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What are the Best Exercise to get rid of Flabby Arms?

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 04:16 pm

Have you been struggling with flabby arms?  Have you tried several ways to get rid of your flabby arms, and none is working? Relax, I got you covered. Flabby arms tend to look as bad as any jiggy tummy. They make someone look unfit, older, and also you can never be comfortable wearing any sleeveless clothes.  Generally, flabby arms might ruin someone’s entire look, creating a negative body image and affect someone’s confidence.

Fortunately, I have deep-researched and came up with an ultimate guide to help you understand the top-rated and easy ways to get rid of flabby arms.  So, without further ado, allow me to take you through the essential information you need to know before you start the journey of getting rid of your flabby arms.

What exactly are flabby arms, and what causes them?

Flabby arms are sagging arms caused by a combination of different factors licked with genetics and aging. Generally, hormonal imbalance might cause flabby arms, further our skin loses its elasticity as we get old which can also lead to flabby arms, less muscle development in our arm, high body fat ratio, etc. However, the good news is that, we can completely get rid of flabby arms as soon as possible, provided we follow the right and practical steps.

The five top-rated exercises to get rid of flabby arms

Everybody is exceptional and different. However, some specific issues are common for many of us, such as having flabby arms.  Flabby arms are annoying and headache. Luckily below are the best exercises to completely get rid of them to 30 plus individuals.

(a) Tricep Kickbacks

This exercise will require two specific light dumbbells. And if you don’t have some right at home, you can utilize a little water bottle.


  1. Hold the dumbbell in two-hand
  2. While still standing, bend the knees softly, and keep your back perpendicular, followed by bending forward slightly. Besides, ensure your body will be almost parallel to the exercising floor; keep the arms close and the head upright; you’re both sides making about a 90-degree angle between the upper arm and forearm.
  3. Further, keep the shoulders locked right to your sides and extend the arms back. Now focus on the contraction of the triceps only.
  4. Hold them for about two and three seconds, lower the arms to starting location and avoid swinging the arms.
  5. Repeat the process

(b) Push-ups

Push-ups are basically chest exercises. However, they perfectly work the triceps, similar to secondary muscle. And they are among the most measures of the arms strength.

Push Up Exercise


  1. Place the hands with your palms facing downward to the exercising floor. Further, shoulder-width apart and with a slight bend right in your arms. Keep the feet together to support the weight on your toes and hands.
  2. Lower your body until the chest is about to touch the floor, followed by inhaling as you practice this.
  3. Additionally, exhale, push the body up back right to the first position
  4. Lastly, steady your body at the top, repeat the process

(c) Tricep Extensions

This is a beneficial exercise for the triceps and aid you make the triceps sturdier and toned.


  1. Stand with the feet shoulder-width to one side
  2. Hold the dumbbell with two hands and with thumbs enfolded around it for ideal grip. Besides, it would help if you hold the dumbbell behind the head while your palms face the ceiling.
  3. The upper arms should work close to the head, while the elbows should also be close to the eyes and straight to the exercising floor.
  4. Lower the upper arms ensuring the weight is touching your back upper part, and avoid moving your elbows. Instead, keep them firmly locked close to the arms.
  5. Utilize the triceps and raise the dumbbell using your arms wholly extended over the head. Further, exhale and repeat the process.

(d) The windmill

Windmill tends to give someone a thorough workout and builds strength in shoulders, upper arms, and neck muscles.


  1. Raise the arms in front at your shoulder level and parallel to the floor.
  2. Further, raise the arms upwards, rotate them backward, front, and down again in an about 360-degree motion similar to windmill blades.
  3. Repeat the motion about 20 times backward and 20 times forward.

(e) Bent-over Row

To practice a perfect bent-over row, look for the best barbell. Besides, also a set of dumbbells can be utilized as an alternative.


  1. Stand with the feet shoulder, breadth apart, grab your barbells while your palms facing downwards.
  2. Bend forward, slightly bend the knees and keep the back straight. In this case, make sure your torso is parallel to your ribs.  Now exhale as you practice this.
  3. Right at this specific position, squeeze the back muscles followed by holding.
  4. Lower your bar down to the begging position, around the knees, and repeat the process.
  5. How to get rid of flabby arms without weight?

