rowing machines, including high-intensity workouts, calories burning, and less impact. Even you will get water rowing experience at indoor without going to outdoor. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of water rowing machines.

High-intensity workout

Are you looking for a high-intensity workout? The water rowing machine is a great solution for you. Suppose you have back problems, wrist pain, knee pain, then it is the ideal solution for you. The water row machine can reduce your whole body pain very simply.

Lower body workout

This device can develop your lower body and full body effectively because a rowing machine is a piece of good equipment for boosting the whole body.

Burn major calories

Many people are worried about the calories burning that which machine can burn maximum body fat. The solution is a water rower, suitable for reducing maximum body fat.

Prevent health risk

Undoubtedly, the indoor row is the big name for preventing many health risks such as cancer, type 2 diabetics, heart attack, etc. So, doing this exercise regularly and prevent health risks effectively. 

The cons or water rowing machine

Although water rowing machine carries benefits for your body for a long time, sometimes it causes you some inconvenience such as damage to the water tank.

The advantage & disadvantages of row machine FAQS

What are the cons of a rowing machine?

The rowing machines are provided many benefits if you use them properly. At the same time, if you don’t use it properly, it causes your back pain and injuries. So, its disadvantage depends on your usability. 

Is a rowing machine bad for you?

Any physical exercise is good for your total body fitness. Rowing is the best gym equipment to improve your strength, muscles, upper body, lower body, and core muscle. According to the study, a 155-lbs person can burn more than 598 calories in just 30-minutes of vigorous workout.   

Is a water rower worth it?

Water rowing machines are more advanced and efficient than other rowing uses. The main reason for this is that water rowing machines are the best way to exercise indoors. You can easily enjoy the real experience of Water row while sitting at home.

Summary of the rowing machine

The Pros and cons of rowing machine exercises are endless. In this post, we are tried to describe the advantage and disadvantages of using row machines for your health. Probably, you will read these full reviews and try to start this workout at home. If you encounter any problems after starting the exercise, please let us know in the comments below. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.