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Isotonic exercise | Definition, Types, Examples and Tips

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 03:31 am

Isotonic exercise definition

The word isotonic comes from two Greek words “iso” means equal and “tonos” means tone. The meaning of Isotonic is maintaining an equal tone of muscle. Isotonic exercise is one type of muscle exercise against weight. The muscles contract against the load to make the muscles stronger.

Benefits of isotonic exercise

  • Isotonic exercise makes your daily life beautiful by building strong muscles and kick out the abs.
  • Very simple equipment required like some weight dumble.
  • Make your muscles structured and strong.
  • Isotonic exercise improves your bone density and reduces the chance of osteoporosis.
  • Improve the capacity of the heart and enriched your cardio health.

Features of isotonic exercise

  • If all else fails, you can even use your body weight as resistance, as in pushups and pull-ups.
  • Isotonic exercise means resistance that means you have to generate pressure on your muscles against weight.
  • Resistance will build your muscles and boost your power.
  • You do not require buying any costly equipment for isotonic exercise. You can afford some cheap dumble set. If you aren’t able to bear it, you can use a sack of sand as a load to support you for weight.
  • Many people use their body weight as resistance to muscle. The perform pushups and pull-ups for isotonic exercise.

isotonic exercise

Types of isotonic exercise:

We can divide the isotonic exercise as into two categories:

  • concentric
  • eccentric

Concentric: The muscles are shortened due to a response of great resistance, it is known as a biceps curl.

Eccentric: The muscles are lengthening due to the force of relaxation that was generating during biceps. This relaxation force is known as triceps. Pilates is an example of eccentric isotonic exercise.

Isotonic exercise examples

There is some isotonic exercise that will help you to strengthen your muscles and make it very stronger.

Body Resistance

When you do not have enough weightlifting facilities, you can do resistance exercises using your body weight. These types of exercises include free squats, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, crunches, etc.


Weightlifting exercise

You can meet your all necessities of ideal weight lifting with load or without load. You can do your exercise with equipment or freehand. A perfect trainer can make your exercise schedule as your requirements. You should not lift lots of weight. You can do your whole body exercise using some dumbles.

Resistance Bands

A resistance band is another way of exercise. Using the bands you can perform a lot of variety of exercise. To increase the resistance and intensity, you can use two resistance bands together at once, and you will get a better result.

Kettle Balls

isotonic exercise

The latest kettle balls are another way of exercise that can produce resistance. These latest kettle balls not only for weight lifting but also improve your cardio health. It helps you to make a balance, strengthen your body as well as improve your coordination.

Bench Press

Bench press the best exercise to build the muscle. It can strengthen your biceps and triceps easily.


All of the above isotonic exercises can maximize your cardio fitness and build your muscles. But, some tips will help you to enrich your attention to your workout.

  • Choose the best type of exercise that you enjoy.
  • Exercise for each muscle groups three times a week.
  • The exercise makes your muscles very strong, and you keep time for your muscles to rest. Because at rest time your muscles will grow properly. Take time at least 48hrs between two sessions of exercise.
  • Always warm-up before the exercise and take the rest to cool down after the exercise.
  • If you want to do cardio exercise with the isotonic exercise than discuss with your trainer and make a circuit training schedule for you.

Exercise it part of good health. You should choose the way that you enjoy. If you do it because of the pressure, you cannot continue. But, if you enjoy it that will be better for you and lasts a long time.


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