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Treadmill Motor Problem: How to tell if Treadmill Motor is Bad?

The Treadmill is the most popular fitness equipment to all fitness lovers. The motor is the essential part of a Treadmill. No one feels good to experience without a perfect treadmill motor during a workout session. Your workout session will be horrible if the treadmill belt is not moving correctly. So, you should check the motor of that. Now, I will discuss how to tell if the treadmill motor is bad?

Before diagnosis a treadmill motor, you must know how the Treadmill performs in good condition. Usually, Most professional Treadmill comes with a motor with a lifetime warranty from a renowned manufacturer. Obviously it is different as per treadmill price and manufacturer. No noise comes out when running on a treadmill in good condition. The motor can bear the maximum weight that claims a treadmill. You can adjust the speed quickly and smoothly when running and jogging. So, you not need any hesitation if your treadmill motor works above three does perfectly.

How to test treadmill motor?

Treadmill motor checking is not a big deal at all. You can do it by yourself. You need a battery equal to treadmill power source (9v/12v/18v/24v) and a screwdriver. First of all, you need to unplug the power cord. Then open the technical area where the motor exists. Just find two power wire connections of motor and open them. Now connect two-wire with the battery. So, you can see the motor is running forward or backward. As a result, you will be sure that the motor is perfect.

It is my suggestion to open a motor after ensuring the below points. When you feel that the motor condition is terrible, you will get some checkpoints to find out that motor is bad that interrupt your fitness journey. So, let’s check the points.

Treadmill motor overheating

Overheating is one of the common causes of a bad motor. The motor becomes overheated due to friction of the motor coil and motor wall. Lubrication can be the solution to overheating. Motor coil exists in the technical part of the motor. If you are not an electrician, you should call an expert to check the motor and lubrication. 

The wrong power supply is the cause of motor overheating. So, I suggest reading the power supply instruction first carefully. If it is different from your residential power supply, you should call an expert to change another power supply per treadmill requirements.

Treadmill burning smell

Treadmill smells like burning is the major warning of Treadmill. So, when you feel that any burning smells come out, you must turn off the circuit breaker and stop the power. The burning smells may come from motor, circuit, wire burning, or other technical parts burning. So, first, you must check the following parts carefully and identify the burning source. So, you can identify quickly if the motor trouble anyways and needs any repair or replacement.

Treadmill belt is not moving

Many users complain that Treadmill turns on, but the walking belt won’t move. There are also some probable causes of the belt not moving. It can be happened due to motor dead, lose power connection to the motor or belt friction jam. If it occurs due to a belt jam, your Treadmill will vibrate but not move. So you need to check the inner part of the walking deck. You should clean it properly and lubricate the belt properly with proper belt lube.

On the other hand, if the cause for motor the belt will not vibrate. So, you will find out the cause by checking the connection and of the motor. Be careful about power connections. If you do not have enough knowledge of power connections, I suggest hiring an expert. For this case, you need to change the motor or repair it.

How to fix a treadmill motor?

After diagnosis, you can find out a problem of the motor. It would help if you fixed it up. So, it isn’t easy task to fix it up. So, you can solve it in some ways to make it useable. Firstly, you should check the warranty card that the motor warranty period expired or is valid until now. If it has a valid warranty, pick your phone and call the manufacturer to replace or repair it.

If the warranty period is expired, your only option is the repairing. So, it will be better to call an electrician who is a motor expert. The electrician can repair it. Sometimes it needs a very simple repair, but motor coils burn most of the cases. Coil burning requires more time and needs a high charge of repairing. So, I suggest replacing it without repairing it in that case.

Treadmill motor replacement

You are in the last stage, and you will replace the motor. You must check the existing bad motor’s model, manufacturer, and power requirement. If you get the same one, you are lucky that you can replace it easily. If you cannot find out the exact one, then contact your Treadmill manufacturer. They have the spare parts of all. So you can get it quickly. Otherwise, get it from the online market like Amazon.

If you can not find the same one, try to manage the same size and same capacity motor. The different sized motor will not adjust with your Treadmill, and different capacity motors also conflict with treadmill controller board of functionality.

So, consider two important factors (size & capacity) before purchasing from different manufacturers. The best recommendation is to go to the market physically to buy the same one or a different one by measuring its size.

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