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How to Fix a Slipping Treadmill Belt | How to Fix (Solution)

Treadmill is one kind of cardio and calories burning workout tools all over the planet. A treadmill is well-known around the world as a fat burning and cardiovascular machine. Although there are enough acquaintances or reputations, and have some disadvantages.

We all know the advantages of using treadmill; today we will write about one of the disadvantages is how to fix a slipping treadmill belt. This is a very important thing you should know, because it can cause serious problems for your walkout.

Let’s move on to the main discussion without delay!

Do you know how to fix a treadmill belt? If your answer is no, then this review is for you. So, we will mention here how to solve your problem.

Here we are discussing some essential way that you can easy to fix slipping treadmill belt.

Drive Belt May Be Loose

There are several things that can make your treadmill belt slippery, the main reason being that you’re walking belt is loose.

The solution is to put your hand inside your treadmill belt first, if you see that your hand is going to be inserted easily, then understand that this could be a reason.

For this you need to come to the end of your machine and apply a small amount of range to the hole under the treadmill with the range you have supplied.

Same way you could be applied another side whole for tighten same amount of range.

Check your treadmill belt again after completing the task, hopefully a lot has been resolved. If you see that you have need to fix little more you could be again apply the same process.

In this time it might be fixed without any issued. If you tight properly so your treadmills are not produce sound as a result it gives quiet treadmill feel.

The Belt Needs lubrication 

Another reason could be friction between the belt and the deck of your treadmill. Do you know the cause of friction between deck and treadmill?

Insufficient lubricant is considered to be the main cause of friction. And you should know how to do enough lubricant.

To apply the lubricant you first need to go to the end of the treadmill and loosen evenly on both sides where the belt has to be tightened.

It is good to keep in mind the amount of loosening so that you can easily tighten the treadmill belt. Then clean the lower part of the treadmill well cloth.

Then put the lubricant under the belt in front of your treadmill motor that you bought. If you tighten the treadmill belt again, the problem will be solved.

It’s the second reason to fix slipping treadmill belt. When you are going to buy a treadmill you should select best one because some time manufacturer deliver cheap treadmill.

Fixed Your Motor and roller belt

Probably, another cause of treadmill belt slipping may be loose drive belt. Because, of this you must first make sure that the drive belt of your machine is good.

If the belt between your motor and the roller is loose or cracked, so fix it. When you will fix this problem your treadmill belt could be slipping issued solve automatically.

Tightening the treadmill too tightly can be one of the reasons for the treadmill to slip. So when you tighten the belt of your machine, make sure that it is not too tight or loose.


We hope this review will solve your treadmill sleeping problem very easily. But remember not to rush into a solution without identifying the problem. If you don’t know how to solve treadmill sleeping problem then this post is the best solution at present.

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