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Butt Exercise: Can You Grow Your Butt Without Weights?

Many people are keen to know the ways of how to get wider hips? In fact, it is quite common among people to have the desire to enrich certain body parts. This thing is not only crucial for body buildup but also the rich beauty. That is why; we have found people having a huge interest in growing hips and other porting of the body.

However, the workouts for wider hips come with willingness and regularity. Here, we will enlighten you with the specific methods to do this particular task. You will get beautiful physic with little effort involved in the workouts.

Can You Grow Your Butt Without Weights?

Interest is such a thing that drives people to do certain works. In this continuation, butt growing is like the same fact. If you have the curiosity to know the process of how to get wider hips, we will assist you. Here, the process certainly depends on few exercises. These workouts do not require weights to get enlisted in your plan.

Many times, we have faced this real question. People have a dilemma about whether it is possible to grow butt without weights or not. In fact, this is a very common agenda of the people. We can state more specifically that women are curious mainly. They are keen to know the ways of how to get a bigger butt and hips. It is because; the rich hips and butts increase their beauty.

For this reason, finding passionate women is not a difficult task. We can see lots of women are trying various methods to do this particular task. Even, some of them take medicine to improve the hip and butt size. Although taking medicine is not a good idea but they are so curious to do that regularly. Here, we can clearly state that it is possible without weights.

Bodyweight exercises can play an exigent role in this matter. In fact, many trainers suggest the women go for free-hand exercise to grow the hip a little wider. It will not take much effort but integrity. Here, the workout method certainly defines the effectiveness of your hip growing process. They need to design the workout plan on regular basis.

How Do I Make My Hips Wider?

If you desire the ways of how to get a bigger butt and hips, then it is possible. With this process, your hips will be wider within few months. Here, the process is not that difficult actually. You just need to keep the focus strictly and be regular. In the following lines, we are up to show some workouts for wider hips. Definitely, these exercises will be relatively effective for you.

Side Swing With Dumbbells

At first, we will show this workout to improve hip growth. The process is very simple. Here, you will need to hold two dumbbells in your two hands. By holding these things, you have to swing your body. Besides, you have to do this workout repeatedly for few minutes.

Side leg lifts

Another effective work is to lift your legs sidewise. For this reason, you have to lie on a mat or some comfortable things. The body will straight and you will lift up your one leg slowly. After doing it for few minutes, you have to use another leg. Here, you have to continue the overall process for at least ten minutes.

Hip Raises Workout

This exercise is a work of hip to be wider. In this case, you need to fit your body on the floor bending your legs exactly 90° angel. The feet will be flat on the floor. After that, you have to raise and down your hip slowly. Here, you may do it as much as you are capable to do. It is an excellent method to increase the hip size to the desired level.

Squat kicks

We often face a question. Does a squat make your hips bigger? Of course, it improves the butt. The squat is a highly effective method to make the hips wider. Besides, it is quite easy for the women to do it regularly. The process starts from taking the squat position. Afterward, you have to follow the kick style repeatedly. after lifting your body from the bending position, the kick will come.

Dumbbell Squats

It is another variation of squat workout. Here, people will hold two dumbbells and bent the hand upfront.  Being in this position, they will need to start their body doing squat for few minutes. It will take lots of energy for the people to complete the task accurately.

Hip-Lift Progression

It is the most effective workout which not only increases the hip size but also strengthens the legs. In this exercise, a person will lie on the floor. Their palm will remain flat on the surface. Later, they will lift one leg. After doing it, they will lift another leg and these steps will get done repeatedly.

How Many Squats Should I Do For Butt Muscles?

From the above lines, we have a clear opinion that squat is a relatively fantastic workout. Does a squat make your hips bigger? Yes, it does perfectly. In fact, we can desire a greater hip size doing squat exercise regularly. The method of this exercise is not complex and anyone can do it. If a woman is keen to get wider hips, she should maintain this plan on regular basis. Actually, it will enrich the butt’s measurement.

Does a squat make your hips bigger

However, we can find several types of the squat. These variations can be relatively handy for the women. For example, we can name quad squat, back squat, sumo squat, and many more. The variation of squat is huge. For this reason, getting a wider butt is perfectly possible for women. The willingness and efforts are enough to get it accordingly.

Therefore, it is quite certain that having a proper squat plan can diminish the need for weights. We can get a beautiful butt with a proper squat. Here, people need to remember that the actual size will depend on the density of your exercise. If you want to have a wider hip, you have to squat frequently and passionately. Actually, this is the prime requisite to improve butt muscles.


Hopefully, you have got the ideas of how to get wider hips. The squat, hip lifting, and other workouts can be handy to fill your desire. Here, you just to be passionate to have the perfect form of your hips. The proper beauty of the women lies on the hips. Therefore, they are keen to get wider hips formation and these ways can make it possible.