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Does running burn belly fat? Great idea to lose belly fat….

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 03:34 am

It is a common question that, Does running burn belly fat? Many people asked me many times this question. I am going to share the actual idea of how to lose belly fat through running. We know running an excellent exercise for good health and living healthy. A research result comes out if you run for 3hrs in a week you can avoid your health disease by about 80%. There are lots of benefits to running, and I will describe the running benefits in my next article. Now I am going to tell you does running burn your belly fat or not?


First of all, let’s go to know why fat is deposit in your belly?

Fat is the converted form of your intake food. When you take food containing high calories and the calories is not burned correctly then it will be stored in your belly like a fat. We usually take lots of starch and fats. All fats and starch are the storehouses of calories. All starch converted into glycogen and stored in your body as a lipid or fat. Your belly becomes wide due to fats.

Types of belly fat: There are some types of belly fat. But some fats are common: visceral fat, intra-abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat etc.

Intra-abdominal fat: These fats are found in an inner part of the abdomen. These fats are adsorbed with the liver and intestine.

Visceral fat: These fats are near the organ and responsible for round shaped belly.

Subcutaneous Fat:  It is just under the skin. These types are of fat very easy to burn than the other two types of fat.


All of the forms of belly fat are dangerous for your healthy life but visceral and intra-abdominal fat is very dangerous for your health. Because, If you have extra fat in your body you are at high risk of hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes. So, you think now you must lose your belly fat quickly. There are lots of processes to lose your belly fat and running is the best process to burn belly fat. You cannot target your specific area of belly to lose fat, but you must lose your belly fat slowly.

Does running burn belly fat? Answer: Yes!!!  How running burn belly fat?? Running is the first tool to lose weight, burn calories and lose belly fat. When you run, you will start to lose calories from your body. If you take lower calories containing food, then your belly fat started to break down. Your body will produce heat for your body through a break down your belly fat. An actual result found that when you run for three hours a week, you will lose 2IBS belly fat quickly.

does running burn belly fat

Does running burn belly fat? How to burn belly fat?

You have to make a plan to lose your belly fat through a targeted duration. You can take a target to run 3 hrs every week and 30min for every day.

  • Run 30min every day in your heart rate zone. I know everyone is busy with his personal life. So, you have no enough time to run. You can choose an alternate running method such as treadmills, cross trainer, cycling, swimming etc. All of the above methods are very effective for losing belly fat. You can use an elliptical bike or treadmill for running at home.
  • Target to lose a specific amount of calories from your body. You can target for 3500 calories for one week and 500calories for every day to lose.
  • You have to change your food habits. To get better results by running, you must avoid process food. All process foods are made of high carbohydrates and fats.
  • You have to make a small dietary plan to lose belly fat properly. Take more fruits and vegetables on your plate and avoid carbohydrates and fats.
  • Calculate your calorie intake amount. You must suffer more than you intake every day.
  • Stay motivated during running. You can enjoy music and be watching TV programs running on treadmills or spin bikes.

You can start your belly fat loss journey walking 30min every day for one month and follow the results. After one month you can start this a slow jogging and third month you begin running and look that does running burn belly fat.

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