How to get rid of flabby arms without weights?

Working your arms without weights is also an excellent way for losing arm fat quickly.  And to achieve this, consider the following exercises;

(a) Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups work on the biceps, shoulders, and triceps, and they ideal arm toners without weights.


  1. Stand in the front of a wall for about one or two feet away.
  2. Raise the arms, place your palms right on a wall and let it be slightly broader compared to shoulder width-apart. Further, ensure the fingertips are pointing up.
  3. Keep your legs motionless, bend the elbows, and bring your chin and chest close to the working wall. And this should be your starting position.
  4. Inhale, exhale, push the wall ensuring your elbows will slightly bend while your chin and chest are a bit away from the working wall.
  5. Inhale, move back to your starting position.  At this point, do three sets of ten reps.

(b) Tricep Dips

This exercise tends to target someone’s triceps of muscles present at the upper back of the arms. And toning these specific muscles prevents flabby arms.


  1. Sit on a sofa or bench.  Further, keep your legs close, knees flexed to each other, arms behind you, feet flat on the working mat, the elbow slightly flexed, and your fingers pointing towards you.
  2. Balance the entire body on the arms; lift the hips off the sofa or bench, followed by taking two steps forward.
  3. Slightly lower the hips.
  4. When the hips are almost touching the ground, lift them via extending the arms, and this will complete the first repetition.
  5. Bend the elbows while you lower the hips and do three sets of ten reps.

(c) Arm circles


  1. Stand perpendicularly with the arms by your sides
  2. Lift the arms laterally to your shoulder level while your palms facing away.
  3. Begin circling the arms in a forward direction without flexing or bending your elbows.
  4. Complete ten reps; circle the arms in the opposite direction for about ten reps.  Additionally, do three sets of ten reps.

(d) Inchworm


  1. Stand straight, keep your feet close and bend over while placing your hand close to your feet. Remember to keep your legs straight.
  2. Begin walking forward with the hands while keeping the legs straight.
  3. Stop when you notice you are right in a push-up position or arm plank.
  4. Start by taking small steps forward using your legs and stop when the feet are closer to the hands.  In this case, do only three sets.

(e) Spiderman push-up

This move will ideally work on your triceps and biceps alongside your glutes.


  1. Begin in push/plank–up position and keep your abs involved and tight.
  2. Extend your hand out on one side to reach as far as possible, followed by lifting your leg.
  3. Bending your elbows, slightly go down in the push-up move, bend your leg and touch your knee to elbow at the same duration.
  4. Some of us who cannot balance when lifting our leg or beginners, try bending your knee; put your foot close to your hand, followed by doing some push-ups.
  5. Return right to the original position and repeat it on the other side.
  6. Do three sets of ten reps.
  7. Exercise for flabby arms at home

What are the best Exercise for flabby arms at home?

Home exercises to tone our arms don’t always require superior exhaustive and intensity. Even medium intensity workouts which involve controlled and slow movements can perfectly tone your arms effectively.

(a) Half-moon rotation

This workout engages the main muscles of the arms and shoulders, the triceps, and the biceps.  And you can practice it at home.


  1. Stand with the feet placed hip-width apart while your arms raised perpendicularly to the sides.
  2. Keep the palms facing towards the exercising floor and slowly rotate the thumbs towards your back until your palms face the ceiling.
  3. Gently rotate your thumb down, then forward.
  4. Repeat it about 30 times at an expanse for excellent results.

(b) Chair Dips

This is among the top home fat-reducing workouts that tone your arms effectively and soon.  And for this exercise, choose a chair or bed that is a bit higher than the working floor, about two feet from the ground.


  1. Face away from your workout furniture, followed by placing your hands on it. Make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Move four and three steps away from your furniture while keeping your upper body a bit straight. This should be your starting position.
  3. Bend the knees to typically match the furniture
  4. Bend the elbows, move your body to the exercising ground with the aim of touching the ground.
  5. Come back to normal position.  Generally, you require three sets and 20 reps each day for the best results.

