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Elliptical Trainer Parts You Should Know: The Ultimate Guide

Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 03:52 am

Elliptical trainers are an excellent way to get a full-body workout without putting unnecessary stress on your joints. These machines are also low-impact, making them perfect for people recovering from injuries or joint pain. However, if you’re new to elliptical trainers, you may need to learn more about the different parts that make up the machine. This ultimate guide will examine the elliptical trainer parts you should know.

Elliptical Trainer Parts You need to Know


The console is the main part of the elliptical trainer. It displays information about your workout, such as the time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The console also allows you to adjust the resistance level and choose different workout programs.

Stride Length

The stride length is the distance between the two pedals at their farthest point apart. A longer stride length is generally better for taller individuals as it allows for a more natural range of motion. However, if you’re shorter, you may find a shorter stride length more comfortable.

Resistance System

The resistance system is what allows you to adjust the level of difficulty of your workout. There are two types of resistance systems: magnetic and friction. Magnetic systems use a magnetic field to create resistance, while friction systems use a brake pad that presses against the flywheel.

Foot pedal elliptical parts

The foot pedal is one of the essential components of the elliptical workout machine. With the foot pedal, you can think about the elliptical trainer. For this reason, you have noticed that every elliptical manufacturer delivers durable and adjustable foot straps.

Although some elliptical comes with poor-design foot pedal, that’s a terrific reason for injuries if you check before making your final decision so you can punch durable, comfortable, and anti-slip elliptical foot pedals for a better experience.

However, you need to ensure you’re buying equipped and offer foot strep or anti-slip because it can save your health injuries. Keep your foot secure and start your fitness journey without any injuries.

Easy-to-use control system

Another essential part is the control system in your elliptical machine. If you need help understanding control penal so you can’t see your fitness progress. For this reason, the elliptical workout machine arrives with easy to use or simple control panel that you can easy to handle and see your progress.

All the fitness equipment also delivers a fitness monitor that can easily read your fitness data and motivates you for better performance. Usually, a fitness monitor can track your current fitness time, speed, and more. calorie-burning options.

The adjustable resistance became more famous all over the world. So, using the elliptical machine, you can easily handle control options and adjust resistance levels as needed.

Deck and Roller

Do you know deck and roller are the main magical parts of your equipment? I hope your answers are yes (or no). If your answer is no, read this review and clarify your concept. Usually, in this segment, your mechanical movements are held. It’s a vital part of your fitness equipped.

Do you know that sometimes your equipment can disturb you? If you know about the problem, you need to the attention to the deck and roller. All the problems and issues are held in this section, so if you have proper knowledge about this section, you can easily manage it.

Furthermore, it would help if you had enough idea about the deck and roller parts than you can easy to complete your fitness destination without any issues.


It’s an excellent and effective component of the flywheel. If you use it correctly, it could be a vital part of your equipped. Usually, an excellent flywheel makes your workout more effective and smooth without feeling disturbed.

Currently, most fitness equipment has flywheels for easy-to-reach fitness goals smoothly and effectively. Usually, how smooth your workout depends on this component’s weight. heavy-duty.

Although, the maximum equipped flywheel is designed with 18 lb (ca. 8 kg) to 35 lb (ca. 16 kg), which is suitable for our destination. So before buying you’re favorite equipped, you need to check how many weight flywheels you want to use.

Dual-moving handlebars

Undoubtedly, it’s clear that an elliptical bike can improve your lower body and upper body fitness without putting impact. As an upper body fitness equipped elliptical trainer has well-known popularity all over the world.

During backward and forward moving on an elliptical machine, your dual moving handlebars move backward and forwards. As a result, your upper body fitness and lower body fitness are also boosted without any issues.

Hand bars are essential components equipped during your workout session. So, when you’re selecting the best elliptical machine for your you need to check that it has solid and sturdy handlebars.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is typically located on the handlebars or console and allows you to track your heart rate during your workout. This information can help you determine the intensity of your workout and whether you need to adjust the resistance level.


Some elliptical trainers come with an incline feature that supports you in adjusting the angle of the pedals. This can add an extra challenge to your workout and target different muscle groups.

Power Source

Either batteries or an electrical outlet can power elliptical trainers. Battery-powered machines are typically more portable and easier to move, while electrical machines are more powerful and can offer more features.


The base is the foundation of the elliptical trainer and should be sturdy and stable. A stable base is essential to ensure the machine doesn’t wobble or tip over during use.

People also ask

What are the best parts of an elliptical machine?

The first part is the foot pedals, designed to simulate natural movement, allowing you to move your legs in an elliptical motion. The second part is the handlebars, which allow you to use upper body muscles while you exercise. Finally, a console displays your progress and allows you to adjust settings such as speed and incline.

What is a flywheel on an elliptical machine?

A flywheel on an elliptical machine is a large, weighted wheel that helps create momentum and resistance during your workout. It’s connected to the machine’s pedals, so the wheel spins in the opposite direction when you step down. The flywheel’s weight helps make your strides smoother and more consistent. Additionally, it can be adjusted to provide different resistance levels depending on your fitness goals.

How do I adjust the resistance on my elliptical machine?

Adjusting the resistance on your elliptical machine is simple and straightforward. First, locate the resistance knob or lever. It should be located near the front of the machine, usually on one of the handles. Once you’ve found it, turn it to adjust the resistance level. Depending on your model, you may have to push down or pull up on the knob/lever to make adjustments.

Second, experiment with different resistance levels until you find the best. Start at a lower level and gradually increase as needed until you find a comfortable setting that still offers a good workout. Remember to pay attention to how your body feels – if something feels too hard or too easy, adjust accordingly.

Finally, remember safety when adjusting the resistance – go slowly and always use proper form while exercising!

Does elliptical burn belly fat?

Yes, the elliptical can be an effective way to burn belly fat. It’s a great form of cardio that engages your core and increases your heart rate. Plus, it’s low impact, especially if you have joint issues or back pain.
When using the elliptical to burn belly fat, focusing on intensity is important. Increasing the resistance and incline will help you work harder and burn more calories. Aim for 30-45 minutes of vigorous exercise per session at least 3 times weekly for best results.


Elliptical trainers are an excellent way to get a low-impact, full-body workout. Understanding the different parts of the machine can help you choose the right elliptical trainer for your needs and get the most out of your workout. Considering the console, pedals, stride length, flywheel, resistance system, handlebars, heart rate monitor, incline, power source, and base, you can find the perfect elliptical machine to reach your fitness goal.

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