First degree fitness rower reviews | Attractive Water Rower.

First degree fitness rower reviews | Attractive Water Rower.

The First degree Fitness Newport exerciser AR Water the Rowing machine is a great Invention to the “Horizontal Series” of water rower. It is a red colored indoor rower provides a smooth rower with great rowing experiences. It is a part of the First degree Fitness rower. This features of indoor water rowers designed for compact storage. The Newport Challenge AR includes the combination of an attractive strong metal frame, variable water. It will make and carries an easy and comfortable resistance. This Rower is especially made by fluid technology. The main part of this machine it is a pleasant noise and does not produce very loud than another exercise machine. First degree fitness rower reviews is to share the full information with the fitness lover those want to buy an attractive one.  

Product description

The First Degree Fitness New port AR Rower Water Rower Exercise Machine harnesses the capability and unique physical qualities water rower. This water rower instantly adapts from the light warm-up to a brutal workout. Since with water, the more often you exercise, the tougher it gets. This rower has been created in collaboration with professional rowers to deliver the feel, sight, and sound of real on-water rowing.

Its multiple holding chamber ribbed internal tank offers natural “catch” at the start of the stroke and offers the smoothest and most consistent resistance you will discover on any rowing ergometer. The water is easily modified from the inner to tank to the outer to improve the general resistance profile to perfectly match every person. Build by aluminum red finish smooth and consistent resistance at all levels starting in 2000, First degree Fitness decided to ring in the new millennium by providing the fitness market with a range of equipment that combined robustness with simplicity.

# Product Dimanation

Size:78.0″ L x 21.0″ W x 20.0″H
Weight:60 Ibs. (68 Ibs when tank is full with water)
Fitness goal:Increase cardio fitness and full body workout
Model number:FDE1029
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Tank structure

This is made by Fluid Resistance Technology allows resistance change from MIN to MAX at the turn of the dial. No dead spots, FDF’s unique triple bladed impeller, and baffled tank internals deliver instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the whole stroke. Advanced pulley system greatly increases the range of challenge whilst retaining constant tension and recoil activity.

Monitor specifications

Multilevel computer complete with the USB port. Monitor displays, time distance 500 m split time strokes per minute calories per hour watts and heart rate.

Footboard quality

This height adjustable footplates and straps to ensure that optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.

comfortable Seat

Super comfortable seat running on the precision bearing and Delrin low friction seat rollers along a concealed track for cleaner smoother and safer operation.

Ergonomic Handle

Durable belt drive smooth clean quiet and again maintenance free. Ergonomic design to prevent strain on arms, wrists, and hand.

Great Frame

Highest quality anodized aluminum sear rail for smoothness.

Great Warranty policy:

5 years of frame warranty, 3 years of Tanks & Seals, 2 years of the mechanical component.

  • Very attractive and lucrative item for an apartment like furniture,
  • Made by “Fluid Technology” adjustable resistance,
  • Strong build quality,
  • Enjoyable water rowing sound,
  • Great user’s ratings on Amazon,
  • Large user capacity,
  • Long time warranty policy,
  • It is a very easy assembly and consumed less place for storage,
  • Very powerful and strong build quality,
  • Solid construction makes this perfect for indoor gym equipment.
  • Its resistance may be easy for serious users but suitable for personal use,
  • Difficult to find the change parts after damage.


#what We Love About the First Degree Fitness rower reviews

First Degree Fitness has produced as a quality machine. This rowing machine has a heavy-duty anodized lightweight aluminum rail, a maintenance-free drive, and precision bearings and paint rollers. Its best feature, however, is the water resistance system. This system utilizes a tough polycarbonate tank shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel impeller to provide flexible resistance that continues to be consistent throughout the rowing stroke. The device is also made for comfort with an ergonomic desk handle and adjustable footplates. Finally, First Degree Fitness equips the Pacific Challenge AR with a great computer with PC interface where you can interact with programs to race against other users or analyze your regular workout figures. Many exerciser users recommend that first degree fitness rower machine is best for cardio exercise.

#Bottom line

Are you looking best attractive water rower? First degree fitness rower is best for you. First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower Water Rower is cheaper and attractive than any other water resistance rower on the market. This water rower price is under $1000. So it is a great opportunity for water rower exerciser people. This machine well builds and has quality element including a great computer monitoring system for fitness track fitness data. It can stand up to the need of exercise and has enough programming to following through the fitness plans.

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