(c) Weight lifting

This is a tested and approved workout to reduce your arm fat, giving you toned arms. For, this workout selects a specific item in your home to utilize as weight. Besides, you can utilize a two-liter of water bottle or cold drink bottle, and if you have your pair of dumbbells, it works out excellently.


  1. Hold your weight item with your two hands, followed by lifting it above the head.
  2. Ensure the arms are straight since this should be your starting position.
  3. Lower your weight via taking them behind your back and try to reach them as low as possible.
  4. Bring the weight up your head once more; the more softly you move the arms, the more toned they will get. And as a result, it essential to keep the upper arms close to your ears and head.
  5. In this case, you require three active sets and 20 reps, meaning you will move the weight item 60 items over your head.

(d) Counter push Ups

The counter push-up is a beneficial workout to typically tone your arms, and it can be done using your kitchen or table counter.


  1. Face your counter with the arms on its edge while the feet are touching your counter base.
  2. Move back from your counter several times until you start feeling your body inclined forward on the tiptoes.
  3. Make sure your back is straight, and your feet are balanced.
  4. Further, bend the elbows, come down until you touch your exercising counter.
  5. Straighten the elbows to come back to your specific starting position.
  6. For a complete rep, you should do three sets of twenty reps each day.

(e) One arms simple tricep Dips

This workout primarily focuses on your triceps and the back of your arms, where more fats are deposited.  The admirable thing about this workout is that it does not require any equipment; all you need is a clear space right in your room.


  1. Sit on your exercising floor with the feet and legs joined together, feet placed flat, and knees bent on the ground.
  2. Place the hands on the ground about one foot behind the hips, keep your palms shoulder-width apart while fingers towards your back.
  3. Raise the hips of your exercising floor via straightening the arms. Further, bend the right elbow, lower the hips close to the ground, and don’t touch it.
  4. Straighten the right arms, bend the left elbow and lower the hips close to the ground as much as possible.
  5. Repeat the process of the other specific side.
  6. The best exercises to get rid of flabby arms for individuals over 60

What are most effective exercises for flabby arms over 60?

Becoming old does not mean we have to forget about our fitness and body goals.  Flabby arms are typically annoying, but I have simple ways to help you get rid of them even after 60 years of old.

(a) Arm & shoulder raises

Work the muscles of your shoulders and arms via performing 8 and 24 arm shoulder raise about three times every week.


  1. Stand with the feet hip-width separately with your dumbbell in every hand.
  2. Position the arms, ensuring they are forward-facing your body while the insides of arms are resting against you.
  3. Raise the arms to your shoulder height; continue raising them for around 1 and 2 feet.
  4. Gently lower your weights until the arms are resting alongside your body for the second time.

(b) Shoulder press

You can perform this exercise standing or while seated.  It perfectly works the triceps and trapezius helping you to lose arm fat.


  1. Sit on a bench or chair while holding your dumbbell with both hands.
  2. Lift your dumbbells, forming about a 90-degree angle with your two arms.
  3. Lift dumbbells above your head
  4. Bring your arms to your starting position.

(c) Arm rotations

This is a straightforward workout and can be done anywhere.


  1. Stand and ensure your feet are specifically shoulder-width apart.
  2. Begin by making circles with your arms moving forward
  3. Reverse your circle’s motion after every ten seconds

(d) Tricep kickback


  1. Stand while your feet are hip-width apart
  2. Hold your dumbbells, ensuring that the palms are typically facing each other.
  3. Hinge at your waist, bending a bit forward and ensure the spine is straight.
  4. Extend the arms backward, making them parallel on the floor

Home exercises to tone our arms don’t always require superior exhaustive and intensity. Even medium intensity workouts which involve controlled and slow movements can perfectly tone your arms effectively.


Don’t stay with angry flabby arms again because they can be simply toned. Exercise will restore this tone effectively and as quickly as possible.  Consider the above guide comprehensive guide to successfully get rid of your flabby arms with affordable and straightforward workouts.  I have covered the essential information you need to understand before starting this specific journey. Good Luck!