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How accurate are elliptical calorie counters? calories burned on elliptical

Using of elliptical workout machine for calories burning, I’m very sure that your little concerned about how accurate are elliptical calorie counters?

Many times my common friends and community member asked me that how many calories burn on the elliptical riding.  It’s clear that burning calories that means weight loss, so riding of elliptical bike is the ideal way to lose weight, right?

I f you think that elliptical provides accurate or wrong data, so in this article only for you. Here, we are going to discuss the calories burned on elliptical calculator.  Let’s check and calculate your burned calories!

How can do ellipticals calculate the number of burned calories?

There are many ways to have for calculate the number of burned calories. Here we are going to introduce some of them.

Compendium of physical Activities: It’s one of the most popular and effective way that you have to count your calories burning. In the compendium of physical activities list you can easy to see your individual workout for lose calories.

Another most valuable idea that counts your burned calorie is Metabolic Equivalent (MET). Are you known what is the MET? MET is the process of your kilo-calorie per kilogram your weigh per hour. Based on the Compendium, elliptical training burns approximately 5 METs.

It’s the best formula for how many calories you burn using this tips

[METS × Weight in kilograms × Hours spent exercising]= Burned calories 

Below, we are creating example where you can easy to calculate your calories. Suppose your weight 80 and exercise 2 hours. You can burn…

[5×80×2]= 800 calories

If you check your calories in this way so you can get clear idea about your total calories burning.

How many factors included to calories burning

Although, many aspects has for your calories burning, but weight and age is the main factor that determine your calories burn.

Despite these factors being the main ones, below some reasons are mentioned. Check and see that how many factor related to burn calories.

Age and weight

We have already said that age and weight are the main barriers to your weight loss. Age always plays a major role in weight loss. If you are younger than you can lose more weight very easily. At the same time the less weight you have, the more time and effort it will take to burn calories. So, we hope you understand that what the most important factor to reduce more calories is.

Body size

Body size is another most important factor to reduce more calories. It has been proven that overweight people lose more weight very quickly than underweight people. So, body size is a big factor in your weight loss destination.

Percentage of body fat

You may have heard that people who have fatter than muscle mass burn calories very slowly. Again, despite being two people of the same weight, a low-fat person can lose weight with greater efficiency. So, percentage of body fat is the great factor to lose calories.

Body height 

High height is ideal for weight loss because taller people have less body fat. However, most elliptical machines do not take this seriously. One study found that people who are taller and weigh 140 lbs but have less than 20% body fat can burn calories more quickly than people of the same weight who have 40% more body fat. Therefore, you should be well aware of body fat before burning calories so that your task becomes easier.

Metabolism system

The metabolism system also determines your activate how fast or slow. If you are physically fit and have a good standard of living, you can burn a lot more calories every day. But there are fewer people with good fitness levels who struggle to burn calories.

How many ways have to calories counter?

It’s really challenging to calculate your gaining and reducing calories. As a result, how many calories you will burn each day it is a quiet difficult. In the present time, most of the people use the Metabolic Equivalent (MET) for easy to calculate accurate data. Probably, this is the most efficient way to calories count.

Today’s, we are going to discuss other three methods that also determine correct results.

The Harvard Method

A study has been done by the Harvard Medical School that indicates, every single pound weigh you can burn more than 2.16 calories for every 30 minutes on elliptical workout. That’s simple and easy math for your question because it has not any difficult conversation. If you want to do more work out so you can burn more calories. At the same time, if you’re training is more vigorous so you can burn a lot of extra calories.

The technological methods

Current time, many apps available on the market for easy to calculate data which is really super for your fitness goals. Below, check some essential apps for your calories count!

  • Age
  • Height
  • BPM and heart rate sensor
  • Activity level
  • Food intake measure

All the apps or tracker measure your data accurately without any issued. It is the best option to calculate your data correctly and make your performance more efficient.

The chest method

In the end, If you feel that the above two methods are not correct or complicated then there is a more simple way for you. The way is to find out your actual amount by subtracting 20% of the calories burned in your elliptical machine. Generally, many people find out the amount of calories burned in this way and think this method is right for them.


Finally, calories burned on elliptical calculator measuring are not so easy task. Reading this reviews you can easy to calculate your calorie burning measure. So, our expert team make you job easy and simple just read it and complete your calories burning math. If you have any question about how accurate are elliptical calorie counters than asked me below.

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